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2022-03-04 10:09:05

“We are innocent when we sleep” is part of the group exhibition “head-to-head-to-head” at galeriegeorgnothelfer, Corneliusstraße 3, Berlin Tiergarten. Opening tonight, this Friday, from 6-9 PM, the exhibition runs until the 1st of May 2022. The work is an artistic response to an invitation from the schaubuehne_berlin to create a public poster campaign with all members of their ensemble. Jankowski involved all actors in a perfidious yet playful game in which each actor played consecutively an active as well as a passive role. He was attracted by pictures of »sleeping pranks« and their disturbing and dramatic appearance that deals with the social codes of communities and their loss of inhibitions. Therefore, Jankowski had the “active” actors from the ensemble paint and »stage« their “passive” colleagues while those acted asleep and fell asleep. As is usual in such situations, the sleepers later can only guess and imagine who were the authors of the character they now represent. The resulting portraits and full-body shots reveal the ensemble in unfamiliar, even disconcerting ways, constantly oscillating between the dichotomies of excess/calculation, trust/subjection, internal/external, human/object. The photographs are titled after the quotes from the ensemble members that capture their diverse sensations during their “day-dreaming”. To catch these moments, Jankowski interviewed the actors - still with their eyes closed - in the moment of awakening. As poster campaigns tackle notions of identity and identification, for this project some of the actors followed Jankowski’s suggestion to appear publicly without any prior consent of their staged appearance. Video: “We are innocent when we sleep”, 2018, 25:01 min (excerpt) david.ruland1979 hansjochenwagner robertbeyer2666 wandtkeaxel bastian_reiber carol.schuler sebastian___schwarz laurenzlaufenberg ruthrose damir__avdic

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2022-02-14 15:34:14

This is an excerpt of the video Crying for the March of Humanity now on view lago_algo galeriaomr _josegarciamx Jankowski requested Televisa - one of the largest Latin American broadcasting companies - to reproduce an entire episode of La que no podía amar (The One Who Could Not Love), a Mexican telenovela. Using the script, location, cast and postproduction of the original TV format, this new shooting replaces all the dialogues with tears and crying scenes. While filming, the actors were able to hear their original lines through small microphones placed in their ears, so that the timing of their cries was synchronized with the pace of the original episode. The title of the work refers to a mural by David Alfaro Siqueiros, The March of Humanity (1965-1971), who was a political figure and icon of Mexican modernity. The artist takes one of the essences of a telenovela - the dramatic act of crying - and connects it with the grandiosity of the title of Siqueiros’ mural, creating a complex relation between art and the media business. The video was first presented at the Sala de Arte Público Siqueiros (SAPS) in Mexico City, during his solo exhibition with the same name.

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2022-02-12 17:07:21

More info on Heavy Weight History that is currently on view lago_algo In a city like Warsaw, which was almost completely destroyed during World War II, memorials function as signs of both an old and a new identity. So with Heavy Weight History, Jankowski decided to rupture that historical narrative, to introduce lightness to a subject with such gravity – and have weightlifters try to lift the city's monuments from the ground. “All the champions of Poland,” announces the professional sports commentator who introduces the contest, describing the heroes from the world of sports who have accepted Jankowski's challenge. One after another, they approach the monuments; some separate from their bases and rise into the air, but others don't leave the ground. Syrena, a mermaid armed with a sword who serves as a Warsaw landmark, is raised up high. But the monument to the Warsaw Genuflection, from 1970, turned out to be too heavy; then German chancellor Willy Brandt's symbolic gesture of asking for forgiveness in front of the monument to the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising stayed put. The American president at the time, Ronald Reagan (to whom a monument from 2011 is dedicated), also refused to budge. The commentator remarks, “Just as he did in the era of the Iron Curtain.” Following the contest, the mood is euphoric: Fans congratulate the athletes. History was revived through the combination of sports and art: “In this way, before our eyes, new history is created!” As chance would have it, the 2013 World Weightlifting Championships were also held in Poland. Parallel to their own event, the Polish Weightlifting Federation decided to organize a presentation of Heavy Weight History. „Heavy Weight History“, 2013, 7 b/w photographs on baryt paper, each 140 x 186,8 cm

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2022-02-09 18:24:03

Opening tonight in a magical space: “Form Follows Energy” at LAGO México City (galeriaomr in collaboration with joségarcia). Besides Heavy Weight History and Crying for the March of Humanity, I created another sculpture of the Bodybuildings series. This time it references the Mexican architect Pedro Ramirez Vazquez, who shaped modern Mexico City. Hope to see you tonight, February 9, 2022, 6PM LAGO, Bosque de Chapultepec, 2da Sección, Ciudad de México

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2022-01-16 08:56:31

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2022-01-15 22:14:23

Opening tomorrow… so swing your ring and watch “Rooftop Routine” (2007) at “The Real Show” on view from Sunday 16.01.2022 until 16.04.2022 at CAC Brétigny - Contemporary Art Center of National Interest, Brétigny‑sur‑Orge, France. Curated by Agnès Violeau and Céline Poulin, assisted by Ariane Guyon. Video: Excerpt from Christian Jankowski, „Rooftop Routine“ (2007), 4:30 min # hulahoop #christianjankowski #therealshow #cacbretigny #newyorkcity #performanyc

