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2022-01-24 23:06:39

One thing we learned from Euphoria: sometimes violence is the answer. Well, actually that’s something we learned from this young young man right here. Last night’s “Euphoria” went as expected: all our faves continued their journey of making really bad decisions — except for, somewhat surprisingly but not really, the crew’s resident armed 13-year-old Ashtray. His decision-making skills in this episode were impeccable, and that’s saying a lot for a prepubescent boy with face tats. Head to the link in our bio for the full recap of the episode.

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2022-01-24 19:20:05

It’s been almost a month since Kanye West and Julia Fox started publicly dating and blessed (haunted?) us with the media rollout that is their love. This weekend, there were no Carbone dates or low-rise pants in sight; instead, the couple has been making several appearances at Paris Fashion Week, and it’s been entertaining, to say the least. Head to the link in our bio for more on their looks. Photos: gettyimages

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2022-01-24 16:50:10

In today’s installment of #SexDiaries we hear from a woman — 41, single, Brooklyn — who finds herself quarantining with a fling who gave her COVID. She is all the things we’re supposed to be: vaxxed, boosted, and being as safe as possible in a world of limited social interactions. So, naturally, she was shocked when her test came back positive saying, “I don’t know what to do but feel embarrassed, guilty, and now my anxiety is through the roof.” Not wanting to endanger her roommate she packed a bag, and went to co-quarantine with A, a casual hookup she has no real feelings for. Head to the link in our bio to read the full accounts of this woman’s week.

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2022-01-23 23:50:20

It has been announced that French fashion designer Manfred Thierry Mugler has died at age 73. A man whose work changed and challenged the way we talk about clothes, he will truly be missed. Photos: gettyimages

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2022-01-23 17:32:54

Gather round, all. We may just have our first unexpected celebrity couple of 2022 on our hands. In the latest development from the plot-twist couple department, Anna Kendrick and Bill Hader have reportedly been dating for a year. Surprise! Head to the link in bio for the full story.

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2022-01-22 19:02:11

Please join us in a moment of appreciation for Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu in this look. And you know what, since we’re here, we demand a “Emily in Paris” spinoff all about Sylvie. The true hero of the show. Maybe she moves to Spain. Sylvie in Spain? Or, consider this: Sylvie in the States. She loves Americans! It’ll be fun! Regardless! Give us more Sylvie, you cowards. Photos: gettyimages

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2022-01-22 16:01:20

Before and after photos, truly another pandemic we are living in and have been living in for decades now. Despite all the progress we’ve seemingly made in conversations around health and wellness, “before” and “after” photos maintain their strong grip over our idea of what personal change looks like. Alexis Conason, a psychologist and author of “The Diet-Free Revolution,” explains, “Before and after photos imply that ‘after’ is the end, but in reality, this is rarely the case. Weight is hard to take off — and harder to keep off; about 80 percent of people who lose weight regain it within a year. The binary implied in the images also reduces people to their weight and physical appearance, even though health is determined by far more than weight alone. Head to the link in our bio to read the full story by just_alexmcelroy.

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2022-01-21 22:35:38

Jamie Lynn Spears has said she wrote this memoir to “honor her voice” and speak to the “pain” she’s felt “because that matters.” And the book makes clear that she has faced pain. Amongst other things she writes at length about her unplanned pregnancy in 2007, and how, overnight, she went from a budding teen star to a “slut” in the public eye. It’s painful to read. Her raw account of her own suffering, however, makes it all the more jarring that she doesn’t extend the same compassion to her sister. The book is peppered with unsympathetic mentions of Britney’s mental health struggles in the 2000s. Head to the link in our bio for more on the memoir.

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2022-01-21 19:39:38

Hotties, we’ve lost another one. Mars has taken the famously hot candy woman – the green M&M, who's name might actually just be Ms. Green, but who can be sure – and taken away her sexy boots in an attempt to reflect her “effortless confidence.” Pardon us but she seemed very confident in her heels. Head to the link in our bio for the full story and please, don’t ever forget what they took from us. Photo: mmschocolate youtube

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2022-01-21 16:58:55

When Sofie Vasquez (bullsinthebrnx) was 15, she was introduced to mainstream wrestling through her grandfather, who regularly watched WWE. One day, she decided to sit down and join him. The experience was transformative. Fast forward to March 2020, when the pandemic shut down the Bronx wrestling scene and put the livelihoods of indie wrestlers into question. Vasquez took time off from college and traveled to different wrestling territories across the U.S. She photographed the scenes in Atlantic City and Pittsburgh; in Texas and Chicago; in Indiana and Maine. “I see it as like a tour in the Almost Famous movie,” Vasquez says. “I had the opportunity to do something outrageous for a while.” Head to the link in our bio for the full story and more photos from this Indie-Wrestling Diary.

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2022-01-20 21:23:49

Oh, these two. Another week means another Thursday and another Thursday means another episode of HBO’s “And Just Like That…” which, of course, means another recap of the episode. This one had it all. An equality gathering hosted by Che Diaz, a new neighbor for Carrie, and hey, even a little bit of sex. Just a little! Head to the link in bio for a full review of the episode.

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2022-01-20 18:00:50

Well, here’s a gross and concerning update on the anti-Meghan Markle online hate campaign. As previously reported, the coordinated online attack on Markle is far from myth. It’s real and a fourth report investigating the matter was released on January 18, and brings in a new element: YouTube. Essentially, the report details a coordinated effort by a handful of people who run accounts across platforms with the sole purpose of spreading anti-Meghan Markle messages. These people allegedly work together to create conspiracy theories, circulate them on Twitter, and then detail them in YouTube videos, all to increase views and generate ad revenue. It’s come out that the monetized YouTube channels made over $400,000 combined. Head to the link in our bio for the full story.

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