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2022-01-24 23:21:21

People complaining about the unnecessary male nudity on EUPHORIA? Couldn’t be me.

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2022-01-24 18:27:37

If there’s one thing bad b*ch Christine Baranski is gonna do, it’s pose like the rent is due. Here she is, the Emmy and two-time Tony Award-winner, lensed by Emilio Madrid (emiliomk) and styled by Marykate Boylan (mk_boylan) for TOWN & COUNTRY.

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2022-01-24 16:58:01

I think I miss Samantha’s “Oh honey’s” most of all.

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2022-01-23 23:32:19

RIP to the singular and visionary Manfred Thierry Mugler, the man who rejected being called a fashion designer (though the shoe most certainly fit), the myth, the legend, the photographer, the director, the choreographer, the perfumer and the so much more. Here he is in two very different iterations, the first lensed by Helmut Newton in 1996 for VOGUE PARIS, and the second lensed by Steven Klein in 2019 for INTERVIEW MAGAZINE. He gave few interviews, but when he did, he was a quote machine. Talking to actress Tippi Hedren in 2019 for INTERVIEW he said this when proudly discussing his visual transformation: "It was all about fun and pleasing myself. And opportunities. I had several accidents. One was crashing in a jeep, during which my nose was completely destroyed. Another motorcycle accident involved steel cables, after which I had to remove a piece of metal from my leg. There was all this anesthesia and stuff, and I could never motivate myself to go back to the hospital becauseI’m so busy, and the surgeon was screaming at me, because they had to take this piece of metal out of my leg. So I said, 'Let’s find a way to make this fun!' I asked another surgeon if he could do some things to my chin, and then I was happy to get the bloody anesthesia. He actually took a piece of bone from my hip and put it on my chin, so I don’t have any plastic or silicone. It’s all bones. I wanted my face to represent progress, because after years of being a thin, charming dancer, I wanted to be a warrior. I’ve done so much in my life. I’ve fought so much. I’m a superhero, so it’s normal to have the face of one."

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2022-01-23 20:23:41

You didn’t think I was gonna pass up the opportunity to reference Samantha Jones, did you?

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2022-01-23 16:31:43

This Karl Lagerfeld design has had many lives! From its Christy Turlington debut on the Spring/Summer 1992 Chanel runway to a Naomi Campbell editorial shortly thereafter to Sailor Pluto wearing the dress in the 1996 art book “Pretty Soldier Sailormoon Materials Collection III” to Penélope Cruz in Pedro Almodóvar’s 2009 film LOS ABRAZOS ROTOS to Lily-Rose Depp at the 2019 Met Gala to Willow Pill on the DRAG RACE mainstage.

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2022-01-22 16:57:38

Very Michelle Visage “it’s a piece of fabric” energy.

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2022-01-21 21:24:39

The extremely legendary Cynthia Nixon aka Miranda Hobbes aka Rambo, lensed by Katie McCurdy and styled by Alicia Lombardini for S MODA.

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2022-01-21 20:28:35

Maddy would’ve eaten Armond up.

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2022-01-21 03:02:16

Did Che write this story?

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2022-01-20 22:59:43

Look, Miranda gonna do what Rambo gotta do, but I’ll always simp for these two, the ups and downs and all the in between. As Miranda once said, “Steve is completely predictable but that's one of the things I love about him. He's just so comfortable and safe,” to which Carrie responded, “Are you dating a man or a minivan?”

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2022-01-20 16:55:13

B*tch, it’s the serve. EMILY IN PARIS star Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu attending the Ami Fall/Winter 2022 show during Paris Fashion Week.

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