Kae Tama Kitzler • KiTA CMPN001 - Lucent EP via @companionmelb Orders/ Snippets through the link below (✿ ͡° ⁄ ͜⁄ ⁄ ⁄ ͡°)

2022-06-20 07:58:10

3 years with beautiful elizabethanera ❤️ ❤️❤️ I love you ❤️❤️❤️

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2022-06-17 11:12:05

Maximum rest and relaxation at potatoheadbali last weekend + some snippets and audio from the set on Sunday 👉👈 Thank you to the potatoheadbali Team and siimonster for orchestrating such a special weekend ❤️

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2022-05-21 00:12:57

Meanwhile EP01 on skylab_radio now uploaded to soundcloud 🌧 ~ Part of an ongoing series focusing on moody ambient and soulful beats. Link in bio ! Also behind the decks tonight at rooftopbar for companionmelb ~ with liucy___ and mil_llu . See ya there 👋

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2022-04-09 02:30:23

A huge thank you to companionmelb for including a track of mine “Solarplex” in their all-new and inaugural V/A Collection One (CMPN003) ~ an immersive collection of weightless atmospherics and dub-tinged, transcendental breaks. The release also features music from multiple sources of inspo through the likes of tek_dec dec ru_____th th & scumbergcal rozaterenzi hamedj.info and many many more with 50% of profits from this release heading directly to blakpearlstudiofitzroy 🫂 Mastering by ptwiggs Artwork courtesy of Fulli Andrinopolous cc artsprojectaust Made possible by pjenne and mil_llu ❤️ Now available to purchase in full through band camp ~ link in bio 🪷

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2022-01-26 03:01:13

Been a pretty quiet start for me this year but happy to announce that my track ‘Lens of Clay’ released as part of a new VA from Mirror Tapes earlier this week (label headed by citizen_maze ) ~ Here’s a little snippet. ‘Mirror Tapes Worldwide Vol. 1’ collates music from some of the most exciting producers (including katodevidts , Florian T M Zeisig - tmzzzzzzzzzzz , forest_on_stasys among others) working in the field of warm electronic music of all persuasions, at times tilting towards the club, at times veering towards the sofa. Links in the usual spot x

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2022-01-02 06:29:51

All-terrain summer holiday to cap off 2021 ~ up the mountains and down the coasts ⛰🏝

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2021-10-03 02:04:30

Amongst some good company on this lineup from potatoheadbali and crownruler conglomerating artists from Bali and Melbourne. I’ve got a live set that airs this afternoon from 2:30 PM Melbourne time for potatoheadbali ‘s new digital streaming platform Headstream. Brought to you live from hopestradio ! Sound on for a snippet :) ~ disregard the time on the first picture and add on an hour to the times on the second ~ Special thanks/congratulations to potatoheadbali and the hopestradio team cosyinchamomile cookedwithjack seanhenrykenihan ❤️ Link in bioooo ⛓

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2021-09-16 07:45:13

A special one on _bleus_ soundcloud available to stream now for their In Your Mind series with cover art by the best jay.moser . Taking it at a slower pace à la Gigi Masin and Jan Jelinek. 2 intertwined long form ambient- focused compositions with shimmering synths, granular percs, warm orchestral sounds and a bit of guitar work in there too. Link in the usual spot ❤️ Thank you _bleus_ and k2962962962961

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2021-07-26 07:13:14

My guest mix from last night’s pbsfm Spaces Within Space Ep. 40 is now up on their Soundcloud (link in bio). Playing everything uptempo then everything downtempo on this one, showcasing some new music from myself too ~ Also spoke to rasminejose on the creative process behind my EP ‘Lucent’ out on companionmelb now. The whole show (interview + mix) is available for listening directly from the pbsfm website. Huge thank you to rasminejose for the invite on this one ! ❤️ Photo by: pierrezylstra

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2021-07-05 06:37:20

Happy birthday to my tag team partner elizabethanera I love her very much ❤️‍🔥 matcha cake and ‘the best carrot cake recipe of all time’ carrot cake courtesy of kokiri_7 🎂🍰🥐

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2021-06-19 07:44:14

Look mom, I’m on national radio tonight Triple J 105.7 FM at midnight ! Going full bass mode in this one, expect an hour of heavy percussion and breaks ᕙ༼◕ ᴥ ◕༽ᕗ Thank you so much andygarvey and triple_j for the invite ~ 📸: elizabethanera

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2021-06-04 08:10:16

Lucent at Abi and Ryan’s beautiful living space 👀 Today the EP gets its digital release through companionmelb ‘s bandcamp page. Full track streams available through Soundcloud too ! Links to the snippets/ premiers/ bandcamp all found at the usual spot 👁 Overwhelmed by the responses and the words on the music over the past few weeks. Thank you all so much ❤️

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