Draugr @wrongnotes_ @rawppl Booking : [email protected]

2022-06-24 12:31:17

New wrongnotes_ VA 7 dirty tracks check it soon See you tomorow for a special doomed set with bro makornik at astral_paris Bludgeoned Harvesters are back

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2022-06-08 08:27:34

Thanks to underground.assault For this interview Need no more just go check it 👌 Link in bio

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2022-05-26 10:57:42

Number 2 Pleased to present you my second vinyl released in 2020 alongside niki.istrefi . It was released on brvtalbudapest label. They invited me to play in a party and 1 year after they ask me if i was in to release a vinyl and of course, i was ! XB71 - Hardtechno classic with Blade runner vocal and epic synth. Brvtal - More intimist mental industrial techno. Thanks again to all of them Next step : ctuparis - may 27- Paris

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2022-05-04 10:13:14

LostFiles Hey everyone ! Baby Draugr has some cool news for you: from today i’m starting a new track series called Lost Files. Got indeed a lot of track unsigned and unreleased because i have lost all the files and I was thinking it was a shame to never share it with you. That’s why I decided to give it to you freely (how kind i am 🤣). It wont be only techno, I hope you will like it. Some will be raw because i cant work on them anymore but anyway i’m sure you will understand.

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2022-04-27 08:24:27

Number 1 Im pleased to present you my 1st vinyl released in 2018 It was and it’s still a huge accomplishment for me to release my music on vinyl. Thanks to my my friend mathiastonpere for his trust. The 1st track « obnoxious » is a sentimental breakbeat style. The 2nd track is a basic 4x4 industrial with a cheesy synth. These tracks were remixed by ontalmusic and lucindo_dj Lovely painting by camillezouein I wanted to represent my mental health / state at this moment of my life which was a hard time for me. Enjoy

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2022-04-05 06:56:40

After seeing the horror that the Ukrainian citizens are facing since the Russian invasion, Suara have teamed up with Beatport in order to release an exclusive compilation to help the people in need in Ukraine.

Almost 60 tracks from some of the hottest names of the techno scene who kindly donated a brand new unsigned track.

Most of the tracks where mastered for free by Pobla, except one, that was also mastered for free by Paul Mac.

The 100% of the sales (including Beatport’s fees) will go straight to UNICEF.

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2022-03-16 17:29:37

Long time no see ! I’m pleased to present you my new track ! I hope you liked summon some jötnar Link in bio Next step : 26/03 in Paris

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2021-11-05 13:48:31

New vinyl release on HAVEN  Huge remix by Headless Horseman  Be ready 👿  Link in bio   Upcoming gigs :  🇫🇷 06/11 - Raw - Hangar FL.  🇩🇪 13/11 - Kompound - Berlin.  🇫🇷 27/11 - Raw - Glazart. #techno#wrongnotes#haven#raw #industrial #glazartparis #hangarfl #berlin#france#

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2021-09-29 09:50:30

Saturday night was crazy ! Been a long time without my bro fuerr86 Thx to all of you and especially vnragency See you soon 😈

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2021-07-21 17:11:29

Thanks to vnr_agency ans you for my coming back on stage ! What a night, what a beautiful night !

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2021-05-06 18:43:10

Well well well ! It’s been a long time folks ! This year was a pain in the ass for culture industry. But in my case, i’ve been produced on vinyl by wrongnotes_ brvtalbudapest lobstertheremin messiahwaits alongside huge producers ! Some new shit is coming mates, so get ready to eat your damn brain soon ! Now, you can enjoy my 2020 moods in those pics; and the track id of my last podcast. That’s it !

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2020-09-11 10:38:46

For those who missed it, here’s a small extract of my live act on rinsefrance. We had the opportunity to discuss about the release of wrongnotes_’s first vinyl where you’ll be able to find my track « Kä » 🌵 Pre-order link in bio

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