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2021-12-01 20:21:54

"A central concept of this film is duality. I was playing with two distinct worlds; one fantasy and one grounded in reality. I wanted the fantasy world to feel reminiscent of an old Hollywood musical, and the real world to feel like a modern drama set on the streets of New York. From the beginning I knew I wanted to shoot one world on film and one world on digital. The DP Luc and I decided to shoot the fantasy on digital, accentuating the clean and perfect aesthetic to go along with those scenes; juxtaposed with the reality being shot on film, to highlight the gritty and grounded nature of that story. At the end it came down to one simple assessment: digital felt more fake and film felt more real." ⠀ NEW short film today starring dandremac, janelleyull, and Malcom Young. Directed and written by m.klubeck and partially shot on 7219 16mm by DP luc.ung. A man goes on a quest across New York City at night: one that risks tearing his fantastical reality apart. To watch the full short, go to vimeo at vimeo.com/609925864. ⠀ CREW: Directed and Written by: m.klubeck DoP: luc.ung Produced by: producerharry, Bremkell, m.klubeck Prod Co: brickhead.co 1st AD: sarahnocquet.mov Gaffer: benjyisdumb KG: henryjwolf Electric: themartinluna Grip: jasonwanggga 1st AC: isgridddd 2nd AC: supersneaker9000 Steadi: best_franz_forever PD: ha.i.ku CD: danniepetrovna Art Assistants: voilola69, jaap.deinum, debby.ode, Olivia Streater Choreography: dbthimm PA: jeffreybloom_ Additional Editing: kamila_daurenova Colorist: alexia_films Composer: juantonioromero Sound Design: tombaylis96 ⠀ #ShotOnFilm #16mm

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2021-12-01 15:20:35

"The black and white film stock, 5222 double X, provides the high contrast with the deep black to fit the gritty, dramatic look of this film. ⠀ The invisible power of forgiveness is freedom even when it is the toughest thing to give after something traumatic has happened to you. In this story forgiveness is a weapon when the victim has all the justification for revenge." ⠀ DP and director d.zewdu on short "Afrolenin" which was shot on 5222 Double X 35mm film. The short is the thirteenth in our series featuring 22 americanfilminstitute Cinematography 2021 Visual Essays. Each essay is three minutes long and the AFI Fellows were challenged to create a narrative without dialogue. To watch, head to conservatory.afi.com/cinematography-showcase. ⠀ CREW: DP/Director d.zewdu Producer romanmusheghyan Producer bijouazure Editor xingchan UPM williamserri 1st Assistant Director lancebwitmer 2nd Assistant Director lucyrosemorgan Production Coordinator carolynbkennedy Production Assistant savvythebatgirl Camera Operator dirt_mangurt 2nd Assistant Camera akankshashyam 1st Assistant Camera groovymun Steadicam Operator day_by_dae Still Photographer shrine_dog Gaffer hernquist Grip BBE jamesroderique Grip luis_peaks Set Dresser yuto_filmmaker Costume Designer emmazhou1221 Dept. Head Makeup stephanycastillo_ Location Manager severin.browne Stunt Coordinator hiramc_cbt ⠀ CAST: Casting Director: lesliebrowncasting patrickcaberty larry.thigpen.509 thr33el _abreha_ shaikha.rueda hqd_studio ⠀ #ShotOnFilm #35mm #AFI

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2021-11-30 20:25:22

"As soon as I read the treatment and spoke to Taylor I thought that 35mm would be the most suitable medium to tell this story visually. That tactile, nostalgic and romantic feeling you get from film felt like the right choice, and since the story’s focus is always on our main character, Her (played by sadiesink_) I suggested framing for the 4perf academy ratio. Had this been shot on anything other than film, I don’t think it would’ve been as good as it turned out to be. " ⠀ DP the_rinayang on shooting taylorswift's short film "All Too Well" on 35mm EKTACHROME 5294 and 500T 5219. To watch the full film head to our On Film: Shorts playlist on youtube.com/kodak. ⠀ CREW: Director: Taylor Swift taylorswift DP: Rina Yang the_rinayang Producer/EP: Saul Germaine saulysaulysauly Prod Co: Saul Projects Prod. Designer: Ethan Tobman ethantobman Costume Designer: Joseph Cassell josephcassell1 Editor: Ted Guard tedguard Colorist: Daniel De Vue danieldevue Sound Designer: Lon Bender Gaffer: Jake Lyon jakelyon513 Key Grip: Jesse Saviola Steadicam: Brendan Poutier brendanpoutier Focus Puller: Jasmine Chang j.ytc ⠀ #ShotOnFilm #35mm

