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2022-05-03 03:28:30

We’re taking the show sky-high for the month of May. Find us at rooftopbar with our nearest & dearest every Saturday ~ keeping things flowing from 4pm-1am. Warm your body, warm your mind 🍂 May 7: katiepearson.dj, cpt_inswaino, mil_llu & pjenneee May 14: papercutslimited, houseofbuhag, pjenneee & mil_llu May 21: kitakitzler, liucy___ & mil_llu May 28: _myeels_, hannah.d.__ & pjenneee

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2022-04-08 00:06:58

CMPN003 - V/A - Collection One Our first V/A is here ~ a collection of weightless atmospherics and dub-tinged transcendental breaks from some of our favourite producers both near & far. featuring sgt.decca akeemythedreamy kitakitzler lia_t babyxxan e_davd huda_thunk ru_____th scumbergcal sprinks_world jstorm111 hamedj.info rozaterenzi kral_one clementine.____ tek_dec 50% of profits from this release will be going to support blakpearlstudiofitzroy - a grassroots, community-led creative drop in studio for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people in the City of Yarra. The remaining 50% will be going directly to artists. The cover art was painted by Fulli Andrinopoulos and comes courtesy of artsprojectaust . Arts Project are a not for profit organisation here in Melbourne that works to support and promote artists living with intellectual disabilities. We are so in love with Fulli’s piece and are so grateful to have it accompany this release. Big love to ptwiggs for their mastering, and to all the artists for their contributions. Available now on Bandcamp ~ link in the spot! 💆

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2022-03-17 01:13:25

Pick yourself up a copy of ‘Chances’ tomorrow at houseofplantsbar 🌱 dj selections all night long from Acopia, Nenagh and us ~ 5pm - 1am 366 Johnston St, Abbotsford Free entry 💞 acopia_ mil_llu pjenneee

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2022-03-13 03:02:01

Continuing the celebrations next Friday night at houseofplantsbar with Acopia and friends. Free entry and copies of the album available for purchase 💋 come say hi! Cute details from amici.studio sleeve design on the poster 😚

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2022-03-07 01:11:04

Acopia - Chances (CMPN002) We’re so incredibly proud to share this stunning record with the world today ~ a tender and emotive journey that has brought us to tears more than once. It’s been such a special project to work on with morgherita purientx and liluzu_ and we can’t wait for you all to hear it in its entirety. Thanks so much for all the support along the way 💞 Available now on all platforms. Find the vinyl in your local record stores (coming to the EU soon via Word & Sound) or on Bandcamp at the link in our bio. Artwork: fru_tto Design: amici.studio Mixing: dean_tuza Mastering: other__joe Pressed at programrecords acopia_ acopia_ acopia_

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2022-03-04 02:55:19

Tune in to skylab_radio from 3pm to hear acopia_ ~ celestial friday afternoon serenades 🥀

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2022-02-21 01:10:32

Yesterday was so special ~ we are still glowing pink! A massive heartfelt thanks to everyone who came down and joined us, and to everyone who helped make it happen ~ acopia_ , Aera & a.nu.raag for their spine-tingling performances; kral_one for nailing the sound; nong.sound for the system; endorfin_______ and of course cams_convent and the abbotsfordconvent for having us in the most serene and hospitable surrounds. We hope the echoes of yesterday’s performances help lift you through this Monday 💞

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2022-02-18 01:00:51

~Anything You Want~ The second single from Acopia’s ‘Chances’ is out today, a further taste of the album’s tender and emotional journey. Head to Bandcamp to DL the track and pre-order the album. Design by amici.studio Art by fru_tto Mastered by other__joe Mixed by dean_tuza

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2022-02-16 04:12:40

Back to back and side by side, Pjenne & Millú will be book ending Sunday’s proceedings with a dreamy selection of IDM, shoegaze and ambient trance ~ we’re so excited to spend the day with you 🌞

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2022-02-15 00:58:43

Join us on Sunday to witness the debut performance of Acopia’s forthcoming album, Chances ~ glassy edged and hi def on the Nong Sound system. With morgherita on synth, liluzu_ on bass and purientx leading the way with her ethereal vocals, this performance is going to be truly special - think Portishead meets Cocteau Twins refracted through a new age lens. You won’t want to miss this. A handful of tickets left at the link in our bio ☁️

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2022-02-10 01:20:57

Welcoming Anuraag to the decks to soundtrack your Sunday evening. With a well tuned ear for all things cerebral and forward thinking, Anuraag curates sonic journeys in their sets. Their improvisational, layered style of djing evokes a sense of intimacy - hi-def, glossy textures and organic percussion to really settle in to. Join us for the ride next weekend - a tranquil listening event on the lawn at the Abbotsford Convent featuring acopia_ , Aera, mil_llu & pjenneee Tickets on sale now via the link in bio.

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2022-02-08 03:18:07

Aera is an exploration of lucid soundscapes and spoken word. We were so taken by their contribution to Music Company's inaugural Vector Fields compilation - their track 'Clay' a haunting assemblage of muted percussion and rippling synth. It undoubtedly resonated with the Companion sound ~ spine tingling and emotive. We are so excited to welcome them to the courtyard at Cam's, performing a live set founded upon moments of reflection and contemplation. Tickets on sale now via the link in our bio.

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