Xan Coppinger living on and paying respects to unceded Wurundjeri Country. ☆゚.*・。゚。:゚: 。

2022-05-12 23:05:19

important life updates starting at midday today on skylab_radio

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2022-04-14 23:32:56

Tune in this Tuesday at 8am on PBS 106.7 ~ it will be such a pleasure to be able to speak with Victor Steffensen about the power of music and film with his initiative, Mulong. Victor, who is also the author of Fire Country: How Indigenous Fire Management Could Help Save Australia, and co-founder of Firesticks, is a truly inspiring figure in the community and I am so delighted to share both words and music with him across the radio-waves and with listeners. Victor's work over the past few decades is (not limited to) being an incredible author, filmmaker, musician, consultant, and workshop facilitator. His work spans widely across practices of the arts and reviving traditional knowledge through education, training, mentoring, leadership, community practice, and more. To find our more about Victor’s work, you can check out- www.mulong.com.au www.firesticks.org.au www.wheelercentre.com/people/victor-steffensen I’ll be playing tunes 6-9am on the breakfast spread to soundtrack the rest of your morning on Tuesday.  ~~ see you in the soundwaves x

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2022-04-10 11:54:24

CMPNOO3 - V/A - Collection One I am extremely chuffed and cheery to be a part of this silky atmosphericy breaky comp by companionmelb . surfing up with such incredible talent and all made possible by the stars mil_llu and pjenneee . their passion and love for music and community truly stokes my fire 🔥 and check this incredible cover art by Fulli Andrinopoulos, courtesy of artsprojectaust. Arts Projects are a not for profit organisation in Naarm/Melbourne that supports and promotes artists living with intellectual disabilities. 50% of profits will go to support blakpearlstudiofitzroy, a community-led creative drop in studio for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the City of Yarra. huge love to ptwiggs for their mastering. so blessed to be a part of this and thank you to all involved in this incredible endeavour 🌋💗

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2022-04-07 21:10:56

an hour of my favourite noodling steel and nylon strings ~ tomorrow at 10am on the beloved skylab_radio 💗 precious thank u to hot__scroggin for this photograph on Gariwerd country.

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2022-03-11 00:35:58

11am tomorrow dial those sweet ears into skylab_radio for a selection of epic synth and vocal choruses from urs truly. 🕊️

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2022-02-24 22:12:55

coming2u at 11am tomorrow on the airwaves for some rolling deep synthesizer action!! get your foam roller ready to roll around with me (potentially one too many rolls) 🥯 skylab_radio and photo credits to the wonderful ___l_o_o_k_____closer (Lucille Bone)

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2022-01-27 10:16:49

I'm so blown away by how cool this art is by 0uroboros_art and the love of the crew at douglas__street in having me do a mix (kind of about massage balls if they were sounds) and write some words. you can suss through their website and soundcloud! I hope the cool blue tones of this art and sound help you stay cool(ish) during these furnace hot times. sweat on. 🐟💙🐟

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2021-12-16 22:54:44

I sprouted a new track !!! blessed to be part of this fresh local_.knowledge compilation, celebrating the garden. a veggie patch of such talented and lovely people coming together from all around the planet to make this 11 track V/A of juicy goodness. all proceeds from digital sales will be donated to firesticks.alliance.network 💚 have a listen, have a garden, be a garden. so much love to all the treasures at Local Knowledge who made this happen and brought our sounds together under the pumpkin patch. mastered by Matthew Bentley 💚 artwork by piggybankshoe 💚

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2021-12-08 23:17:11

This weekend is a hearty explosion, please get involved: 1. Chirp chirp: a mix for birds, with birds, about birds, as part of the Diez Office and public_possession , ‘Vogelsang’ Birdhouse release. Wings flapping over to Munich for this one. 2. MMW ~ Protopia: this panel discussion will happen Saturday at 1:15pm. Discussing temporality & speculative fiction with artists Alice Skye, Bridget Chappell and Sezzo Snot. 3. Porcelain pool: I have now figured out how to be at two places at once. This show will be at 1pm on saturday on skylab_radio and is exploring coral, choral, wide chords, and deep synths. 4. MMW ~ miscellania_ Live Music Safari. Come join at 7am for some early morning serenades. 5. Drone: DJ’ing 3:15pm for my dear felixgarnerdavis , at a concert and book launch held at tempo rubato. Good luck.

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2021-11-12 05:39:31

TOMORROW 1PM DIAL UR EARS IN skylab_radio calmer bath vibes than this text tone suggests thank you to xanderlinger for capturing me at every possible angle

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2021-10-19 23:46:00

guest instructor tonight for spin class tonight ~ 8pm edgeradio993fm blessed to be able to swim through the radiowaves to tassie with some salty & gritty tunes I've been churning of late photo by the wonderful xanderlinger much luv! see u in class! 🧜🧜🧜

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2021-10-06 02:03:18

this saturday 1pm - steam it, stream it expect some slow and sxc sound swells. this broadcast will be another sonic response to the photographic work of sach.desilva 🌊💓🌊

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