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2021-11-30 16:20:49

"Shooting on film is always a joy! I crave the process because it allows me to slow down and really think about the images I’m creating. ⠀ After unexpectedly losing my mom, I avoided her room for 10 years. It wasn’t until I was stuck in my childhood home during the pandemic and was forced to face it." ⠀ NOTHING GOLD CAN STAY is a story about facing loss. It explores and redefines something that is broken by bringing strength to it; learning to not hide the broken things and instead redefining and changing it into something beautiful. The short film was shot on 3-perf 5219 500T 35mm by DP bellafinn and stars designated_flesh and betsyboobop. The short is the twelfth in our series featuring 22 americanfilminstitute Cinematography 2021 Visual Essays. Each essay is three minutes long and the AFI Fellows were challenged to create a narrative without dialogue. To watch, head to conservatory.afi.com/cinematography-showcase. ⠀ CREW: Director: Yvonne Zhang yvonneofthe Cinematographer: Bella Finn Parisot bellafinn Producer: SF Hartley s.f.hartley Production Designer: Marina Pérez salma_rina Production Designer: Marian Wood _marianwood Editor: Colton Warren cinesir Music: Talk Bazaar talkbazaar_ Steadicam Op: Dae Hyun Kim day_by_dae 1st AC: Bryce Holden bholden19 2nd AC/Loader: Kenji Bennett kenjibennett Gaffer: Rui Arichika ruiarichika Key grip: Ryan Kuna rkuna.dp BBE: Enrico Silva enricosilvadp BBG: Elisa Souza elisasouzac G&E: Isaac Yusake Takeu isaacytakeu G&E: Harry Lipnick hlipnick G&E: Seth MacMilllan smacmill 1st AD: Daniel J. Egbert daniel.j.egbert Costume Designer: Lily Shepherd lilyblakeshepherd HMU: Sophia Kenton sophia_kenton Art Dept.: Marc De Bertier Art Dept.: Gladys Gimenez Art Dept.: Delilah Salguero BTS: Cath Vo cathvo_ Processed at fotokem fotokem Equipment provided by panavision panavisionofficial ⠀ #ShotOnFilm #35mm #AFI

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2021-11-29 18:17:07

“When I first heard the song I knew we had to go with 16mm because of the old school and gritty energy of the beat. Being a big fan of film and going for the first time in Ukraine, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to shoot everything on 16mm. The video is built around multiple scenes all shot in one take and connected with interesting transitions each time” ⠀ NEW music film today for plkpb's "A La Base" directed by lorisrussier and shot on 500T & 250D 16mm film by DP edlegrelle. To watch the full film, head to our On Film: Music playlist on youtube.com/kodak. ⠀ CREW: Director: lorisrussier DP: edlegrelle Producer: creamparistv Executive Producer: anneraveneau Line Producer: Deye Dieme Assistant Director: juliotardifo Steadicam Operator: Nadym Ben Bakar Stylist: Dada Editor: Loris Russier VFX: Victor Meyer, hulk.post Sound Design: kamila_daurenova Color Grade: dantegiani Kiev Team: Producers: Daria Mitiuk, ddrozhad Prod. Assistant: Dmytro Tsyganenko, Daniel Feldman Location Manager: Vladislav S.Pavlov Art Director: abanamat.dovlatov Decorators: Kodrul Oleh, Glushko Artem, Serhii Liubynetskyi, Hudyma Ivan Focus Puller: Roman Plakhotnik 1st AC Kirill Poddubniy 2nd AC Yuriy Malashkin Gaffer: Innockentyi Zapotochnyi Key Grip: Max Maximchuck Electrician: Alexandr Semichev, Artem Seryi, Ivan Dobrovolskyi Dolly Crew: Koshkov Yevhen, Ishchenko Yevhen, Korolyov Denis SFX Master: Tornado SFX Helpers: Anton Satanovsky, Eugene Savchenko, Borisov Maksim, Narutski Nikolay Casting Manager: Nikilay Babych MUA Anhelina Borodina Stylist Extras: Sophie Nevedomaya Hair: Taras Savchenko Film Lab: kafardfilms ⠀ #ShotOnFilm #16mm

