sofie vasquez ❤️‍🔥 23 • 🇪🇨 • ♏️ • BX photographer, a traveling artist 🌸 Bronx Documentary Center Films Fellow’21

2022-04-16 23:11:20

Dallas 🤠 a mix of lucha libre, death matches, wrasslin’, roller derby, burlesque, music, and not pictured but some really good barbecue. still need to sit and go through the digitals, the footage, and the scans of the Polaroids and keepsakes from my trip. 🌵 excited to share all the gems from Dallas 🌵 #35mm #photodiary

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2022-03-01 03:30:14

🎞 lomography portraits from invictusprowrestling last night | trying to push my portrait eye 🤍 #35mm

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2022-01-28 01:23:17

point & shoot diary of 2022 so far 💞 • every show I’ve been going to, I’ve been primarily filming for my doc so most of my backstage views are being translated to a moving image. It’s interesting as well as equally challenging. But I’m still pushing for studio-esque portraits and honest moments to be caught as a photo - I’m really excited about this new chapter 💟

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2022-01-18 23:50:09

hey y’all! 🥰 My photography series I’ve been creating about my adventures in documenting indie wrestling scene has premiered on thecut ! A massive thank you and credit to _maridelis for this opportunity and their thoughtful, curated photo essay and chickenbindaloo for their remarkable words - they both portrayed and articulated this meaningful work that’s so special to me so perfectly ❤️‍🔥 and always, a thank you to the wrestlers and promotions who trusted me backstage, and with my vision. wouldn’t be possible without y’all. This is a dream come true. I hope you enjoy the incredible interview and photo essay ✨ ❣️- Sofie

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2021-12-14 04:20:45

it’s a privilege to be featured in enfocoinc_ ‘s newest issue of #NuevaLuz Apartment Gallery Artist Issue 25.2 ❣️ I’m very familiar with the Nueva Luz archive and have been inspired and moved by the artists featured in the expansive catalog, and to be a part of this special archive is kinda surreal. Thank you groana martha_mydear and the enfocoinc_ team 🤍 Issues are available on their site ✨

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2021-11-02 02:41:21

nobody likes you when you’re 23 ♏️💖 thank you for the birthday wishes 🎈❤️

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2021-10-24 00:59:30

happy Scorpio season 🔮🌞❤️‍🔥♏️ from art show sof + I began it meeting Broadway legends!!! 🎭

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2021-10-15 00:38:56

❤️‍🔥 hi y’all! I am very excited to share that I will be exhibiting my photo work about my family in quarantine with the group show, Behind Closed Doors, in partnership with ArtsGowanus! This exhibition will be part of their Gowanus Open Studios event that will take place THIS WEEKEND on October 16th AND October 17th,2021 from 12pm to 6pm at 298 BUTLER STREET 🎞💫💛 Much thanks to jas.pinturas 💌 and it’s a privilege to be exhibited alongside friends and amazing artists roybaizan sisterbatwing mdiazphotos mayainescarino mirihuesnyc artbyslygrace thedigitalmc artbythewebb haadahs_art

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2021-10-08 02:56:06

Do you have family from Ecuador? Do these photographs look familiar? Have you seen a version of this image but with your own family? I noticed that first when I was in an Ecuadorian restaurant once where the owner had photos of his family adorned, and one stood out to me because it was of his grandmother but she was standing on a staircase that looked so familiar to me. In 2019, when I was in a fellowship, I had an idea to do some investigative journalism, archive digging, and research into these photographs and ultimately, figure out more about this staircase, while still accepting the loose folklore I’ve heard about it through many familial and friendly sources. It was like oral tradition, how a similar story - that, it being a staircase in an old airport in Guayaquil - is passed down but not every detail or fact is the same. It was never confirmed if these photographs were taken by family members or if there was a professional photographer who took these. As of 2021, I’m returning back to this project (from 2019 to now, indie wrestling has been my life) and I’m starting with an open call. The biggest aspect of this project is how there’s variations of the origins of these photographs to their respective families and I want to hear them all. There is no deadline or limit to the submissions, the only requirement is if you have a photo featuring this staircase and if you have an anecdote connected to it - don’t hesitate to ask a family member about the photo and what they know or remember about it. For the longest, I considered this staircase as a visual motif of Ecuadorian history and our diaspora. And now I want to explore it further. 💛 If you have a photograph like this, please submit a picture or scan as well as all accompanying stories or information about them to: sofievasquezphotographygmail.com Thank you ❤️‍🔥 - Sofie

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2021-09-25 03:44:06

point and shoot diary in brooklyn and new jersey 🎞 + thanks nick for the pic 💌

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2021-09-09 18:51:16

missing the derby demolition and the clear lakes in Maine today

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2021-08-17 04:45:57

visions from when I was 19. Developed eight black and white rolls (thank you 992photolife ) from 2017 and 2018 to find memories of picking up my sisters after school and riding the Bx36 religiously because I was inspired by Bruce Davidson and wanted to do my own similar project but with my local bus. a simpler time ❣️

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