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2022-06-28 15:37:07

#awardwinner: Congratulations to the award-winners from the NEAC Annual Exhibition, currently open at Mall Galleries! Katherine Jackson's self portrait (on view) won four prizes last night, including Chris Beetles Gallery Prizes for figurative Art (worth £2,500 for non-member artists); The Michael Harding Award; The NEAC Critic's Prize and the Anthony J. Lester Art Critic Award. Image: Katherine Jackson, 'self portrait', 26 x 20 cm (sold). km98jackson newenglishart chrisbeetlesgallery lesterartcritic

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2022-06-27 16:12:11

#OpenCall: The RSMA call for entries is closing very soon! Submit your work before Friday 8 July for a chance to be part of the Royal Society of Marine Artists' Annual Exhibition 2022 at Mall Galleries. If you are an artists, find below some useful information regarding this opportunity ⤵️ ⚠️ Eligibility Conditions: • Any artist over 18 may submit. • This call for entries is open to British & international artists. • All submission are made online via our OESS portal. • Subject matter must be essentially marine in nature, relating in some way to tidal waters of the world; topographical, historical, still life, and figure painting are all welcomed. • 3D submissions are accepted. • Acceptable media: Oil, acrylic, watercolour, original prints of any media, mixed media, drawings, pastels, or sculpture. 🔗 Follow our link in bio to read full eligibility conditions & submit your work! Images: David Allen 'Dunquin, Co Kerry', Jenny Aitken ARSMA 'Spring Light, Porthchapel', Colin Allbrook RSMA RI 'Estuary Clouds, Evening Light' royalsocietymarine

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2022-06-26 11:28:26

#artistspotlight : Mall Galleries spoke to Charlotte Sorapure, a member of the NEAC, who has two wonderful paintings on display in this year’s show. Your work often features floral and natural elements - what draws you to nature? Since moving to Bath twenty years ago, the garden has increasingly formed a symbiotic relationship with my painting. Gardening experiments, triumphs and failures are akin to that of painting, so the relationship feels very natural. There is also historical precedence in art, of the theme of the private, enclosed garden (hortus conclusus) - a place of reflection and seclusion. Nature, with its constant life cycles, also gives so many opportunities for metaphor - keeping us aware of our own transitory and ephemeral nature. Blog link in bio to read full article. Image: Charlotte Sorapure NEAC, Night Still Life, 61 x 46 cm newenglishart

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2022-06-25 10:07:05

Coming Soon! Huaicun’s World - Blossom: Alongside the display of Huaicun Zhang Hon huaicun RBA's royal_society_british_artists traditional Chinese ink paintings, oil paintings and illustrations from her children’s books and a collection of handmade Chinese brushes, pigments, seals and stamps made from jade etc. will also be exhibited. "Even the smallest soul is part of mother nature. If our hearts could talk to her, then we would hold the secrets of nature." Exhibition runs 12th to 23rd July, 10am to 5pm. Admission Free.

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2022-06-23 15:07:06

#NowOpen: The NEAC Annual Exhibition is NOW OPEN at Mall Galleries! The show is on view until Saturday 9 July. On the occasion, we would like to share a work by Simon Quadrat 'Children with Toy Car'. Simon has three works included in this year's NEAC Exhibition. Simon has exhibited regularly over 20 years in a number of galleries and his work is in numerous private collections both in the UK and abroad. Simon is an elected member and past President of the Royal West of England Academy and an elected member of the New English Art Club. Image: Simon Quadrat NEAC, 'Children with Toy Car', 51 x 61 cm | newenglishart

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2022-06-23 12:11:11

#OpenExhibition: The NEAC Annual Exhibition is officially open! We welcome you from 10am today at Mall Galleries! Visit the show today and be one of the first visitor to discover this year's NEAC exhibition. The exhibition showcases paintings, drawings, and prints from its elected members alongside work by emerging artists whose ethos reflects its own: informed by the visual world and personal interpretation, while underpinned by drawing. The New English Art Club (NEAC) exhibits the very best in figurative, observational and painterly work in the UK. EXHIBITION DATES: 23 June – 9 JULY | 10am – 5pm All works are for sale at the galleries & on our website. Follow our link in bio to learn more about the show! Images: marksepplephoto newenglishart

