EREIB [ Music creator | DJ ] based in Geneva, residency and management for @introspectiverecords

2022-05-16 21:24:35

Second take for anthraciteproject This one was fully improvised, and I had a lot of fun playing it in such a nice spot. Going fast and hard, this mix represents what I mostly like to play. Featuring tracks from peligre_music | mython_music | neaglesound | svetec_official | illiyakorniyenko | mannideeuk and many other talented producers. Thanks again for having me bruisson_ Out on YouTube and soon on SoundCloud anthraciteproject bio !!

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2022-05-05 14:21:56

A few weeks back at cafebarmokkathun ! A great night spent with amazing people. A huge thank you to collective.orcus for having and taking care of us in such a nice way ! I was very happy to finally meet all these people, looking forward to the next ones guys ! 🤺🤺 rabauk.e janis.sarbach uzinop riscaa_._ __r3_v3__ gfx_303 introspectiverecords ID 1 : PELIGRE - Talladega Night ID 2 : PELIGRE - Mirrors Don’t Lie

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2022-04-22 16:14:01

❌PODCAST ALERT❌ For my second released mix, im presenting a groovy and melodic set for styxpeoplerecords A huge thank you to ns.x.sc for having me ! Hoping the podcast will please your ears 🤺🤺

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2022-04-21 16:00:23

❌22.04.2022❌ I’m very happy to announce my participation in this collaboration between collective.orcus and introspectiverecords I’ll be playing alongside amazing people, expecting a great night ! The event starts at 22:00, 2 floors at cafebarmokkathun Tickets available in collective.orcus bio !!

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2022-03-29 15:41:36

❌ PODCAST OUT ❌ A huge thanks to mass.london for having me ! Real honor 🖤 credits to largentpique for the picture

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2022-03-07 08:03:46

[16.04.2022] ❌Event announcement ❌ introspectiverecords and scale.trax are uniting forces for a big night on the 16th of April 2022. I’ll be part of a huge lineup alongside amazing people : gfx_303 cadence_htrb vishscale redd_ophis techsia_ _lorenzopapini p__risco Can’t wait to be back on scene 😈 Vj’s by pathogenese.avi and shirin.chorfi Artworks by cadence_htrb TICKETS AVAILABLE IN introspectiverecords BIO

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2022-03-03 13:16:34

Little recap of the event in January, shots by empeytasspe 🖤 introspectiverecords chroniclesrecords mass.london scale.trax

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2022-01-12 12:49:31

🚨A massive event is coming on the 29Th of January 🚨 introspectiverecords mass.london scale.trax and chroniclesrecords are uniting for this 12h day party ! I’ll be playing alongside amazing people, real honour, thank you ! ❌NO RACISM, NO SEXISM, NO HOMOPHOBIA, NO TRANSPHOBIA❌

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2021-10-25 09:24:25

Merci à anthraciteproject pour l’invitation. Quelques images d’un set progressif et très plaisant à jouer.

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