a bar, Fitzroy 387 Brunswick St, Fitzroy. email us if you'd like to book a party or event 💃🍸 [email protected]

2021-12-30 02:12:38

Oh oh it's escalating!

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2021-12-20 23:13:35

And you, and you and you 🎅 🖤

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2021-12-05 01:16:05

Christ has no mercy

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2021-11-30 22:42:06

this sunday, christopherlghill launches his work for nicemusiclabel_ with support from simonjkaris + isobeldcruz, plus Emerald DJs (gian_manik + earnestraw). join us from 3pm get silly with a spritz to close out the weekend ♦️💋

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2021-11-15 03:56:33

ok so it's been a minute since the last time, but our.carlson plays Avalon again at the end of the month with jake_blood___ and nnuestroplaneta DJs in tow. obviously limited capacity applies, grab tickets at link in bio or at humanitix ✔️♦️❤️

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2021-11-12 22:27:00

They say your first laser is the sweetest 💚

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2021-09-09 09:27:29

Beginning tomorrow and going for the next few weeks/months/ decades. eatpollys is making delicious lunch. There'll be various drinks on offer. Probably very cheap.

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2021-06-23 03:52:45

it's official! starting tonight, sarahmarychadwick and hankincense are permanent teammates, playing live for us every Wednesday! #CUNW ♦️♦️♦️♦️

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2021-06-16 23:40:56

So excited for this party to finally happen this Friday! Get tickets from hellowipproject (if there are any left, I honestly don't know) 💌

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2021-05-26 04:50:47

Sarah Mary Chadwick plays Avalon TONIGHT at 8pm, phew! I think we all need it! free entry as always 🌹

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2021-05-12 01:43:32

ok it's two big gigs this week then - Sarah's residency continues but tonight with a support for the first time, chaptermusic's Guy Blackman playing a solo set of his unmistakable songs. and tomorrow we are v pleased to present the first ever show for TB The Director (Tom from Constant Mongrel's new band), with support from Marty Frawley. some errant partying will most likely ensure Saturday night before we have eatpollys return for another dumpling filled sunday. phew! ♦️🌹♥️ (PS. set times for both gigs this week are 8pm and 9pm)

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2021-05-06 02:29:09

a rather exciting gig coming up in this time next week - Constant Mongrel's tb_the_director steps out with full band, plus support from martin_frawley - big 1! ♦️💋

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