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2021-11-29 15:03:36

"Shooting on film is exhilarating because it’s terrifying. Every shot was carefully planned and executed and at the end of the day, you only have your experience to tell you what it looks like until you get the dailies back. When I finally sat down to color this film, it was the easiest grade I ever did. The footage just looks good without any need to really manipulate anything and it just becomes incredibly clear why it’s worth shooting on film. The quality and versatility is incredible. ⠀ I really wanted to explore the idea of conveying a wild emotional arc that takes a character through excitement, joy, mystery, depression, loneliness, and isolation purely visually. I wanted to achieve that through composition as well as lighting and color. I also wanted to try to create and combine multiple time periods and visual styles. I was really excited to try pushing boundaries and see how the film stock could handle everything I wanted to throw at it." ⠀ DP, writer and director dirt_mangurt on short "Father Time" which was shot on Vision 3 5207/250D (new and expired) & expired Vision 2 Expression 5229/500T 4-perf 35mm. The short is the eleventh in our series featuring 22 americanfilminstitute Cinematography 2021 Visual Essays. To watch, head to conservatory.afi.com/cinematography-showcase. ⠀ CREW: Director/DP/Writer: dirt_mangurt Producer: laze123456 PD: zoopstoop 1st AD: sophiakyoussef Cam Op: hernquist 1st AC: ajd_90 & eythanmaidhof 2nd AC/Loader: eythanmaidhof & aidanwalt Gaffer: ryankuna Key Grip: d.zewdu Dolly Grip: rui_arck G&E Swing: matthewhibbs MUA: makeupbyelisa37 Costumes: icysorrow UPM: suriiijrs PA/Shaman: paulcadenhead Cast: nemibrooks & patrickrandolph2020 Film Lab: fotokem_la Atlas Lens Co. - atlaslensco Arri - arri ⠀ #ShotOnFilm #35mm #afi

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2021-11-26 17:51:13

“It has been beautiful to navigate on Haight woman's narrative and be able to collaborate in the construction of this universe. The creative process starts with a very open exchange over time that builds the brand. I think this film represents the meeting of various sensations that have occurred during the last years.” ⠀ “The process of shooting on film is a journey of being present, paying attention to details and space. The textures help build a unique atmosphere that involves and welcomes the audience.” ⠀ NEW spot for haight_clothing, "Entrelugar", directed by peperdigao and shot on 16mm by DP bernardonegri. With the voice of the brazilian contemporary artist, Juçara Marçal, Haight’s new film invites the audience to affirms the in-between as a space of permanence. To watch the full video, check it out on vimeo at vimeo.com/637653266. ⠀ CREW NAMES / ROLES direção peperdigao direção criativa mahfranklin voz jucaramarcal modelo iamlarialmeida roteiro mariannaguinle edição juliaiunes direção de arte raphael_tepedino direção de fotografia bernardonegri produção executiva blvckcvssvndrv assistente de direção giulianasseh trilha marcelogerab composição arnaldo_ntunes direção de Design ninaamarante assistente de arte tosaturada styling marianoanac & antoniofrajado assistente de styling Gustavo Oliveira da Luz camareira Maria Helena acessórios Nádia Gimenes assistente de câmera 1 andrecvandrade assistente de câmera 2 arruzo.dom gaffer omagodapinturacontemporanea assistente gaffer luapereiraphoto maquinista William Pereira cor bellajannotti & felipearaujodsgn VFX cajamanga_ gráficos quinta.feira beleza gabrielgomezls assistente de beleza mweverthon manicure Graciane Ferreira estilo haight mahfranklin, thidu, vanessa.kadlec & claracvianna branding haight abrearoda, florasarahyba, mariannaguinle, ninaamarante & vitoriadoyle design twylamatos agradecimentos especiais Time Haight, airumamari, Gabriel OA, juquinha.a.bala assistentes de produção gabicara & Sander mergulhador Claudio Moraes transporte Flávio e Manuel 16mm Kodak Film Scan & develop: 16mm Cinelabuk Film Logistics Runnerfilmes & Beatriz Torres ⠀ #ShootOnFilm #16mm

