Luna Ludmila 🌙 Moods, rhythms, noise... Irenic / Berg Audio / SoHaSo [email protected] other requests: [email protected] Utrecht, NL 📍

2022-06-14 09:41:03

All smiles ohmfest 😋 Enjoyed it so much! Shout out to veeerooniek 💕 #ohm #delft #festival

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2022-05-31 11:54:05

Thanks for the dance haveanicedayfestival 🤗 Next up: thuishaven this weekend! Playing from 16:00-18:00 at De Loods.

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2022-05-25 10:22:05

I can finally share this! My new release on statelyrecords. ❤️ The EP consists of 4 tracks. “Bollenhofsedub” is the dreamy and dubby opener of the EP. “Hipnotična” is build for the late night hours on the dancefloor, while “Trip On My Own“ is the trippy breakbeat B side of the record. To top it off, my personal fav rogergerressen delivered an outstanding remix of Trip On My Own as well. Early support by: Andrey Pushkarev, Satoshi Tomiie, S.A.M., Ivano Tetelepta, Andrea Cichecki, Federsen & more. Curious what ya’ll think! :) Pre-sale has started! Vinyl only - Distribution by oneyewitness 👁

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2022-05-24 18:12:11

Preparation mode 👀 4 festivals in 4 different cities in the upcoming weeks. Find me here: 26/05 Have A Nice Day Festival, Groenlo 05/06 Thuishaven, Amsterdam 11/06 Boothstock Festival, Rotterdam 11/06 Ohm Festival, Delft And still super happy with this studio place ❤️ Really feel at home here. Thanks to ptdd.aiff

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2022-05-19 09:07:38

Back at thuishaven! ❤️❤️ Super line-up💫 and my buddy jorenedwards is going to play his live-set for the first time. Something you don’t want to miss! #pinksteren #thuishaven #amsterdam

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2022-04-17 11:46:51

Fun times at yellowhouse.amsterdam with rogergerressen dorisnicholas.thetribe yesterday🌞 #djs #friends #music

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2022-03-28 16:30:20

[Dutch🇳🇱] De vierde aflevering van de other_echo_ podcast staat nu online! Na drie mooie afleveringen met anilaras_ & locklead, marylakeworld en dondinodeniro ga ik deze keer in gesprek met Alberta Balsam en Cosmic Force. Deze aflevering staat in het teken van de legendarische 303 synthesizer, live opgenomen vanuit tivolivredenburg op 03-03. We bespreken de kracht van de 303 en luisteren muziek van o.a Luke Vibert, Aphex Twin, Massive Attack en Humanoid. Dat, en nog veel meer! 🙂Bedankt voor het mooie gesprek albertabalsam cosmic.force ❤️ Te beluisteren op alle grote streaming platforms. Swipe rechts voor wat previews. Link in bio! tivolivredenburgbynight #podcast #tivoli #otherecho #nerdtalk #acid #303 #roland

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2022-03-23 16:12:06

A few cutz from my set at radioradio.fm last week. Combining dubby, tribal & housey stuff and two unreleased tracks from myself (video 3 and 5) 🙃 Full set on soundcloud Music from Tom Ellis, Satoshi Tomiie, Kenneth Graham, Andu Simion, Christopher Rau, Mark Ambrose and others. #radioradio #rrfm #house #dub #livestream

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2022-03-20 16:00:37

breakfastclub_amsterdam asked van.anh_ & me to close down the cafe with a special b2b during Kingsday. So excited about this!!✨ #breakfastclub #amsterdam #radion #kingsday #bfc

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2022-03-15 15:35:17

This week’s artwork for radioradio.fm with a little downtempo (unreleased) tune by me :) Oh and I’m also playing on thursday! 1400-1500. Good to be back ✨ #radioradio #amsterdam #rrfm #downtempo #chillout #breakbeat #beats #slowjam

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2022-03-01 09:17:10

Small bedroom set up with my Digitone and the APC mini. Messing around at home with a track I’ve made in the studio last week. 131 bpm groove 🙃 Deep & forward moving was the goal… #ableton #abletonlive #akai #apc #elektron #digitone #deep #dub #breakbeat

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2022-01-11 17:05:47

Coming thursday we’re live from Studio Pandora at tivolivredenburg from 21:00 till 00:00. I’ve invited vandtor and dorisnicholas.thetribe as well. Serious grooves with these two gentlemen! ✨ tivolivredenburgbynight Check studiopandora.nl for the live feed. #livestream #tivoli #dj

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