Jackie Bao

2021-08-27 17:10:15

The most tender love song by _rodrigo_amarante. Such a pleasure to shoot and work with this team. Video Credits: Featuring Julie Friedgen and Angel Echeverria thetangoroomla Edited by Marcela Amarante marcelaamarante Photography: Jackie Bao baohouse Camera Assistant: Alexandra Weiss Color by Stephen Latty / Bunte Farben buntefarben Directed by Tobias Datum Thanks to: The Tango Room thetangoroomla, Briana Gonzales icanseeyourprivacy and DFLA Studio dfla_studio, Lensworks lensworksrentals

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2021-07-08 16:21:53

Stills from I Can’t Wait _rodrigo_amarante. Love every collaboration with this team. Shot on 416 with canon 8-64. Directed by Tobias Datum 1st AC Alex Weiss Edit marcelaamarante Color buntefarben kodak_shootfilm fotokem_la ottonemenzintl Huge thanks to Audrey Turner for her beautiful home 🖤💙

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2021-06-13 17:26:16

Self portrait of me trying to look like a surfer. Miss Sean and that towel!

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2021-06-10 21:45:29

So excited about these super16 stills from shoot with ryanstrongin last week featuring david_adrian

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2021-06-08 23:24:00

Stpanther Real Love Takes Time Director lili_peper & stpanther DP Baohouse PD f_cardinalesetdesign Styling allynikotchev Casting luckytennyson Edit Zoe Lambert Color avery_niles Process fotokem_la kodak_shootfilm Cast camryneakes wetpaint_donttouch shamgangmusic xyz_kind pilotmfx aquasox9 no_nicole heybradwhatsup anacoto jesse.balmer juliettelabelle kalia.lemon sunnybunny00 and special featuring my baby cousins Miles Lin and Adelaide Lai <3

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2021-05-28 23:00:19

Happy Memorial Day and what more do you wanna do than watch my reel?! But in all seriousness, editing this together made me very grateful to have been able to continue shooting and making work this past year, for my collaborators, and the most special cinematography community. Enjoy!

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2021-05-20 15:45:26

Some stills from a short Offerings. This was a dream project to work on with friends. Excited to be able to share the project soon! Director Shane Bannon (proactivboy365) Writer Kelsey Joseph Producer mattmarderfilms Gaffer gemmadollgrossman KG eriqueduboise 1st AC aliarminio 2nd AC mikaelaxthorne Camera standard.camera Color ariannashiningstar

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2021-05-09 16:40:38

I don’t know if my mom will like these pictures from a decade ago but she doesn’t look at Instagram. These pictures are now nostalgic but I remember that it was a tough time together. My mom worked full time, put herself through grad school, and raised three kids on her own. I am who I am because of her. I love you mom.

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2021-05-08 15:22:45

Stills from pusspussmag vid Dir oliviamalone Talent taylor_hill Styling cococassibba Shot by 🤚 Edit bailedout S16 bolex kodak_shootfilm

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2021-05-07 19:54:38

Static interiors on the pusspussmag video feat taylor_hill Dir oliviamalone Styling cococassibba Shot by 🤚 Edit bailedout

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2021-05-06 15:43:05

_rodrigo_amarante - Maré More stills! From polyvinylrecords: “Maré” is based on Spanish proverb: the tide will fetch what the ebb brings. “Things that arrive in your hand by destiny, they are just as easily swept away,” explains Rodrigo. Dir _rodrigo_amarante Prod Design _rodrigo_amarante Editor marcelaamarante DP ✋ AD mattmarderfilms Gaffer mattkleppner Process & Scan Fotokem kodak_shootfilm Special Thanks to robbycorral xixstudios wardkweskin Label polyvinylrecords

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2021-05-05 19:18:12

_rodrigo_amarante rodrigo_amarante - Maré I’m usually hesitant to shoot an entire music video white cyc, but Rodrigo’s vision was so special and captivating that we didn’t need much more. Shot between SR2 and Bolex EMB cameras on s16, we were limited but all but one Rodrigo playing all roles on screen. Marcela did her magic in the edit to composite shots together playing with form, space and size. So grateful for the vision, team, and talent on this one. Dir _rodrigo_amarante Prod Design _rodrigo_amarante Editor marcelaamarante DP 🤚 AD mattmarderfilms Gaffer mattkleppner Process & Scan fotokem_la kodak_shootfilm Special Thanks to robbycorral xixstudios wardkweskin Label polyvinylrecords

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