Absntmnded Founder of @fleshandhammers X @shifted_radio // Releases on @industrialviolence @falsiverecords @technonormative & many more...

2022-06-24 13:04:07

My track “No More Gravity” is out now!! I’m happy to be a part of HEKATE’s first VA, which is out now on all major platforms. Including tracks by charliesparksmusic caravel__ alt8music donwoezik_ selectiveresponse1 saralandrydj and more! Artist: Absntmnded Release: COVEN, VOL. 1 Release date: 24/06/2022 Label: hekaterecords Catalog: HEK003 pre-order link: https://bfan.link/coven-vol-1 Absntmnded - https://soundcloud.com/absntmnded https://facebook.com/absntmnded https://twitter.com/absntmnded_us https://absntmnded.bandcamp.com/releases Instagram – absntmnded_ Hekate - https://soundcloud.com/hekaterecords https://hekaterecords.bandcamp.com/ https://www.facebook.com/hekaterecordstechno/ #ABSNTMNDED #HEKATE #COVEN #VA #HARDTECHNO #INDUSTRIALTECHNO #TECHNO

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2022-06-23 15:03:22

Coming soon hekaterecords

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2022-05-14 14:55:21

My EP for subterra.trax is out now! Artist: Absntmnded
Title: Bad Times EP
Label: Sub-Terra Trax
Catalogue: ST-EP-005
Format: Digital
Genre: Hard Techno
Release date: 13/05/2022 Link: https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/aXdPeU6YRdmu6tnG6 Tracklist: 1. Absntmnded - Bad Times (Originial Mix) 2. Absntmnded - No Explanations (Original Mix) 3. Absntmnded - Peace Is No Longer An Option (Original Mix) ABSNTMNDED: https://soundcloud.com/absntmnded https://facebook.com/absntmnded https://twitter.com/absntmnded_us https://absntmnded.bandcamp.com/releases Instagram – absntmnded_ Sub-Terra Trax: https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/ 7XHkJZ25DznSw4xk6 https://sub-terratrax.bandcamp.com/music https://www.facebook.com/pages/category/Record-label/Sub-Terra-TRAX-103214861363639/subterra.traxgmail.com #ABSNTMNDED #SUBTERRATRAX #BADTIMES #EP #HARDTECHNO #INDUSTRIALTECHNO #TECHNO #UTRECHT #NEATHERLANDS

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2022-05-07 17:08:07

My track “Chained Visions” is out now on Tholos Records. Huge thanks to johnny_piras_ for the invitation to this massive VA. You will definitely want check this one out! THOLOS022 | Various Artists - Last Rites VA003
Download: tholosrecords.bandcamp.com Artist: Absntmnded 
Label: tholosrecords 
Release Title: Last Rites VA003
Release Date: 2022-05-06
Soundcloud: absntmnded
Bandcamp: absntmnded.bandcamp.com
Instagram: www.instagram.com/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ABSNTMNDED Tholos Records
Soundcloud: tholos_records
Bandcamp: tholosrecords.bandcamp.com
Instagram: www.instagram.com/tholosrecords

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2022-04-06 14:19:45

I’m pleased to announce that my remix for human.decline on falsiverecords is out now. Stop the Ache EP consist of three heavy hitting originals and a remix by my self. I been a huge fan of Human Decline’s recent productions that when they asked me what song I would remix it was very hard to choose. You won’t want to miss this, grab your copy today! Artists: Human Decline Remix: ABSNTMNDED Label: Falsive Records Catalogue number: FAL075 Release Date: 06/04/2022 Mastering: Robin van Genechten / Wanton Mastering Artwork: Visions of Hate Link: https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/6HxoyL5JvQZtaGcL6 Human Decline soundcloud.com/humandecline www.instagram.com/human.decline ABSNTMNDED soundcloud.com/absntmnded www.instagram.com/absntmnded Copyright Falsive Records facebook.com/falsiverecords instagram.com/falsiverecords #FALSIVERECORDS #FAL075 #HUMANDECLINE #STOPTHEACHE #EP #INDUSTRIALTECHNO #HARDTECHNO #LOSANGELES #NETHERLANDS #ROTTERDAM

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2022-03-21 12:29:11

SAVAGE SUNDAYS 179 X ABSNTMNDED New podcast out for savage.sundays, now streaming on SoundCloud. Including tracks by 6ejou, bsls.official, diabolustechno, morsure_music, and myself to name a few. This was my set I did for technoids.la for Return of Damnation 2022 alongside ebanoids, oddio_j, emilianamusic, officialjiimi and abletonchina 🔥 Link: https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/HyE6XCh96ExMK1rS7 Support: https://soundcloud.com/absntmnded https://facebook.com/absntmnded https://twitter.com/absntmnded_us https://absntmnded.bandcamp.com/releases IG – Absntmnded_ #ABSNTMNDED #SAVAGESUNDAYS #179 #PODCAST #INDUSTRIALTECHNO #HARDTECHNO #TECHNO

