Jake Blood Prix LP available thru https://www.brickandmortarsupply.com/collections/shop-all/products/jake-blood-prix-vinyl and link in bio.

2021-12-09 02:47:46

Taking Sides playing at our old house in North Fitzroy. Shot point Blank, my struggle and through closed eyes played as well. Photo curtesy of my old housemate dedbeet our.carlson up in the corner. wadekeighran a cast of characters, myself with the fringe and peircings. R.I.P Ricky R.I.P Dillon

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2021-12-08 21:50:37

Interview and photos up on brickandmortarsupply .com photos and interview by wilhelmphilipp words by me. Talking about the record, music and the artwork by whistlin60 go check it out and order the LP if you haven’t before they are gone forever.

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2021-11-27 21:51:58

Vibes, mpc2000xl, kaoss pads and an efx1000

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2021-11-27 21:49:27

Vibes to expect later today. Lots of destroyed breaks and the dirtiest soul destroying bass

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2021-11-27 21:20:49

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2021-11-26 05:10:47

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2021-11-24 09:25:01

Giggen Sunday arvo, Come down. Tickets link in bio. Doing some 84bpm breaks and bass in the mpc2000xl, various stuff I’ve been sampling and stretching from the last 6 months, sequenced for the performance. 1gb of samples and patterns, 4seconds left of sample time on the thing. Expect grit. Tickets and event info in bio

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2021-11-08 21:37:16

Had the honour of being asked to create a piece for makeitupclub . Will stream this evening from 8pm on YouTube/makeitupclub An improvised performance using a test pressing of my LP on a technics 1210 and various FX boxes/loopers to create an avant garde ambient rework. Tune in for the madness, was tech as to make. Always great performances weekly.

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2021-10-26 20:00:56

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2021-10-26 03:27:51

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2021-10-21 03:48:41

A couple of the many variations of the cover of the Jake Blood - PRIX by the maestro himself PRIX whistlin60 Available to purchase in bio #handstyle #handstyles #tags #vinyl #graffiti #albumcover #albumcoverart #hiphop #lofihiphop

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2021-10-20 02:41:48

Lockdown 6 rig results. Body By Jake in the park has been swell, maintained as much mass as possible without turning into a fat cunt. Let’s get the gyms open.

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