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2021-11-26 14:51:01

"While daunting at first, lighting for film was sort of liberating. I knew I wanted a lot of contrast so I embraced the natural fall-off and grain. Our low budget for film meant we had to be very deliberate with every choice, and we managed to keep our shooting ratio small even with a dance piece. ⠀ This project came about in the throes of the pandemic when many artists were trying to rediscover their purpose. One of the recurring thoughts I kept having was - what’s the world going to look like when we get out of this? This was an attempt to accept the uncertainty that the past year and a half has brought with it." ⠀ DP akankshashyam on shooting "Afloat" on 5219 35mm. The short is the tenth in our series featuring 22 americanfilminstitute Cinematography 2021 Visual Essays. Each essay is three minutes long and the AFI Fellows were challenged to create a narrative without dialogue. To watch, head to conservatory.afi.com/cinematography-showcase. ⠀ CREW: Producer: Qiyi Fan qiyi_fan Director: Stacy Pascal Gaspard histacyg Writer: Max Hersh max_hershy DP: Akanksha Shyam akankshashyam PD: Marian Wood _marianwood Editor: Jessica Petersen jess_underwater 1st AD: Yvonne Zhang yvonneofthe Mark Candore markcandore Production Coordinator: Ling Guo gg_lling 1st AC: Elisa Souza elisasouzac 2nd AC: Andrew Cordero andrew_corderoo Loader: Siwei Li vic_lee12 Gaffer: Zhen “Dony” Li cpt_dony BBE: Neelix Ramirez spookvvave_ KG: S. Lakme Iyengar sliyengar BBG: Fong Kuo fongological Dolly Grip: Zhichao “Edward” Tang edward.zc.tang Art Director: Michael Gilchrist _miketv_ Set Dresser: Rachel Johnson thisisracheljohnson Art PAs: Marceline Stardust marceline_stardust Mario Ramirez mariosaurus_ Jose Paredes Costume Designer: Mikhaela Zabelerio mikhaelazaba Set Costumers: Yuky Shen yukyshen Ling Guo HMU: Brenda Lopez Choreographer: Natalia Mallory tallymallory Composer: Jonathan Montes jonathanmontesmusic PAs: Zepeng Zhou happypengpengpeng Sky Gaspard ⠀ #ShotOnFilm #35mm #AFI

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2021-11-24 20:16:55

"Wanting to stay creatively productive during the lockdown in March, 2020, I started driving around on my car and capturing the city as it went into silence. Further into the pandemic, together with a friend, cinematographer Mika Altskan, we defined a stylistic approach for an ongoing documentation: a fixed-angle camera with a spotlight out the car's window. ⠀ Working with what we had available at the time - an Aaton XTR/A-Minima, zoom lens, and a fridge full of shortends - we created a collage with different stocks (7213, 7219, 7266). The grainy texture of the 16mm film perfectly fit the gritty city and eerie feeling of the time that we wanted to document." ⠀ Director fiksey on shooting 'Sky Breaking Clouds Falling' on 16mm. Set to the music of a folk guitarist masonlindahl, the short film is a year-long documentation of New York City living through 2020. To watch, check out the short on vimeo at vimeo.com/638481997. ⠀ CREW: director: fiksey music: masonlindahl dop: mikaaltskan animations: brodshire producer: currynneon executive producer: Pavel Karykhalin executive produced: stereotactic co-produced: birth_productions birthugo additional casting: kateantognini location sound mixer: busyak gaffer: rodrigo obregon editor: fiksey sound designer & mix: rphljls colorist: jalob color producer: aliwebb_producer, sis gurdal forager.tv cg: sinnerkot sergey zavoloko ( sinretail ) scan, print: jack rizzo ( metpostny ) dailies: ian bostick ( fmetpostny) special thanks: luigirossi.tv jessekahn1 katya_skakun lera_moiseeva ricoochet yululyan rukospk tobabot misosonya dvalinsky franklinhanot tolmazyan Film Lab: Kodak Film Lab NY Scanning: metpostny hassidic_rapper thisismayan jenny.shoo.pumps misha_igoshin_ bigpapiortiz1976 dakota_pf dylndakpf peremotka al_eksandar_petrov mouthtrap youngboris amberlynnb chelsslara eir.ck bo.chapli ⠀ Shot on Super 16mm: 7219, 7213, 7266 ⠀ #ShotOnFilm #16mm #kodakfilmlabnyc

