2022-05-09 21:22:10

HEY MY DEARS!! WOW !! I can't describe how happy I am about everything that has happened lately. My support track for the Ukraine Charity VA by _innergate_ was released and a few days later I celebrated my debut in Budapest with the amazing rev.zrt crew. Some days ago I played in Cologne for the first time. It was just wonderful to meet the bassilisk.techno crew in Cologne!! Great thank you to both Labels for hosting me in their beautiful cities.<3 I also want to thank all of you who have supported me so much lately!! If I didn't have all of you I wouldn't be where I am now. Of course, thank you to all the great people I have met along the way. I Love you all <33 Some great things are coming soon ;) Special thanks to: iparrrr nicohoech gabrielle_gvaramadze

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2022-02-22 21:42:37

Hey my dears, I hope you’re all well. A lot has happened lately !!! My first ever remix for exixkr has been released and I have announced my first gig for this year which will take place on 18th of March. Many thanks to durch.party for the invitation to their first party this year!! <3 My first gig this year will also be my first ever B2B. Also thanks again to metaraph_ for this wonderful opportunity<3 I’m looking forward to see you all again and I hope for a great new year with even better experiences than last year!!! Thank you for your on going support<3 Special Thanks to nicohoech

545     22
2022-01-24 08:52:45

Hey guys, I hope you all had a good start into the new year. For me, the year started with two podcast releases. Thanks again to menschmeierberlin & thebrvtalist for hosting me in their Podcast series.

254     8
2021-12-26 16:26:55

Thank you all for your massive support this year !! Enjoy the Time with your loved ones <33

350     11
2021-11-11 16:39:37

HEY HEY :) IS IT TRUE? YES IT IS!! Yesterday a new track of mine came out!!! Thanks again to technoschildren for the great opportunity to be part of this massive 5th anniversary VA!! PREMIERE IS OUT NOW VIA kerbelasound SPECIAL THANKS TO: minichlo_

292     20
2021-10-17 17:33:02

UNBELIEVABLE WHAT HAS HAPPENED THIS WEEKEND!! Thanks to all my supporters and everybody who danced with me (online & offline) IT WAS A PLEASURE TO PLAY AT hoer.berlin !! Thanks again to durch.party for inviting me and also big thanks to agentur740 for making this possible !! SPECIAL THANKS TO: nicohoech Track Id : hydenmusic - No Time To Waste donwoezik_ - Street Talking

591     38
2021-10-16 11:53:28

WHAT AN AMAZING NIGHT !! Thanks again to durch.party & agentur740 !! Thanks also to all my supporters who where there last night !! Really enjoyed dancing with all of you ❤️ TRACK ID: amstra__ - Too Sad

236     13
2021-09-15 16:58:25

Hey guys, A lot has happened in the last few weeks!!! I signed with agentur740 and a few days later my track 'Unknown Secrets' for the new durch.party VA was released. Two days ago my new track 'Tell Me The Last Thing You Know' was released on dusk.records . I would like to thank both labels and my agency and of course everyone who supports me anyway:) New releases and gigs will be announced soon!!! The next months will be Krazyyyyy ;) Special Thanks to: nicohoech trysbar agentur740 pablodeswarte

269     23
2021-07-13 19:42:45

MY EP (SPASMODIC CRAVING) FOR technonormative IS FINALLY OUT NOW !! WITH REMIXES BY : kozlovtechno cl.tx charliesparksmusic official_killyouridols SPECIAL THANKS TO tolr666 !!!

205     7
2021-06-30 20:06:06

THANK YOU for your great support lately!!! Big Projects & Gigs are coming soon !!

294     7
2021-05-19 12:20:21


233     14
2021-03-31 20:30:05

What a great March! This month I released two EPs, a new track and finally a new podcast. Thanks again to all the labels and people who gave me the opportunity to release soo much this month. SPECIAL THANKS TO: raelism_ freeboy.wav frederic.selected nicohoech

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