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2022-06-25 10:33:42

The Lost World is featured in the “Tijdgeest” magazine of Trouw today! I’m so happy with the article - it’s a bit of a dream come true 🥰 Find more about The Lost World and it’s deserted, magical places of Japan on thelostworld.online (also a link in bio if you need it) #MaanLimburg #TheLostWorld #Japan #urbex #desolateplaces #photobook #artbook #exhibition

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2022-06-24 05:08:18

What it looks like to be on the road in Japan while discovering all these deserted places (together with the best travelpoes yvessmit) 🚐 These pictures make me very nostalgic and excited at the same time.. Can I already go again pleeeaseeee? ⁠ ⁠ My photo book 'The Lost World' is the visual recap of all these roadtrips through the beautiful Japanese nature and these abandoned places you pass by. You can still order it via https://www.thelostworld.online/ ✨

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2022-06-22 05:20:20

"The absence of humans is as tangible as the lingering ivy that makes its way into these buildings. Wherever we were, these empty buildings were often filled with personal items. Wandering amongst all these memories made me feel like we were the only ones left - up until we weren't. It felt unreal to step into a restaurant with other people after we spent our day in a world where they seemed obsolete.⁠"⁠ ⁠ (This excerpt is part of my photo book 'The Lost World'. View more via the website #linkinbioooo and order if you like it 💐)

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2022-06-20 07:42:19

HIGHLIGHT I Another feature for 'The Lost World' in the latest issue of &C andcgram - this time the exhibition is part of the Blossom section about Japan and its cherry blossoms 💖⁠ ⁠ The deserted cities are quite the opposite of the fresh flower blankets caused by a bloom - yet are these areas more than ever intertwined with nature. A coherence you'll also notice throughout my book!⁠ ⁠ (More photos on my website via #linkinbioooo together with the order button if you like the book!) 🌸⁠ ⁠ #TheLostWorld #MaanLimburg #desolateJapan #urbex #urbanexploring #Japan #Akiya #travelphotography #budo

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2022-06-15 11:44:42

Short Uk rave set inspired reel of #bestkeptsecret #Floor vibes 🥰✌️ Thanks a million djstpaul & bksfestival for having me ☀️ ✨

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2022-06-13 18:20:19

This week I can finally enjoy some boat life with yvessmit, processing everything that happened the last months and enjoying some sun rays. ⛵️ I will be very slow on responding to emails or my phone so please bear with me a little bit. Adioosss, see you soon! 🌞⁠ ⁠ ++ You can still visit 'The Lost World' exhibition at pingpingclub_utrecht, even if I'm not there. All the information via https://www.thelostworld.online/ (including that order button for the book eheh). 🦀⁠ ⁠ #photobook #photoexhibition #fotoboek #fotoexpositie #urbex #japan #urbanexploring #verlatenplekken #utrecht #fotografie #femalephotographer

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2022-06-10 05:25:14

I can't believe I will finally be on a big festival again this weekend! Drinking beer, hugging friends and playing paparazzi for djstpaul (and bksfestival ) is what I've missed the most these last years - besides going to Japan of course. ❤️‍🔥⁠ ⁠ If you don't have any weekend plans yet, you can still visit 'The Lost World' exhibition in Utrecht! I will not be there, but the lovely people of pingpongclub_utrecht will show you the way in! 🥷🏼 More (practical) info via the website https://www.thelostworld.online/exhibition/ or #linkinbioooo⁠ ⁠ #TheLostWorld #MaanLimburg #desolateJapan #urbex #urbanexploring #Japan #Akiya #travelphotography #budo

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2022-06-08 07:11:54

The Lost World is a book I made out of love, love for these deserted Japanese places and their stories. As a photographer you’re always searching for beautiful tales to tell and I don’t think I’ve been touched by a location like I was when exploring these desolate places. There’s almost 8,5 million empty houses in that country, whereas my home country the Netherlands has (conservative estimate) a shortage of 300.000 houses. I fell in love, got intruiged, photographed a lot and then worked for almost a year to turn it into a book. It’s out now, you can order it on my website thelostworld.online (link in bio) and through it I try to tell you more about these places and the questions they ask ♥️

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2022-06-07 08:28:03

From our yearly shoot: my beautiful sister omghetisjannah 🥰 We added a red flower for some depth 🔥 & I’m starting to get back into my regular client-work, which I kinda missed. And I’m of course still busy with the TLW-project, doing the odd tour through the exhibition and sending out books whenever someone orders one. People have mentioned it tears easily in post so I need to find a better way to send it 😨 Next up are Best Kept Secret, ⛵️holiday and editing everything I’m shooting now - all combined haha. How’s you? I feel like I’ve been under a 🪨 and missed a lot haha. #lifeupdate #portrait #ofmysister #maanlimburg #femalephotographer #artportrait

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2022-06-01 05:40:14

"I know houses that have not been lived in for decades, not quite forgotten by their owners, but so old-fashioned as to be deemed unlivable by modern central-heat loving families." - Liza Dalby⁠ ⁠ I couldn't have said it better than Liza. 💕 The intro she wrote for 'The Lost World' reflects the vibe of the book perfectly! Check thelostworld.online for more vibes of these abandoned places captured in my book - and in the exhibition running until the 4th of July at pingpongclub_utrecht.⁠ ⁠ (For those who not know her: Liza Dalby is an anthropologist and best-selling author, specialized in Japanese culture, and the only non-Japanese woman ever to have become a geisha. ⁠Big fangirl here!! 🦄 )

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2022-05-30 06:00:47

Seeing my photo book 'The Lost World' been displayed in book stores amongst other amazing (photo) books makes me warm and fuzzy inside. Being able to hold the outcome in my hands of something that I'm constructing in my head for more than a year, still feels a bit absurd. 😌 Flipping through the book brings out all these memories and feelings I've experienced while visiting these abandoned places and stunning nature in Japan during two big road trips. I hope this book can make you feel the magic of these places too 🪄⁠ ⁠ If you are not able to stop by a local book store in Utrecht, you can order my book via bol.com or via thelostworld.online (preferable!) ❤️‍🔥 Limited stock, so don't sleep on it!! ⁠ ⁠ #linkinbio #urbex #urbanexploring #Japan #Akiya #desolateJapan #travelphotography #TheLostWorld #MaanLimburg #budo

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2022-05-27 05:05:22

During our travels in 2018 I couldn’t just drive past all these desolate places in Japan. To others, they might seem eerie and depressing, but I saw magic and soul. They lured me back in for round two in 2019, still searching for answers. ⁠ The essay J. jooosje wrote helped a bit to understand this absurd vacancy - you and I now know a lot more.⁠ But even now, I’m still curious. Maybe it's time to plan a round three, because three times is a charm? 😇⁠ ⁠ I am still 'over the moon' by the reactions to my book 'The Lost World' 🥹 While I'm processing all these overwhelming emotions, you can still buy my book via https://www.thelostworld.online/photobook/ or Bol.com ❤️‍🔥⁠ ⁠ #urbex #urbanexploring #Japan #Akiya #desolateJapan #travelphotography #TheLostWorld #MaanLimburg #budo

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