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2022-04-10 16:59:03

We don't know how to describe what we felt tonight 😳🔥 Thanks to all those people who trust in our project! We are nothing without you 🖤 What do you think of these videos? Leave us a comment and we'll read it! ⬇️ Special thanks to unknownfestivals and his entire team for making this possible! Videos by visualtrails

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2022-06-19 17:51:59

IT WAS CRAZY this weekend guys! 😱💥 Thank you Budapest for welcoming us like this and for dancing with us 🖤 We hope to see you soon! Special thanks to: paralich00, deadend1_11 and arzenalbudapest Next gig 2nd of July with kovakcollective in Barcelona!! Save the date!

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2022-06-17 11:25:47

Upcoming Spanish DJ/producer duo 753codemusic just released their latest EP - called Dare - on Revised Records. The four track EP - which includes heavy hitting industrial noise and distorted sounds - consists of two original mixes by 753codemusic and two remixes by no one less than the Dutchs DJs/producers brecc_music and stanchrist_techno #techno #hard #hardtechno #industrial

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2022-06-02 17:41:17

We are happy to announce our next gigs where you can meet us and dance with us 🔥😈 05/06 Obxene x Izotope , Germany 🇩🇪 17/06 Deadend, Hungary 🇭🇺 02/07 Kovak, Spain 🇪🇸 23/07 Noise, Portugal 🇵🇹 12/08 Sinister, Germany 🇩🇪 From 753 we want to thank all those who trust in our project every day! 🖤 See you on the dancefloor!

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2022-05-29 17:07:17

Our first time in Berlin and it has been a dream for us 😱 Thanks to everyone who has danced with us in these moments 🖤🔥 Special thanks to nakt_studio and resurrection_berlin_ for bringing us there 🙏🏻

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2022-05-19 17:15:01

Thank you Cologne for everything! 💥🔥 It was amazing what we experienced together with you! We hope to see you soon! 🖤 Remember that next weekend we will be in Berlin! 27/05 NAKT, Berlin 28/05 Ava Club, Berlin See you on the dance floor! 😈

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2022-05-12 17:05:01

Come and dance with us friends! 😈 We are proud to announce our next gigs in the following months! See you soon on the dance floor! 🔥 13/05 Laboratory, Cologne 🇩🇪 27/05 NAKT, Berlin 🇩🇪 28/05 Ava Club, Berlin 🇩🇪 05/06 Obxene, Berlin 🇩🇪 10/06 Umbrarec, Spain 🇪🇸 Without you guys we're nothing! Thanks for all your support 🖤

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2022-05-01 17:58:40

Finally our podcast on techno.germany is out! Enjoy the best moments in this carrousell! 🔥 Thanks to all of you who are supporting our project every day, we appreciate it very much! See you soon 🖤🥷 For more info link in bio 🔗

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2022-04-12 17:59:35

Incredible photos that make us feel alive again 😳🔥 What do you think about this photos? Leave a comment and we will read you guys 🖤🙏🏻 Photos by: tom.ischebeck

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2022-04-04 14:02:04

What a night! Thanks to all those ravers who were with us from the beginning to the end 🔥 It was a total Boiler Room experience 😈 Also thanks to f_ake_events for trusting us and for making all this possible. See you this weekend at unknownfestivals Can't wait for that one 🖤

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2022-03-29 18:03:45

Looking forward to tearing up the floor again! See you this weekend in Holland! 😈

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2022-03-23 19:00:31

Big announcement people! We are proud to announce the following gigs. 02.04 - Groningen, Netherlands 🇳🇱 (f_ake_events) 09.04 - Bonn, Germany 🇩🇪 (unknownfestivals) See you there 🔥

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