Hüda ~ Adam Knoflack Sydney Producer | DJ ‘Himalia’ EP out now via Touch Of Loft 👇🏼

2022-06-01 07:28:52

A Hawaiian dump 🍍🌴

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2022-04-24 03:31:00

During iso, I’ve been utilising my indoor time by indulging in a lot of ambient/downtempo from near and far, old and new. I decided to compile a Spotify playlist called ‘Soundtrack For Today’ with a handful of beauties. Perf for a lazy Sundee. 💤 I will likely update it every couple weeks, so give it a follow if you so wish. Link in bio ☁️

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2022-04-20 04:23:15

Mems & m8s last yr in Dorrigo 💕 📷 khrisnadia

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2022-04-08 00:43:56

Beyond excited to have a track on the first (of hopefully many) V/A compilations by companionmelb ✨ Seeing my name amongst such quality artists, many of whose music I’ve bought, is a real privilege. 50% of profits raised from the compilation will be going towards blakpearlstudiofitzroy - a new creative drop in studio for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the city of Yarra. The cover art was painted by Fulli Andrinopoulos, courtesy of artsprojectaust - a not-for-profit organisation in Melbourne that works to support and promote artists living with intellectual disabilities. A special thank you to pjenneee and mil_llu who saw my track ‘Sun Resistance’ as a fitting addition to the first compilation of their beloved label. Mastering by ptwiggs Link in bio ⛓

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2022-04-01 00:24:17

Honoured to have a track on this beautiful VA compilation put together by kooscha.music for touch_of_loft with 100% of proceeds going to careaustralia Ukraine humanitarian assistance fund. My track, ‘Words Of Affirmation’ is a deep groove made for the doof, sprinkled with some ASMR vocals to warm the soul. ✨ Swipe across for a snippet. Love to Laurence and Brendan at cirrusaudio for mastering the whole compilation and getting the tracks to their crispiest possible selves. Art also by kooscha.music Link in bio. “YTD” 🌻🌻🌻

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2022-03-22 00:01:20

Did an interview/mix with nathaniel_garry_tol on orbitalradio_sydney for touch_of_loft Hear us have a bittuva chin wag about the new EP, our thriving scene here in Aus, and a few other random bits and pieces, plus a mix in the second half. Link in bio. In the words of Nathaniel Garry, Yeah the doof (YTD)

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2022-02-28 02:53:13

TY to all of you who’ve had a listen to my EP over the weekend and sent me nice messages 💕 Swipe for ‘Grim’, and earnest_j_ ‘s remix of the title track, ‘Himalia’. Big 303 vibe. Link still in assumed position ⛓

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2022-02-24 22:12:42

My debut EP, ‘Himalia’ is out today 🌖 Huge love to nathaniel_garry_tol and the touch_of_loft crew for pushing this project. Thanks also to earnest_j_ for his contribution to the EP with a weapon remix of the title track. Link to all platforms in bio ⛓

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2022-02-17 23:37:42

‘Himalia’, the title track and single from my debut EP is out now via touch_of_loft 🌖 Named after Jupiter’s 6th moon, ‘Himalia’ is a hefty one designed to be listened to loud, and deep into the night. Link to all platforms in the bio.

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2022-02-15 08:51:13

I recorded a mix for touch_of_loft in anticipation of my forthcoming EP ✨ Lots of local goodness, couple tracks from the EP and a couple unreleased bits. Hope you enjoy 💕 Link in bio.

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2022-02-09 10:19:21


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2022-01-28 21:26:12

Psyched to announce that my debut EP will be dropping mid Feb via touch_of_loft 🌖 The tracks were made over 2 years ago in a pre-pandemic world, and are intended for big sound systems and sweaty dance floors. I was lucky enough to get my best mate/ex-roomie/manager/future brother in law, Jesse AKA earnest_j_ on remix duties too, and he’s delivered a thick acid romper that I can’t wait to share. 📷 geebangers

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