Elizabeth Warren US Senator, MA. Fmr teacher & law professor. Wife, mom (Amelia, Alex, Bailey, CFPB), grandmother & Okie. Official campaign account.

2021-11-25 21:35:36

Success!! This year I did NOT set the marshmallows on fire

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2021-11-16 17:50:22

Congratulations on your swearing-in as mayor today, WuTrain! From the classroom to the campaign trail to city hall, I’ve seen your positive energy, good heart, and ability to make big change for Boston. You will be a terrific mayor.

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2021-11-12 21:57:21

It’s golden retriever weather—cold, windy, and wet

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2021-11-06 15:45:09

My guys

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2021-10-31 21:52:56

Ready for trick-or-treaters

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2021-10-17 14:08:36

A fall morning walk

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2021-10-12 17:49:27

I wrote this book for all the little girls I’ve done pinkie promises with. It’s about the joy and hope that comes with throwing yourself into the fight, and the power of dreaming big. Check the link in my bio to see where you can order a copy today.

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2021-10-08 21:52:36

My team asked people how student debt affects them. Story after story poured in. Here are just a few. Education’s supposed to be the ticket to economic security, but even after years of hard work paying off loans, debt is still an anchor. This system is broken. #CancelStudentDebt

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2021-10-01 20:46:01

My brother John passed away yesterday. In this photo we are together at Christmas in 1958. John had cancer for a long time, and finally it got him. He was at home, and he'd been strong enough to watch the football game on Monday (Dallas Cowboys, of course) with his son Mark. But he started going down sharply on Wednesday, then died on Thursday. John was the middle brother—the sweet one who was soft-spoken, shy, ready to help. He never seemed to understand how much he had going for him—tall, good-looking, a beautiful singing voice. Instead, he always ducked into the background. When I was little, he would carry me on his shoulders, even though he had to bend way down to make sure he didn’t crack my head on the door jambs. He joined the Air Force to fly planes like big brother Don Reed, but after basic training he was too tall to fit in the cockpit, so he spent his years of military service on the ground in California, Texas and Morocco. His wife Barbara was a brash, outspoken, stylish woman—big gestures, wicked observations, wildly funny. She always told him how much she loved him—loudly and directly. He’d look down and give a half-smile—while he positively glowed. Whenever he talked about Barbara, it was clear he thought he’d won life’s biggest prize. When she died 14 years ago, he never quite got over it. He’d play the records they had danced to and look at the pictures he kept of her on his mantle. I hope that John is now with his beloved Barbara. This has been a hard year and a half for so many people. The same day John died, another 2,744 people died from COVID. Families all across our nation have lost brothers, cousins, friends, parents, children—the list is too long to absorb. Almost no one is left untouched. The ache gets deeper, but so does the urgency to tell someone how much you love them—loudly and directly.

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2021-09-29 17:02:45

We had an agreement: The deal on roads and bridges will move forward with the rest of what we need to create jobs in the 21st century and #BuildBackBetter. We’ve got to stick to that agreement and move everything together.

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2021-09-25 23:57:20

We had a great Meet and Greet in Newton today. We talked about strengthening the Americans with Disabilities Act, fighting climate change, and making the wealthy pay their fair share.

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2021-09-12 21:46:28

It was a great Meet and Greet in Northampton today. We talked about tackling the climate crisis, canceling student debt, and ending the filibuster.

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