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2022-01-31 15:47:53

My track “Coming For Mine” is out now on invoking_darkness. Huge thanks to bsls.official for the invitation to this massive VA to launch his new born label. If that’s not enough he packed 17 bangers from some of the top producers at the moment. And to top it off you got one week to grab your copy for free, link below. Don’t miss your chance and grab your copy today. Link: https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/7YPe2FsvWDmSv8ibA Artist: 6ejou absntmnded_ bsls.official dostroic tommy_mork bandiwonderland_ counts_with_techno_sounds ovation_ arenov_mondel loocee_o ravenclaw.wav onelas_music kah4n tegronmusic vanyakoreya 19.85_music #INVOKINGDARKNESS #GENESIS #VA #VARIOUSARTIST #INDUSTRIALTECHNO #HARDTECHNO #ATHENS #GREECE

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2022-01-14 13:28:23

Absntmnded - Fluctuate is out now on (FAHVA003) a massive VA on fleshandhammers along side so much talent. Only the first of many tracks to incoming this year 🖤⚒️ Label: FLESH AND HAMMERS Cat: FAHVA003 Format: Digital Release Date: 01/14/2022 UPC/EAN: 4065317153296 Mastering: wanton.blackmass Flesh And Hammers is back with a heavy various artists compilation release. FAHVA003 features nine carefully selected artists that represent Hard Techno to us. Including tracks by absntmnded_, dostroic, eastel__, ____imeon________, johnny_piras_, sanchezjrmusic, sdbx____, sdtxtz, and valerio_innorta. Link: https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/V19DKAqMzG2Vx31u8 #FLESHANDHAMMERS #FAHVA003 #VA #VARIOUSARTIST #INDUSTRIALTECHNO #HARDTECHNO #LOSANGELES

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2021-12-21 16:24:08

First of all I want to thank the man johnny_piras_ for his trust on releasing my ep on tholosrecords last year. I’m very happy to be a part of this 2 year anniversary compilation for Tholos Records. Means a lot to be part of these 20 top selling tracks along side XSIST, wzx__o, wanton.blackmass, Johnny Piras, 753codemusic, 19.85_music, bmezei, hobie_nl, vendexofficial, danses.macabres, official_killyouridols, elykua.aiff, cer_vi_, tommy_mork, torre.eyd, pakomarckx, alheksound, joesane_, to_lax and myself. Make sure to grab your free copy on their SoundCloud page today! LINK: https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/pscbCj2jkQk96vp4A #THOLOS #ABSNTMNDED #CIVILDISOBEDIENCE #TOPTWENTY #TECHNO #HARDTECHNO #INDUSTRIALTECHNO

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2021-12-01 18:03:48

My Track "Last Call“ is Out Now on introspectiverecords  [INSVVA005] including Tracks by  wav_909  davidstrasser_  franky_btrax  specific.objects  hatelove6661  metaraph_  richinharmonics  absntmnded_ Artist: ABSNTMNDED | absntmnded Label: Introspective Records | introspectiverecordsmusic Catalog Number: INSVVA005 Release Date: 30/11/21 Format: Digital  Mastering: R3-V3 | r3-v3 Artwork: HTRB | htrb_live Tracklist:  1. .wav_909 - Ode to Desolation  2. David Strasser - Paradox [INSVVA005]  3. Franky - B - Don't Stop [INSVVA005] 4. Specific Objects - Techno Am Zenit [INSVVA005] 5. Champas - Dämmerung [INSVVA005] 6. HATELOVE - The Poets Cry For More [INSVVA005] 7. Metaraph - Dreamescapism [INSVVA005] 8. Rich In Harmonics - Real Time [INSVVA005] 9. ABSNTMNDED - Last Call [INSVVA005] #ABSNTMNDED #INTROSPECTIVE #LASTCALL #HARDTECHNO #INDUSTRIALTECHNO #ISVVA005 #VA #GENEVE #LONDON

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2021-11-21 16:54:30

RELEASE DAY !!!! I’m beyond happy to announce the first ever remixes for tommy_mork which I had the pleasure of making one of them for you guys. It’s out now on echo.recordings as their 10th release and premiered by crusaderave. Massive industrial techno bangers that speak for themselves in this EP by bulgarian heavyweight Tommy Mork. This EP is also including remixes by myself and label co-owner pulses_music, which are already supported in stages such as Intercell, Monasterio and many more worldwide. Pre-order now to get this EP! Title: tommy_mork - Parallel Universe (Absntmnded Remix) Catalog Number: ECHOREC010 Release Date: 21st November 2021 Format: Digital Artwork: Pulsɘs Master: wanton.blackmass Artist : absntmnded_ www.instagram.com/absntmnded/ tommy_mork www.instagram.com/tommy_mork/ Label : echo.recordings www.facebook.com/echo.recordings www.instagram.com/echo.recordings/ BUY here: echorec.bandcamp.com/album/tommy-mo…ntmnded-puls-s

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2021-11-01 15:36:25

New podcast out now for pa.ra.do.xon from Berlin, Germany! Including tracks by brecc_music, joesane_, trusttruetechno, and many more. Huge thanks to Japau for the amazing artwork and the team for inviting me to the series. Link: https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/7bh7WjYCvxutTBJw6 https://soundcloud.com/absntmnded https://facebook.com/absntmnded https://twitter.com/absntmnded_us https://absntmnded.bandcamp.com/releases IG – Absntmnded_ #Abstmnded #Paradoxon #HardTechno #IndustrialTechno #Techno #HardTechno #Warehouse #Rave

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