Luemma • LULO+LY Floral Studio 🌹 VERY FAMOUS FLORIST 🦋 💋 Making magic just 4 U ~ ORDER ONLINE NOW 👒 Queer Owned 🦄 NYC @luloandly_floralstudio

2022-01-25 03:27:47

I don’t want your money honey 🦋

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2022-01-22 22:44:28

Happy Sunday y’all. Breathe in the day and stay humble 🤍

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2022-01-21 03:10:43

It’s giving Robyn, Dancing on my own. 💫

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2022-01-17 12:16:30

It’s giving Let’s Get Married, Jagged Edge.

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2022-01-16 04:00:05

Details from the strawberries and cream dream wedding instal yesterday >>> Swipe for celebratory pirouettes.

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2022-01-13 06:46:49

Can always rely on australianflowergroup to supply the goods! 🌸🌸🌸 Strawberry and cream wedding dream coming in hot 🍓🍦 🍓🍦🍓🍦

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2022-01-03 08:51:08

One entire year wrapped up into one single minute ♥️ Never in a billion years did I know what was ahead of me 365 days ago. Thank you for following my flower journey through 2021. I’ve laughed lots, cried even more, felt proud beyond belief and at times, empty to my core. I’ve been blessed by new friendships, collaborated with some mind blowing creatives, said teary goodbyes and had hard over due embraces. Flowers have saved my fucking life over and over and I hope these tiny little bursts of colour on your screen give you the pick-me-up you may sometimes need. Legit love every last one of you thanks so much for believing in my craft and supporting what I doooooo. 2022 and beyond baby. ✨

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2021-12-28 01:25:32

Swish swish b!sh ♥️

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2021-12-22 02:13:22

I can’t believe I’ve been sleeping on Kelly Clarkson for all these years tbh. Anyone?

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2021-12-21 05:10:40

Made it back to the mother land. Getting through customs was easier than getting a frankelsdeli bagel after 11am. Spent the last 24hours laying in the sunshine staring at these self sewn cosmo’s in my mum’s garden of paradiseeeeee. So excited to be back surrounded by nature + IM SO READY TO FLOS FOR U AGAIN NAARM! It’s been a minute! Im also still taking enquires for weddings and events this summer! We filling up the calendar so drop us a line or slide into the DMs and we can make some magic xxxxx 💕

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2021-12-18 16:40:30

DECK THE FKN HALLS 🎄 I’m coming home babyyyyyyyyy ♥️ Thank you beyond words to luloandly_floralstudio for an amazing summer of flowering with you. You injected so much happiness into my world after a very rough few years. I am proud beyond belief of what these incredible woman have achieved during the wildest of times and am so thankful for ur love, generosity, packed lunches, lols, wine and weed pens. Y’all really came thru. I’m ready for you Aus. Coming in hot 🔥 SIDE NOTE ~ normalise falling in love with + kissing your business partners on the mouth (double vaxxed only tho) 💋 Xxxx

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2021-12-16 16:44:33

Christmas tree of flower arrangement ? You decide🎄

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