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2022-06-26 10:08:54

Muchas gracias Madrid! Had a lot of fun this weekend with the techno.bunkers crew! Hopefully see you soon ❤️

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2022-06-17 21:53:21

One more time for demarktkantine tonight! Middelzaal 00:00 - 02:00, break it down and get you into the groove!

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2022-06-17 18:12:44

I had a nice vinyl b2b session with young buck vromo_ at operator.radio today. One of the promising youngsters in the Amsterdam scene who are carrying that old school flame 🔥 full set on Facebook

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2022-06-15 20:21:45

Hello comrades. I’ve been taking it easy lately. Took a step back from clubbing, retreated to my parents’ place and focussed a bit more on my health. Now my body is ready for a summer full of festival gigs, raves and clubs. Also ready for my first ever flight I have to take for a show ✈️ kudos to bunkers.collective also special mention to demarktkantine for having me play on their closing weekend, let’s make it count! And also also a special mention to haveanicedayfestival for having me play before my hero Ben mfcking Sims!! Swipe right for the artwork dump.

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2022-06-14 11:51:25

Scenes from a beautiful rave organised by eindstation thanks for the invite! Shout out to mauro___moreno for being a classy selector and to all the people who enjoyed themselves on our tunes! ❤️

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2022-06-05 17:30:12

Sunday matinée classixx marathon! Thanks for having me basicgrooves ✌️

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2022-05-27 16:18:18

Back at playing vinyl only sets again! Had big fun warming up for abstractdivision at demarktkantine slide 2: you know its gonna be a dirty acid track if I give you that look ;)

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2022-05-17 16:39:54

Visual memoires of an amazing rave. Huge fun pushing it with a surprise b2b with lobster.nl who has a slightly different sound than I do but we share a similar sense of flow and energy and it was a lot of fun. This got me pumped and ready to go all out to go into hyperfocus for that last hour playing solo. This was definitely one of the highlights of this year so far! 👯‍♂️ thanks bauhauztechno 📷: stefvanoosterhout

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2022-05-15 17:42:13

Big up to Sander and the bauhauztechno crew for asking to fill a last minute spot. This is what a day time warehouse rave should be like! Special thanks to my favourite Crustacean lobster.nl who I played a spontaneous 1,5 b2b set with. We were pushing 4 faders constantly and checking out each others limits! Had a blast ❤️ Videos by the Italian Stalion rosati.shape

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2022-05-13 20:45:37

Here are some snippets from the two hour b2b set I just played with mauro___moreno at operator.radio . It was such a nice experience playing records with someone who has been digging into the same era of techno but came with a whole array of records that I did not know but perfectly mixed together with my taste. CRIMINALLY UNDERATED DJ.

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2022-05-10 16:18:21

Belgium debut, international debut, fuse debut, Intercell debut, what a night! Huge thanks to all parties involved and especially my broski2broski partner the inimitable Italian Stallion rosati.shape 🐎 Video by: nickdevucht

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2022-05-07 16:01:05

Just arrived in Brussels with the Italian Stallion 🐎 rosati.shape to play my first international gig ever! It really feels like a celebration, especially with doing a 3hr broski2broski set with this wonderful guy, a wonderful lineup curated by intercell_events and also in one of the most legendary venues fusebrussels so we can strike that off the bucketlist! So grateful!! Now let’s hit some recordshops 🇧🇪❤️

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