Tangerine // Clementine EP Launch party happening at Miscellania 26.06 wooo

2022-06-03 05:01:34

Local trance in full effect!! Mama Snake and Tanya Akinola (icons) have curated a compilation (so sick) for label amniote.editions (so so so sick) which shines a light on some really talented producers based/originating from all over so-called Australia. Proud of our people!! The comp releases 23 June, with 10% of profits going towards Black Rainbow. Here’s a snippet of the song - mixing credits go to mon frère Eugene Peloza 🤎 mixwizard93 and mastering by Finn from glome___ Art by Cammi Louisa

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2022-05-31 07:47:36

So far so good

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2022-05-14 12:05:43

Cute peas tek_dec orb_________0o 💜

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2022-04-29 07:28:31

Having narrowly escaped the fluzorb I get to DJ in support of pessimistuk for outhousemelbourne tomorrow night & play live later tonight for tech gems papercutslimited x animalialabel alongside an intimidatingly talented collection of artists - Sending love especially to Henry and Ed who are isolating and had literally been waiting years to put on tomorrow night’s show...EURGH! :(

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2022-04-23 02:45:57

_absorb__ over a year in the works and the day has finally come. 🔮💜 heart is so tight omfg (tickets on the door still btw!!)

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2022-04-18 06:21:51


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2022-04-08 22:04:03

I contributed a track to this beautiful compilation of downtempo and ambient songs. companionmelb is a local label run by pjenneee and mil_llu whose taste for delicate, lush and emotive music shines through in their curation. So much admiration for the talent involved (and there’s lots of it). Mixing by mixwizard93 , mastering by ptwiggs , artwork by Fulli Andrinopoulos

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2022-04-03 08:20:26

season1prophecy11022022 The most beautiful, special and inspiring of weekends. Thank you Thorsten and Ella ♥️

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2022-03-23 03:08:54

Soft and pensive for one of my favourite mix series slowburn._ ft music from tek_dec, Aera (ru_____th & scumbergcal ), Mike midnight + more (and me!)🌻

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2022-02-14 05:55:05

Hand movements, my mini bar and friends 💯

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2022-01-28 07:07:48

Playing live at miscellania_ this coming Saturday for my forever favourite Steeplejack. Alongside massive inspirations Toni Yotzi and Harold 💌 art by amyyu_amyme

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2022-01-10 06:26:19

Me, my old friend, my new friends !!

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