Very Famous Florist 🌸

2021-12-28 12:49:11

Sydney said hi i am v gay today.

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2021-12-20 21:41:35


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2021-12-05 22:31:56

We did a thing 💜 keekee3.0 luloandly_floralstudio keekees_studio

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2021-12-05 20:15:32

Happy Birthday to my beautiful best friend Link Link lynhnugget ♥️ There is no one in the world quite like you. You are generous beyond belief, your heart is made of pure gold, you make me laugh more than anyone else and you always know the right things to say. You are talented, smart, very hot, an incredible cook boma.cooking and have the best eye for detail. Yes I am in love with you and I wish more than anything that I could be holding hands with you in Joshua Tree (2 years ago almost to the day) but I can’t wait to see you really soon and celebrate the incredible person that you are! I love you SO fucking much. ♥️ Here’s to many more years watching you grow into the beautiful person you are x

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2021-11-24 20:04:35

Happy birthday to my private chef pia_pressure_ ❤️‍🔥 To many more years and many more beers with you 🍻

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2021-11-03 22:44:45

All the way up ✨

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2021-09-27 17:28:13

I went to a festival on the weekend, dressed like a teen, missed the multiple hair ties in your slut strands memo, but looked cute anyway.

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2021-08-27 03:03:02

Ew as if

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2021-08-27 02:59:20

A one minute walk to Maria Hernandez

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2021-08-12 14:55:07

Me and my son

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2021-07-21 21:24:10

La La Land ily.

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2021-07-13 20:54:31

The only photos I’ve taken in the past 29 hours.

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