Joey Guinea Season

2022-05-16 00:21:49

Thank you so much to the ever so talented bodegababiii for this drawing of me flying through some Montauk air the day before i got hurt. So happy with this and speechless, such a good piece of art!! Thank you so much!! 🗣❤️❤️ _end0fthew0rld_ _end0fthew0rld_

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2022-05-03 00:37:56

Past month crutchin towards the positives

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2022-04-21 23:46:27

Road to recovery with this little dude ❤️ He licks leg, best to wear pants around this fella

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2022-04-19 21:08:14

Another year without one of my best friends. Happy birthday in Heaven, Angus!!!! Love you dawg i miss you everyday. Can’t wait to get back on my board so i can pay some more respect to you. Just want to make you proud cause i know you’re always watching down on everybody, i love you bro❤️🙏 #roomiesforlife

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2022-03-28 22:00:52

So, i need to get surgery in a week. For me it’s the fact that Summer is almost here. I’ll be crutching around for about a month so if you see me, tip me like a cow! I’m destroyed inside so maybe it’ll make me laugh. My doctor said that he’s shocked that i hurt what i hurt. PCL is fully torn in half and theres a little damage to the MCL. He says that this is usually the outcome of a bad car crash, not much more or less can do it. This tuck knee invert is one of my favorite things to do, which i hope i’ll be able to do again someday. Another week to hang and do stuff with friends so hit me up!! Trying to get myself ready for this journey because there are definitely a lot of things that can redirect someone’s path or thought. About to stop drinking for a while so this body can do its job. Thank you for reaching out and thank you for giving me good vibes for the past couple of weeks. This has been such a long process already and practically nothing has started… 🙏

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2022-03-24 22:18:53

This was shot the day before i got hurt. I ended up fully tearing my PCL, which i didn’t even know was one of the 4 ligaments of the knee. So happy that there’s no damage to what i already hurt years ago. I find out in a few days what the plan is going to be, no clue if i’m going to need surgery (minor) or none at all. I want to thank everybody for reaching out and just let you know that it means a lot!! Blessed to have homies like ian_stribling to take photos like this one. A frontside air to close out my time skating the old park. They’re tearing it down real soon to make the new park which in my opinion is going to be one of the best in the whole state. No idea whats gonna happen, hope i can be on my board as soon as possible but for now i wait! montaukskateboarding

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2022-03-14 21:21:09

As i lay here and type this, i’m waiting to find out whats really going on. Thursday is the day. I was relieved when i saw my old doctor today who did my surgery 3 and a half years ago on this same knee, to tell me that he really doesn’t think it’s my ACL again.. but that i did something to my MCL. Either a tear or just a really hurt knee. Not knowing if i need surgery or not yet, but he said maybe a minor surgery in order to keep doing this stuff that we do which to me, is life. Skateboarding. To be thankful for skating is an understatement. I’m just praying to the skate gods up there that this will just be a setback, but hey that’s what it is everytime. Just another toll to pay in full. Some might read this whole thing and not even say a word to me but thats just how this social media shit works isn’t it. Love those who have reached out and i appreciate all of the positive vibes given. I’ll keep you updated on here! From my phone laying upsidedown on my couch. Finding everything out in a few days, thank you for looking out. On the road again ⚓️

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2022-03-04 01:30:37

Got lunch with my godfather & ian_stribling … went back to the shore and ran into some homies. Cheesesteaks always on point down there, got the real gabagool down there.. 🙏

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2022-02-22 00:37:59

Epic times at the Van Doren shred facility.. Thanks for letting me skate and thanks to dollarbrew for the clips. 2nd video is how not to frontside air… 🙏🤙🙏

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2022-02-14 22:04:23

Flaming dragon with my guy spliffteenminutes 🔥🔥 montaukskateboarding

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2022-02-12 00:49:58

Shore to Sticks mission yesterday 🙏🏁 better times we’re had without phones! Thankful for the homies 🤙

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2022-02-03 00:00:22

Wintery Mix

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