Banan Hair cutter, dresser and sometimes make up artist on Wurundjeri land.

2021-11-09 10:04:54

Woooow can’t believe we are BACK and what a space and legends to do it along side with 👀 maquariefletcher tanyadoesyourhair elisselancaster Thank you elisselancaster for creating this beautiful salon space and huge congratulations. Mad love to all my friends and clients for their love and support during this time you’re all the real Gs and I am so grateful to have you all. Tune in for more big tings big changes GOOD hair yeah? Yeah.

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2021-09-24 07:26:20

A few stills from bridgetsharpp Overgrown music video. A little late but congratulations Bridget on the release of your beautiful song majellaproductions Director/producer gabriellemajella Cinematography amydellar.dp Florist blossmbby Stylist cecile2k HMU ba___nan Gaffer alec.barnett_ 1st AD Rachel Chen Editor geri______tv Colourist s.k.mccarthy 1st AC arabianshampoo Best person anthoz_ Producer’s Assistant bellarose__ 2nd AC rne.e Body paint artist pru.art Prod design assistants anaculanic mcsweeney.r Teaser’s editor bellarose__ Special thanks monsterandbearstudios

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2021-08-01 05:48:21

Another week in the office 😭🥰

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2021-07-14 11:07:29

Another one!! Cute cuts on all these honeys and a hot lil colour on my hot lil bitch doramazze

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2021-07-11 13:23:20

Some of the honeys of this week featuring another sneaky colour I did on my beautiful friend pipkennedyy 💕💕

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2021-07-02 00:52:50

I 👏🏽 love 👏🏽 cutting 👏🏽 hair 👏🏽 Also featuring some hot girl slut strands on dontfeedthefearz 😘

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2021-06-25 08:28:46

Wowowow another week this time at maestudio82_ Congratulations Maria on the beautiful space and thank you for having me. It has been so special sharing this space with Maria and elisselancaster. Thankful for your support and being around your energies. And again thank you to my clients, my friends. I can’t believe I can call this work. Your support means the world to me.

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2021-06-22 23:32:35

Cutting hair today and tomorrow at maestudio82_ while work is done to the Hope st space. Thank you Maria for sharing your beaut space with me x I’ve got a few spots left for both days email to book x missingn0__ looking like a damn snack. They’ve been growing their hair since February 2020 and we did a little reshape now look how popping those curls are.

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2021-06-17 10:11:49

A few haircuts from the past couple of days. Thank you to all the legends that have come to see me and have emailed to book

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2021-06-14 10:39:59

Huge thank you to all my beautiful friends/clients. I am forever grateful to call hanging out with you and playing with your hairs work. A special thank you to elisselancaster for making this possible. Email to book for your next chop ✂️

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2021-06-02 02:44:39

Obsessed with papaphilia_fj and the whole team. Photography lekhenaporter Styling ynvynyty Make up wendos_ Hair by me

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2021-06-01 00:00:41

Promo shoot for powerhouse papaphilia_fj I can’t wait to post all the looks we did. Photography by lekhenaporter Styling ynvynyty Make up wendos_ Hair by me

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