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2022-06-22 15:47:22

#OpeningTomorrow: We are thrilled to announce that the NEAC Exhibition opens tomorrow at 10am at Mall Galleries! Today's selection are some of the wonderful still life works that are included in the show, painting by William Packer. Though William has long worn two hats, as a painter and a critic, he has always hoped that it would be the painting, seen from an active and practical view, that would inform his writing, rather than the other way round. Today, William works only from life or the object. Still life has been a major preoccupation in recent years. As to process, he does rather just start, and gets on with it. Once started, William works quite quickly, one painting at a time, though they do seem to come together in groups or batches. Follow our link in bio to learn more about the artist and purchase the work. The three works on view are currently for sale on our website & you will be able to see them at the galleries from tomorrow, 23 June until 9 July. Images: William Packer NEAC Hon RBA Hon PS, 'Sprig of Euphorbia', 61 x 61 cm; 'Leaning Over', 61 x 51 cm; 'Poles Apart', 61 x 61 cm (size unframed). | newenglishart

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2022-06-21 16:06:10

#NEAC2022: The NEAC Annual Exhibition is almost ready for its official opening on Thursday 23 June, 10am at Mall Galleries! The exhibition showcases over 350 works, all for sale on site and online. Today we would like to share member artist Tessa Coleman's work 'Matthew in Paul's Studio', currently for sale. Tessa’s work is about finding the visual interest in the world around her. Her picture ideas come from many sources, but are normally visually led. They usually start with a glance that stops her in her tracks, often based on unexpected shape or colour juxtapositions. Follow our link in bio to preview and purchase the works. Tessa Coleman NEAC, 'Matthew in Paul's Studio', 91 x 122 cm (96 x 128 cm framed) | newenglishart

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2022-06-20 16:50:09

#OpeningSoon: The NEAC Annual Exhibition is extended until Saturday 9 July! Ahead of its opening on Thursday 23 June, the show is already available on our website. Follow our link in bio to preview the show online & don't forget to join us on the opening day, Thursday 23 June, at Mall Galleries. On view, Jane Bond's 'Nature Morte', French for 'Still Life'. After leaving St. Martins School of Art I worked as a costume designer for Opera, TV and theatre until returning to art school some twenty years later. This has probably influenced my enjoyment of textures, fabrics and lighting in my current work. #JaneBond: 'I have many influences, including 15th Century altar pieces to Velazquez, and from Monet to William Nicholson and Lucian Freud.' Preview the show online, follow our link in bio 'NEAC | Annual Exhibition'. Image: Jane Bond RP NEAC, 'Nature Morte', 43 x 36 cm | newenglishart

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2022-06-18 12:01:11

#lastday: today is the last day to visit the societybotanicalartists Annual Exhibition 'Plantae', Mall Galleries! Don't miss out on this opportunity to see & purchase hundreds of works on the botanical theme. Closing today, 5pm. Image: Society of Botanical Artists, Annual Exhibition 2022. Mall Galleries

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2022-06-17 16:25:30

#NEACportraits: The NEAC Annual Exhibition is already available online, ahead of its official opening next week, on Thursday 23 June at 10am. There are nearly 400 works available for sale in the exhibition, included beautiful portraits. On view are some of the non-members artists' portraits. Image: Jack A Hewitt, Seven Thirty; Alexander Kai, Bonfire Night; Kubra Aliyeva Perspective; Richard Allen, Grace; Borodina Anastasia, Hat. newenglishart

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2022-06-17 11:09:04

#NowOpen: The Society of Botanical (SBA) Annual Exhibition 'Plantae 2022' is currently open at Mall Galleries! Exhibition Dates: 15 June to 18 June 2022 | 10am to 5pm | Mall Galleries. The exhibition includes selected work from Fellows and students of the SBA Distance Learning Diploma Course, as well as works from non-members. The exhibition will encompass the entire plant kingdom, with every art form included, from botanical art to illustration – in fact anything that has plants as the main subject. Media used includes watercolour, oil, gouache, acrylic, graphite, colour pencil, as well as hand pulled prints and 3-dimensional work, including glass, sculpture and jewellery. If you haven't seen the exhibition yet, you have until Saturday afternoon to come a enjoy the show! Image: Chris Thorogood, 'Pitcher plants and Orchids on Mount Kinabalu, Borneo'. This oil painting won two awards- Exhibiting Excellence Award for Oil Painting, and Certificate of Botanical Merit. societybotanicalartists

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