M_R_T Industrial techno producer dj from Hungary

2022-05-14 19:01:20

What a night Munich! It was a pleasure to meet all those nice people on the dancefloor, especially because it was my first international gig and everything was on point, thanks to hardravekollektiv who made this happen! Can not wait to be back! Videos: szandersz 🖤

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2022-04-13 17:56:06

Thank you for this heavy night hydra.deb and overdose.wav and for every amazing people who came and rave till the end! It was a pleasure to meet you all! 🖤 Hope to see you soon! ps: i will add IDs soon on the videos, cheers

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2022-02-15 13:33:29

Release tomorrow on under.hell666 Tracks by: tolr666 surrradj _.insect hrd.303.music belcebu.dj pagan.cyt kisysintrax & kymero & myself!! We are going under hell!!😈😈

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2022-01-06 14:18:09

obscur_antism_records VA out on Soundcloud and Bandcamp including my track, together with so many great artists! Make sure to check out this banger VA, Its a real hard one!!🔥🔥🔥 Thank you for having me broski deejay_eks_ 🙏

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2021-09-20 20:13:55

Köszönöm mindenkinek aki ott volt vasárnap reggel!🖤 rakettyaofficial techlab.bp

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2021-09-07 14:45:56

What an event by darklab_inc and kettesbunker ! One of the best I attended this year if not the best! It was an unforgettable night! cntdwnn ezer hala hogy lejatszottad a zenemet!🔥🙏 kubiak_anett te pedig ennél jobban nem is időzíthettél volna egy videót mint reggel 9:37kor!🖤 ID: M_R_T - Hide your demons valakia_

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2021-07-30 20:02:07

Happy to present you a new release called 'Missing Piece'. Special thanks to the objection999x team and all the artists participating in the VA, what an EP!! 🔥🖤

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2021-07-01 09:51:37

Hey!! As you guys might noticed, 2 new tracks were released this week. First on concreteberlin with a massive VA and the second on 96noisia which is a remix for joesane_ , alongside with another remix by tommy_mork in an EP called 'One Nation'. I am very happy about these new ones and it feels good to participate in such EPs together with so many amazing artists! You can find the tracks and EPs in story! Thank you all!!🖤🖤

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2021-06-04 10:30:49

Happy to say that a new remix is out on technonormative alongside with such amazing artists. This is one hell of on EP to start the summer!! Hope you guys enjoy🔥🖤 hrd.303.music alod.alod hxist johnny_piras_ Total Fatality Also special thanks to label boss tolr666 !!

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2021-03-18 20:47:47

Hey guys! I posted a track on my SC page. As it is a special one I made, I felt like I need to upload it right now haha. You can find the track in my story too. Hope you like it!🖤

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2021-03-14 20:56:32

New VA out now on Techlab.bp's Soundcooud page including my track "Voices Of The Void"!! Btw all the tracks are fire!! Check it out!! Köszi a release-t techlab.bp!🙏🖤

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2021-02-26 12:08:33

HWVA005 _ We Believe_ is out now on heartswhispersmusic including my track 'There's No Such Thing As Nothing'!! It is a pleasure to participate in this Various Artists Ep!🔥 Special thanks to eastel__ for inviting me! 🖤 P.S.[Sry for video quality my phone's screenrecorder doesnt allow me to record literally anything at the moment😅]

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