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2022-01-03 04:28:31

in: kick on karaoke

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2021-12-30 23:40:25

over the moon to release this mix I did for fav mix series __pipipi____ ❤️‍🔥 I’ve been such a fan of deep_creep and the pi pi pi series for so long now it’s honestly such an honour to be able to contribute to it with an hour or so of bassy + dubby rollers 💥 link in bio to the mix + a fun q&a ~ swipe for tracklist 😇 lots of love + good riddance to 2021!!

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2021-12-25 04:41:13


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2021-12-16 06:53:39

Airing the last Thanks For Sharing show of 2021 this evening with a very special guest mix from Vonikus 💚 he’s put together an hour of deep and emotive IDM that I’m so excited to share with you all! Thanks so much Trav for taking the time to record such a beautiful mix ✨ Tune into nomad.radio from 8pm for an hour of ambient bleeps and bloops (part of which was recorded live for Room2Radio a couple of months ago) - followed by Trav’s mix at 9pm 🌝 I also want to give a huge thank you to the guests who have come on the show thus far - thanks for sharing such incredible mixes 🥰 + an even bigger thank you to mialandy for the time you’ve taken to do the art each month 💚 see you in 2022 🌀

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2021-12-15 05:36:43

c’est la vie 💋💋💋

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2021-11-20 01:30:40


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2021-11-16 21:41:52

oooeeee new mix for maybe_recs ~ an hour of minimal + tech house for my bros d-.-b ty lilydalton_ for the invitation! 🥰

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2021-10-21 06:59:12

I am so excited to welcome babygirltryna aka Lizzynice to the nomad.radio airwaves tonight on Thanks For Sharing 💙 Lizzy is 1/4 of Naarm based nnuestroplaneta and a true bass queen 👑 I’m a huge fan of her mixes and this one is no exception ~ this mix makes me want to go for a run which is crazy because I hate running!!🏃‍♀️ + in the 2nd hour see what happens when I sort my usbs by bpm and press record ▶️ 1st person to guess the bpm wins an invalid maccas monopoly voucher Live from 8-10pm on nomad.radio Art by mialandy

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2021-10-04 23:49:33

Had the pleasure of making a mix for low_end_theorists 💚 They’ve released some beautiful mixes so I was really stoked they asked me to contribute to the series ☺️ I also answered a little q&a about some of my favourite releases and how I went about putting the mix together 🍃 an hour of reflective, melancholy ambience perfect for solitary listening 🌝 swipe for tracklist / link in bio etc

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2021-09-23 08:43:28

On tonights episode of Thanks For Sharing I’m joined by the one and only mialandy 💜 Mia does the beautiful artwork you see for the show each month, so it’s really special to be able to have her on as a guest this time. Despite only putting her first mix out a couple of months ago, if you know Mia then you know that her impeccable taste and overall love of music is nothing new ~ everything she’s shared with me since we became friends I have loved so much❣️ and her mix for tonight’s show is no exception 👑 If I had to pick someone to curate the soundtrack of my hypothetical biopic, it would be Mia. Live from 8pm via nomad.radio 🌐 I’ve prepared some sentimental favourites for the first hour ~ followed by Mia L at 9pm ✨

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2021-09-12 09:07:16

thanks mialandy for capturing my rockstar moment but sorry to my household for the re-emergence of my inner theatre kid 🎭

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2021-08-26 06:54:39

Tonight on Thanks For Sharing ~ I’m joined by the specialist of guests gillielove ❤️‍🔥 one of the most supportive and dedicated party goers + music lovers I know 🌸 their inspiration behind the mix was ‘rebirth + sunrise’, making for an hour that’s equally deep, sexy and fun ~ it’s so exciting to see so many friends getting behind the dj booth after many years of front row dancing 🥺 I can’t wait until lockdown is over so I can be front and centre for a gillielove sunrise set 🌅 Tune in from 8pm to catch Gill’s mix + stick around until 10pm for an hour of spring time jungle 🧢 streaming via nomad.radio Art by mialandy 🧡

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