Erick Hercules 📸 | ♾️ modern surrealist | CD | Strategist @welevitate | @hercules.newyork | @herculescreative | @ourcmmnity @sonyalpha Ambassador NYC 📍| 🇪🇨

2022-06-25 23:15:49

Where is the faith.

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2022-06-23 12:29:51

Breakdown of Angle Study no.67, entitled “Amidst These Walls, The Dream Still Takes Flight”, Wall-street 2022. Explained this angle live to people who showed up to our #AngleStudy walk. Thinking of doing one every month this summer. You down? #CreateNoMatterWhat | #SonyAlpha

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2022-06-09 14:21:37

Partnered with adorama and sonyalpha to bring you on an architectural photography journey through Wall Street in a way you’ve never experienced it before. Link in bio. You don’t want to miss this ✨ #SonyAlpha #AlphaCollective

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2022-05-21 15:25:33

Saw my peoples this month.

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2022-05-19 22:09:45

S/o to all the triangles trying to fit in a world of squares. Also… these are FREE wallpapers on my stories for the next 24 hrs. Go check them out in all their 16x9 glory, and screenshot them for your phone. Add a 🤍 to your favorite one 🤘 #Anglestudies | #SonyAlpha

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2022-05-18 17:32:26

Greetings from NYC Fam 🌷 We just checked in with the legendary erickhercules and guess what, he was kind enough to bring his camera ✨ #ffs

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2022-05-14 13:31:07

audi x #AngleStudies Drove the all new #AudiS3 around Queens in search of the perfect light for some angle studies. These are the final images 🤘. #AudiPartner | #SonyAlpha Do you have a favorite one? 🎥 shotbynikhil ⌚️ pappardelle.papi 🗣 itsmikeoday

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2022-05-07 18:05:25

audi x #AngleStudies no.001. Entitled “Diamonds”. Focusing on a minimalist center, I drew power from all the surrounding angles, colors and lines, aiming to compose a balanced but poetic take on the sharp and modern edges of the New 2022 #AudiS3 design. The name was conceived after a couple of takes when I realized there were diamond- like qualities in the vehicle’s design which were hidden beautifully in plain sight. Swipe to see the study. #AudiPartner

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2022-04-25 21:11:32

This week we ship 1/1 images to all my NFT collectors. Never got the chance to thank those who supported me as I moved from commercial photography to fine art this year, so this is the perfect moment to do so. Thank you! Made sure these were extra special, so I printed them in some of the world’s best paper and larger than expected, because my collectors deserve the 👌✨, you know the vibes. S/o to brooklyneditions for making sure these prints came out with museum-level quality✨ *If you’re a collector who hasn’t given me their info, check your NFT and open your unlock-able content. You have 2 weeks to send me your info before we end shipping * 📸 shotbynikhil brooklyneditions #WeLevitate

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2022-04-22 21:52:10

gshock_us and I partnered to rediscover angles through one of their iconic timepieces. Let us know which one is your favorite! gshock_us #GM2100 x #Anglestudies

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2022-04-21 16:11:21

Tryna catch the beat. jonathanbelle x Welevitate vibes 🤝✨ #Welevitate

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2022-04-14 13:58:30

The solo. Ft stephaniemarieotto #AngleStudies

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