Dekmantel Amsterdam based events company and record label.

2022-05-17 12:08:19

During #Dekmantel22 aan 't IJ, the stage of parallel.am will be graced by rave matriarch erisdrew, r&b reinventor erikadecasier, soul sensation keiyaa, electronic dreamer suzannekraft, and avant-pop poet tirzahmusic. Tickets are still available. [link in bio]

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2022-05-16 13:01:03

If you wonder why kiernanlaveaux calls herself a 'conductress of chaos', don't miss out on the new #DekmantelPodcast. Hinged between laughter and tears, the t4tluvnrg family member delivers ecstasy in all its (super)sonic shapes. [link in bio]

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2022-05-16 10:13:03

For this year's lentekabinet we've teamed up with bud_nl to build you a brand new stage, offering a platform to raw and rising (live) music talents. Meetsysteem (riksakameetsysteem) is one of the unpolished gems you'll encounter there — but first, you're invited to his poetic world in the latest episode of 'Podiumdieren'. See you at #LenteKabinet22 🌞

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2022-05-15 14:02:32

Divine mayhem, courtesy of channelonesoundsystem 🔥 Professional partystarters for 40+ years, we're thrilled to finally bring Mikey Dread & MC Ras Kayleb to #Dekmantel22. Don't miss out.

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2022-05-13 11:30:43

With less than a month to go until lentekabinet Festival 2022, we're excited to announce a brand new stage hosted by pattasoundsystem. Find out what it has in store for you during our spring gathering in the beloved 't Twiske 🌻

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2022-05-12 11:00:27

Not only is parrishxsmith's debut record about to drop, our very own prince of darkness has just released the must-see music video for his lead single 'Never Break Faith’. Buckle up for the full AV experience ❤️‍🔥 [link in bio]

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2022-05-10 12:00:39

Our friends of truantsblog just released a must-hear mix by percussive club wizard djplead. For #Dekmantel22, we've invited him to go b2b with Phillip Jondo (djfileupload), who commands the trickiest global rhythms and glides through tempos with the same miraculous ease as djplead. Get in the mood via truantsblog's website.

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2022-05-09 13:10:27

Amsterdam's optimum hub for contemporary and future-looking music, that's muziekgebouw. On the opening days of #Dekmantel22, wander through the Amsterdam centerpiece while surfing the soundwaves of cutting-edge artists including carmenvillain, jamesholden._ & Wacław Zimpel (zimpelwaclaw), Gaussian Curve, KMRU (_kamaru_) and Squarepusher (sqpusher). More info and tickets are available via our website. [link in bio]

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2022-05-09 09:21:25

A set by connoisseur dee.diggs always feels like a celebration — a celebration of club culture, of queerness, of community, of house and techno, and of house and techno's Black American innovators. Ahead of gracing our #Dekmantel22 stage this year, we proudly present Mizz DD's contribution to the #DekmantelPodcast series. Dive in! [link in bio]

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2022-05-08 12:06:39

With Mutations II: Delicious Intent just around the corner, a_q_u_a_r_i_a_n guides you through his music production workflow, his use of ableton Live, cutting up drum breaks and so much more in the latest electronicbeats 'Tech Talk'. Watch it in full over at their website.

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2022-05-06 15:34:46

Live now on echoboxradio, it’s #DekmantelRadio with parrishxsmith presenting ‘Light, Cruel & Vain’. Parrish Smith is joined in the studio by enigmatic garagenoord resident noisediva. Tune in 🚨 [link in bio]

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2022-05-06 12:55:56

The inventive sound of producer/multi-instrumentalist cktrl blurs the boundaries between electronic, classical, jazz and neo-soul. crackmagazine caught up with the rising star – who will perform at #Dekmantel22 as part of our 'aan 't IJ' live programme 🖤 Read it in full over at crackmagazine's website.

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