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2022-01-07 17:56:30

Vamos a la white cube this weekend! Social Plastic Surgery closes in Kunstmuseum Bonn. A series of photographs depict cosmetic and plastic surgeons reinterpreting Beuys‘ famous poses or performances. Social Plastic Surgery - I like America and America likes me Social Plastic Surgery - Ich denke sowieso nur mit dem Knie Social Plastic Surgery - La Rivoluzione Simao Noi

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2022-01-06 16:17:59

The mixed-media installation "Social Plastic Surgery" was created on the occasion of the exhibition "Passierschein in die Zukunft" at the Kunstmuseum Bonn in 2021. The exhibition combines a comprehensive exhibition of Beuys' multiples with contemporary artistic positions. In the video, interviews with plastic surgery patients, conducted by Jankowski, become scripts that collectors of specific Beuys' multiples perform. In the scripting process, the artist replaced the names of the surgeries with the names of Beuys' multiples, as well as the names of the doctors with the name of Joseph Beuys. Identities are merged, professions exchanged, and new links between the possibilities of contemporary medicine and the transforming potential of art are unfolded and questioned. The Beuys' multiples, with their large edition numbers, stand particularly for his belief in the socially regenerative power of art. A vision that Jankowski traces on the occasion of Beuys' 100th birthday. Video: Excerpt from “Social Plastic Surgery” (2021), 37:59 min. Now on view at Kunstmuseum Bonn kunstmuseumbonn as part of the exhibition “Passierschein in die Zukunft - Joseph Beuys, Katinka Bock, Christian Jankowski, Jon Rafman” (until 09.01.22). Curated by Stefanie Kreuzer and Christoph Schreier. #kunstmuseumbonn #passierscheinindiezukunft #christianjankowski

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2022-01-04 11:52:01

- READINESS TO PROTEST - Contemporary Activism between Attitude and Style Like other European countries, Germany has a long protest tradition. Since 1945 the increasing willingness of citizens to protest is part of lived democracy. People take to the streets to express their political concerns; demonstrations contribute to resolving conflict and are an important outlet for pent-up resentment. Movements like Fridays for Future, Stuttgart 21, the occupation of the Hambach Forest, strengthened by the new phenomenon of social media, are an integral part of the political culture of the twenty-first century—but so, too, are Pegida and the marches of radical right-wing alliances, such as in Chemnitz in 2018. Slogans, buttons, banners, barricades, human chains, vigils, megaphones, whistling and catcalls, yellow vests, torches, and candles are a part of the aesthetic evidence of this protest culture. Since 2020 students in artist Christian Jankowski’s class at the State Academy of Fine Art in Stuttgart together with the fashion design program at the Pforzheim University of Applied Sciences have been developing interventions on the subject of protest culture. A number of these are now on show at the Kunstmuseum Stuttgart. Artists: Lydia Askani, Johannes Bachor, Estela Barilaitė, Mona Barmeier, Esther Leonidowna Bernt, Natalija Borovec, Tilda George, Anna Günther, H/eesoo, Jessica Hug, Nora Käpernick, Sarah Kehr, Julia Kneip, Leonie Lass, Nick Liebig, Desiree Lune, Blerta Osmani, Clarissa Otmann, Eugen Schlecht, Sissi Schöllhuber, Miriam Schubach, Jina Shin, Soonhah, TZUSOO, Delara Vafi, Angela Vanini, Julia Walter

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2021-12-16 13:07:55

Too cool for school - Back to the roots! My work “Lehrauftrag” (Painted Lectures) is on view at Ludwig Forum Aachen ludwigforum as part of the group exhibition “Beat the System! - Provokation Kunst” (Until 30.01.22) Text from the catalogue: The work “Lehrauftrag” (Painted Lectures) from 2000 is the result of a cooperation between the artist Christian Jankowski, RWTH Aachen University and the Neuer Aachener Kunstverein. Jankowski conducted interviews with the heads of the departments for mechanical engineering, welding technology, mathematics, mining and art history. He questioned the professors about the relationship between their field of research and art; subsequently, he selected 30 statements which students then transferred to large banners. These were suspended from the facades of the departments buildings. The quotes from professors in the guise of a student protest provoked numerous conversations and discussions on the open street. Many passers-by stopped and tried to grasp the purpose of the banners whose contents could be read as political, absurd or poetic commentaries. The response ranged from rejection to irritation to enthusiasm. “Lehrauftrag” (Painted Lectures) thus created a platform for an open dialogue about the relationship between art and science, but also about the social impact of art and communication. #Ludwigforum #Ludwigforumaachen #beatthesystem #christianjankowski #neueraachenerkunstverein

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2021-12-14 16:05:22

A work that sells itself! In case you are already done with all your X-mass shopping: „Kunstmarkt TV“ is on view kunstmuseumstuttgart as part of the group exhibition "Jetzt oder nie - 50 Jahre Sammlung LBBW". (Until 20.02.2022) #christianjankowski #kunstmuseumstuttgart #sammlunglbbw #jetztodernie

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2021-10-31 17:04:47

Telemistica is on view galeriebarbaraweiss. It is part of the group exhibition titled Stars Down to Earth curated by Sung Tieu and Nicholas Tammens. Opening is tonight, I am on my way…

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