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2021-11-23 18:05:29

Spot for reebok_russia shot on 16mm and Super 8 by DP lightfromabyss and directed by ladokvataniya. The formation story of the Russian UFC champion Khabib_Nurmagomedov. Filming took place in Dagestan, including in the village of Sildi, where Khabib grew up. The portrait short film was released in 2018 on the eve of the famous fight between Khabib and thenotoriousmma. Watch the full film on vimeo at vimeo.com/290116315. ⠀ CAST AND CREW: Written and Directed by | ladokvataniya Director of Photography | lightfromabyss Producer | andysams Executive Producer | ilyastewart, muradosmann | hypepro.tv/ Head of Production | ilyadzhincharadze Photo and Cover by | klepnev 1st AD | kropal Drone | zlotiybogach | woocopters.com/ DOP 2 unit | freshzorg Steadicam | steadycamer Production Manager | gogadze 1AC | boodarash 2AC/Film Loader | Andrey Fedin Assistant Producer | lidiasmi Editor | amzek Color | sofie_borup | company_3 company3.com/ Music | timaminov Sound Design | elizarovich VFX | carboncorevfx | carboncore.ru Cover | klepnev Stylist | hey__lola REEBOK Russia and Especially nikbobrovskiy Special Thanks | Shamil' Gadzhidadaev, Magomed Gadzhidadaev, Umar Nurmagomedov, telejkin, Uncle Nabi, Abu, Gasan Magomedov, Magomedrasul Magomedov, Arslan Dotsiev, Dibir, Andrey Borschevskiy, Fedor Lyass, ddimch. Hype Production | DAGESTAN, RUSSIA | 2018 hype.film LAB: _mosfilm__ LAB+SCAN 8mm: spectrafilm SCAN: 4K Lasergraphics (MOSFILM) ⠀ Shot on KODAK Vision3 500T/250D | 8mm: 50D 7203 / 200T 7213 ⠀ #ShotOnFilm #16mm #super8

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2021-11-23 15:06:23

"Working with film as a medium was the best experience of my career. I feel that we achieved the tone of the film in camera with hardly any color grading needed! I’ve gained confidence during the making of this film where I know I’ll be using it again and again." ⠀ DP eythanmaidhof on his experience shooting 3 perf 35mm for "The Golden Years" with writer/director joshuazevnathan. This is a story about the enduring nature of love. How in a moment of emotional availability one partner can renew and revive the relationship. In a moment where one partner physically needs the other he comes down to her level, the two of them lock eyes, and share an awakening. Life goes kindly on, but it is bittersweet. The short is the ninth in our series featuring 22 americanfilminstitute Cinematography 2021 Visual Essays. Each essay is three minutes long and the AFI Fellows were challenged to create a narrative without dialogue. To watch, head to conservatory.afi.com/cinematography-showcase. ⠀ CREW: Cinematographer - eythanmaidhof Plainview, New York Writer / Director - joshuazevnathan - Oakland, CA - Alameda County Producer - qiyi_fan Chengdu, Sichuan, China Production Designer - lxyart - Dafeng,Yancheng,Jiangsu Editor - noamklement - Ramat Gan, Israel ⠀ #ShotOnFilm #35mm #afi

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2021-11-22 19:47:30

"When you’re working with one of the best, you better shoot on one of the best mediums, naturally there was no choice other than 16mm film. ⠀ Shooting skateboarding on film isn’t always easy. With only a limited Number of takes and the unpredictable nature of it, you can quickly find yourself rolling out of film or having to reload in the middle of a “trick”. As soon as Brad Cromer got involved I knew this wouldn’t be an issue. ⠀ The concept of “Ground Glass” was to pair 16mm film and skateboarding against the unique visuals of New York. With no real plan other than to capture as much footage as possible, we set out and spent 3 days filming in New York during the winter and spring. ⠀ Brad Cromer is one of my all time favorite skateboarders and I’m truly excited to release this piece with him." ⠀ Director and DP jamesthomsonfilms on shooting bradcromer for "Ground Glass" on 50D and 200T 16mm. To watch the full short which released earlier this month, head to our On Film: Shorts playlist on youtube.com/kodak. ⠀ CREW: DOP/Director: jamesthomsonfilms Skateboarder: bradcromer Producer: jenkemmag Processing and scanning facility: negativelandfilm ⠀ #ShotOnFilm #16mm

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