INTROSPECTIVE Record label, crew and party organisation founded in early 2020. Established in London and Geneva.

2022-01-25 16:12:53

[INSVPDCST011] Neagles is back on Introspective, this time joining our podcast series for a solid, one hour destructive hyperspeed set. Known for his raw and merciless style, his track choice will definitely keep you going on whatever the time is. Swipe right to get a preview. ➡️ Link to the podcast in our bio. ⬆️ Thank you for your work. 🖤 neaglesound #techno #introspective #records #music #2022 #insvpdcst011 #neagles

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2022-01-21 13:42:06

Now available on all streaming platforms. 🔪🖤 Link is in our bio description.

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2022-01-21 13:36:21

[INSVEP008] Based in Barcelona, cayve.m produces hard-hitting and dreamy tracks, exploring the correlation between light and darkness, experimenting various facets of techno. Six tracks, including three remixes by richinharmonics , i_am_the_gift and vendexofficial . We hope this release will please you all. A huge thanks to Caŷve for sharing his vision and works to all of us. 🖤 Thanks to thebrvtalist and technoschildren for premiering two of the tracks !! Label : Introspective Rec. Artist : Caŷve, Rich In Harmonics, GIFT, Vendex Title : Flying Fortress EP Catalogue : INSVEP008 Format : Digital Mastering : R3-V3 Artwork : Cadence Distribution : Triple Vision #techno #introspective #records #label #2022 #cayve #flying #fortress

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2022-01-18 13:09:20

[GFX] Having released in numerous record labels such as Märked, MOTZ, or even Monasterio Moscow, GFX surely imposed his unique style through absolutely banging mixes. Mostly oriented towards 4/4 techno and loopy grooves, GFX definitely knows how to get a club going on. Him blasting Hardgroove on the speakers means you're off to have an energetic and banging time. Catch GFX at our twelve hour day event in collaboration with the lads from scale.trax mass.london and chroniclesrecords 12 hours 12 artists 4 crews ScaleTrax Mass London Chronicles Records Introspective space.289 See you there January 29th 🖤

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2022-01-18 12:53:04

[EREIB] As one of our latest newcomers, EREIB distinguishes himself by either going for a more hypnotic and fast-paced techno, as well as harsher and dirtier productions. His variety of influences makes him able to slide from a style to another with ease, making his mixes a loud and fulfilled experience. Catch him at our twelve hour day event in collaboration with some of London's most notorious labels chroniclesrecords scale.trax and mass.london 🌪 12 hours 12 artists 4 crews Chronicles Records Introspective ScaleTrax Mass London See you there 🖤

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2022-01-12 13:21:27

[JANUARY 29TH] As we've been waiting so long to organize such an event, we're finally having our first club representation. 🖤 Find two of our residents gfx_303 and ereib_ alongside many other great talents. Four record labels, twelve sets, twelve hours of pure destruction 🔪 The event will be hosted at space.289 on January 29th from 11AM to 11PM. Make sure you grab you tickets, first wave's already sold out. 💥 Link's in our description. And most importantly : NO RACISM - NO HOMOPHOBIA - NO TRANSPHOBIA - NO PICTURES. Enjoy together in the best way possible. ✨ Can't wait to see everybody on the dancefloor for the first time. 🖤 #introspectiverecords #chroniclesrecords #scaletrax #masslondon #event #space289 #london #techno

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2022-01-11 17:00:58

[INSVPDCST010] Kicking of 2022 with a strong mix by the man Maharti himself. Always delivering dirty and banging sets, he surely knows how to make crowds move through his selection of various style influences. Thanks you for participating to the series !! <3 maharti_

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2021-12-20 19:39:54

[INSVPDCST009] To keep on going with our podcast series, Twice Infinity's label boss Specific Objects is back on our page for a one hour very energetic mix. Marked by his unique style, Specific Objects delivers a hypnotic yet very groovy mix, making sure you'll bump your head throughout the whole set. Thank you for trusting us. <3 specific.objects

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2021-12-13 11:34:23

[INSVFDL003] Back with the third release of this series, m_r_t_music delivers a harsh and hard sounding banger, coming straight out of Hungary. Metallic samples and roarings subs make it an absolute dancefloor smasher. Adding and extra layer to M_R_T's "Dream Of Life" is a remix from our beloved i_am_the_gift Fast and galloping pace, detuned pads, added by his unconventional sound design surely exposes his ability to switch from style to style at ease. Huge thanks to both artists for this banging release !! <3 Label : Introspective Artist : M_R_T / GIFT (Remix) Title : Dream Of Life Catalogue : INSVFDL003 Format : Digital Mastering : R3-V3 Artwork : Cadence

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2021-12-01 11:15:39

[INSVVA005] Here we go. Our fifth Various Artists compilation is finally out and ready to smash your ears. Nine artists, all with very specific visions of music, deliver this nine-track compilation, going from dreamy and hypnotic to harsh and disruptive techno, exploring a large spectrum of colours and emotions. We want to thank everyone who participated to this release, all very inspirational and lovely artists, great people in whom we've put a hundred percent trust since the beginning. #techno #introspective #records #label #insvva005 #2021

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2021-11-25 15:54:55

I brought a big bowl of good news: swipe right 👉🏼 for a sneaky preview of my new track "Don't stop" for introspectiverecords that premiered on kerbelasound today! 🤤💦 This means that you have got friday, saturday AND sunday to dance to this new track. Check out my soundcloud to find the full track!

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2021-11-24 17:36:51

[INSVPDCST008] Back with our podcast series to keep you guys busy until next week's INSVVA005 release. 🖤 This time with matrakk___ from obsessionlyon dropping severe bombs for this comeback. 🔪 ⚠️Available in our description.⚠️ Thanks to everyone for your comebacks, hope this set will please all of you. #techno #matrakk #introspective #insvpdcst008 #2021

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