hannah d 〰️➰〰️ naarm / melb aus / nz bookings: [email protected] @tsbu__ @luna.blessings

2022-06-24 07:42:42

getting silly in basement tonight with these angels midnight till 6am 💘 soo excited to have afrodisiac.au claddywood & _mothafunk for this winter edition + a delicious b3b with d.tyr0ne & my co-curator hannah.d.__ 💖 +++ dreamy lighting by kayzar and floral beauties by yungflorals 🧚 tickets on the door and no one turned away for lack of funds 💋 come on down xoxo

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2022-06-16 04:17:39

Hi!! Swipe for where to find me over the next few weeks (& some v cool posters) >> excited for some of these! 🤎 18/06 merge_melbourne x vitamin___dj loopmelbourne 24/06 - luna.blessings subclubmelbourne 3/07 - entered_records killingtimebarmelbourne 8/07 - butter_sessions subclubmelbourne Pic taken by the incred jacksongrant !!

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2022-05-12 07:35:16

FURIOSITY presents// Hannah D (hannah.d.__ ) Hannah D is one of the most exciting and versatile djs in Melbourne as of late. Originally hailing from Meanjin (Brisbane), Hannah has perfectly slotted into the Naarm music scene and has fast become a staple. Her sets range across many different genres and soundscapes, from dreamy flowing beats to faster darker tempos. Regularly seen at Naarm’s favourite club nights, she also appears frequently on the airwaves with appearances on Skylab Radio and Hope St Radio. Hannah also has establish a record label “The Space Between Us” (tsbu__ ) which showcases local emerging talent. We are so excited for Hannah to show us what she’s got at FURIOSITY next Friday ❤️‍🔥 tix in bio PLYING🔊: Her fav song rn Gyrate - Escape

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2022-04-18 07:03:55

our first open air on the last day of the month 🧚 with the best groovers aditoohey sophiemcalisterr call.me.nice.girl asha_franco along with your high priestess’ dj_luv_you & hannah.d.__ 🌸 3-10pm from sun till moon time abbots.yard on April 30th in collaboration with watartists 👋🚂 early birds on sale now x link in bio 💓 poster by camillalouisa_ 🦋

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2022-03-07 22:42:46

Feeling elated over this big old month of gigs!! Hopefully see you sometime on the dance floor 💙💙💙 9/03 - elbows.off.the.tables thankyou_bar w/ haandlee 13/03 - techworld.melb miscellania_ 19/03 - meltmelbourne colour__club 20/03 - skylab_radio miscellania_ 26/03 - Made In the Shade melbournedeepcast + besteff0rt thethorn3071 26/03 - animalialabel x Vortex miscellania_

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2021-12-29 23:30:49

Heading down the western freeway to the beautiful tabularasa__2020 today 🥰 playing 3-4.30pm after avantcado and before neurocrank 💚💚💚

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2021-12-10 01:45:55

People I miss heaps!! (But get to see really soon) 💗💗

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2021-11-29 07:25:07

Exploring beautiful bunurong country in recent times 💙

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2021-08-04 00:02:14

🌼 so psyched to share my offering for daisychainpodcast 🌼 it feels so surreal to contribute to this mix series after listening for so many years 🥲 thank you to the angel agrexxx for the invite and for creating such an inspiring community 💞 it felt right to go pretty high energy for this one… hope u enjoy 🔗 link in the bio 🔗

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2021-06-22 22:28:01

Hosting a little tsbu__ & friends night at thankyou_bar this Saturday with rev__lon bex_au & cchrriisssss 🦋 Free entry, come down early to grab a table 🦋 Poster design by the incredible _til.de_ 💙

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2021-01-06 11:48:44

An extra special qld christmas 💝💝💝

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2020-11-08 04:15:27

New mix up on the ☁️ for the amazing neurocrank ~ lots of ravey/proggy vibes for this one and was so fun recording 💜 Connecting through music with beautiful people like cchrriisssss and the rest of this lovely crew has been a saving grace after moving cities during a global pandemic!!! Thank you for having me 💜

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