kalyani Trawlwoolway ex-bisexual bookings ~ [email protected]

2022-04-09 08:43:44

bend it like beckham 😮‍💨

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2022-04-05 01:07:53

I’m back on 3rrrfm covering for the mission (Tuesdays 7-8pm) for the next few weeks. The mission is a deadly show hosted by Daniel James exploring the issues that impact the lives of Aboriginal people and those at the wrong end of social justice in this country. As always, I’ll be using the time to play a global selection of First Nations classical music. Tune in for a soothing time and hopefully learn something new! xx

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2022-03-24 06:28:00

stoked to reveal I’m jumping on the watartists roster 💄💋🥰

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2022-02-01 04:14:13

I am back doing my favourite thing - guest programming on 3rrrfm this time for The Mission (Tuesdays 7pm) Playing First Nations classical music from many places- this week stunning Indigenous Taiwanese musicians and theatrical compositions from Turtle Island.

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2021-12-25 09:30:44

chestnuts roasting on an open fire

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2021-09-09 05:19:06

I'm guest hosting for my faves 3rrrfm for the next few weeks on Thursdays from 7-8pm. Tonight I'm going to be playing First Nations music from around the world with a focus on contemporary classical. Tune in to hear my depressed ass talk about music. 💕

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2021-08-05 07:58:58

Stay safe out there fam xx

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2021-07-23 03:19:06

fully vaxxed and no where to go 😪

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2021-07-07 02:19:15

Hi friends Make sure to tune in for my NEW MIX for triple J mix up as part of the deadly NAIDOC takeover. I will playing alongside DJ Mozzi, Fosters, and Moss. Also, my DJ moniker is now simply, Kalyani. xxx

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2021-06-13 08:56:25

Mummys home

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2021-06-09 12:30:21


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2021-05-12 13:21:52

hot girls

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