Harmless Harvest Harmless Over Everything.

2022-05-20 15:01:53

平平平HELLOOO平平平 MANGO Yogurt luvrs... meet our newest fam member. Our spoonable, coconut yogurt alternative (made from the same coconuts as our coco water!) is now available in tropical, tangy mango. 幅hrow it in a island fruit smoothie 幅op it with passion fruit and shaved coconut 嵌r simply scoop Available now at a Whole Foods near you!

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2022-05-18 14:43:24

Shes baaaaack! Our hydrating probiotic drink is now back on shelves at Whole Foods. 孕 + Strawberry, too!

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2022-05-16 16:02:52

Say hello to our Sips Sampler! 戊 Stoked to announce we are offering a convenient four pack of our faves on our online shop. For $16 you can get a taste of our tried and true coconut water, summers bestie: watermelon flavored coconut water, coconut smoothie, and our go to dessert these days: chocolate coconut smoothie (online for the first time!). It's the perf add on to get you to *free shipping* on our site when you order a case of your usuals (+ maybe even find a new usual). Available for limited time so go, go, go!

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2022-05-08 14:05:20

happy mama's day to all the moms and mother figures out there stock up and save on her favs today *only* with 15% off one-time orders on our whole store. just use code 'MOM15' at check out. :)

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2022-05-05 18:19:04

just another STUNNING marg to celebrate cinco de mayo 予 helloooo Pink Lady Margarita 屢屢 how to: .5 oz fresh lime juice .5 oz agave 1.5 oz Harmless Harvest Pink Lady Apple Coconut Water 2 oz tequila blanco 1 slice of apple Shake ingredients with ice in cocktail shaker. Pour over fresh ice and serve with apple slice

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2022-05-04 21:26:05

潘save this for cinco潘 2 cups frozen watermelon 1 oz fresh lime juice .5oz honey 2oz Harmless Harvest Watermelon Coconut Water 2oz tequila blanco Combine all ingredients in blender & enjoy!

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2022-04-27 19:54:41

SALE!! Our coconut water is 20% off on our site for a limited time!!! Until 5/1 save on your hydration fave. 奎 *12oz 12pack only.

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2022-04-22 16:50:19

Friends, Earth Day is a holiday near and dear to our hearts. Harmless Harvest was founded with the intention to make the best coconut water in the most ethical way possible. We are a work in progress, but our ongoing efforts include色 鳴Converting beverage packaging to 100% rPET - recycled plastic (more on this coming in May!) 孳air for Life certification that ensures our commitment to social accountability and fair trade 寂nvestment in a new regenerative agriculture model to farm our coconuts and decrease our carbon footprint 圬emonstrate our unwavering commitment to grow our standards and live up to our name. Happy, happy Earth Day! We thank you for your support and for holding us accountable when it comes to impact and sustainability. For more on our mission efforts, please visit the link in our bio.

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2022-04-21 19:14:19

and YOU could join our team :-) were hiring a marketing associate! link in bio to apply 鳶湘孕

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2022-04-20 22:13:31

happy #420 to all celebrating !!!! p.s. our coconut water is also the PERF cotton mouth killer #munchies #snacks #sweets #sundae #icecreamsunday #harmlessharvest #coconut

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2022-04-19 21:27:52

tomorrows a very special holiday (栽劾它) in preparation for an inevitable case of the munchies, get the ingredients for this Strawberry Shortcake Shake today.中 celebrate responsibly. #munchies #strawberryshortcake

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2022-04-19 15:01:47

coco-chella last weekend with spotify ♀孕湘塔屢菊 : lexgallegos

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