Gabrielle Nolan DJ & mamΓ‘ Host of @ibizainseptember @ibizaclubnews @kissfmaustralia Co-founder @vinylvixensofficial DJ skills @yarrayouthservices Duo 🌢 @ayayaydjs πŸŒˆπŸ¦„πŸ’œ

2022-05-19 23:31:02

Let's Talk About Decks is wrapping up! I'd love it if you watch this gorgeous vid 😍 I'd love it even more if you can come to the finale party! THURSDAY 26TH MAY πŸ₯³ Link in my bio πŸ₯‚ Thanks to everyone who has been part of this! vinylvixensofficial melbourneminutemedia creative_vic thankyou_bar abbots.yard onesixone_nightclub purpleemerald section8melbourne amorariverwalk yarrayouthservices caucasianopportunites stevzar chiarakickdrum kiti808 nnuestroplaneta soundslikeolivas dj.blacktiger afrodisiac.au rated_____m babygirltryna styleandgrace______ djsarahofficial slamross1000 ccdisco monfranco sindysparkles quinlan_carol deeeeejane fazuli_ djlilijoy apolett_ juancastro.au leesamareecreative robinclare diksha.nigam c1_melb ohscorpio syrup.e.sounds muiscaya miss__farina senorbbq empanada.clandestina kissfmaustralia thebethgrace yarramunc in2stellar callconnect_ wunderkindthedj katiepearson.dj djwaxfox claddywood dj_luv_you youdoghead And all the beautiful humans who danced with us in real life or in your pyjamas via mixcloud #closingparty #seasonfinale #livestream #djs

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2022-05-18 03:56:43

Here's me and my hairs on the tools at eatthebeatmelbourne captured by the G.O.A.T. juancastro.au πŸŽ¨πŸ“Έ If you wanna see me or my hairs bouncing around playing my favourite tracks in the next couple days then you can & should do so at: ibizainseptember on kissfmaustralia Thursday 12-2pm francescasbarnorthcote Friday 11pm-1am boatbuildersyard for watartists Saturday 12-5pm hotelesplanadestkilda also watartists Sunday 4-8pm BOILER Garden with DΓ©jΓ vu speakeasybar this cool party is Sunday 2-10pm and I'm honoured to be on closing duties! πŸ™πŸΌ ibizainseptember on ibizaclubnews radio twitch & mixcloud Sunday 9-11pm Melb Then! Thursday 26th May!! vinylvixensofficial Let's Talk About Decks Finale party 730pm-9pm interview/livestream thefitzroybeergarden & closing party main room takeover newguernica 9pm til stumps! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ That'll be a wrap for a minute as I spend 90% of June locked in the studio πŸŽ™ πŸ‘Ύ Only one or two gigs in June I swear πŸ˜‡πŸŽ΅ πŸŽ› 🎢 #housemusic #deepgroove #partyjams #disco #funk #rnb #soul #balearic #bootytech #calypso #djing #producer #studiotime

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2022-05-17 05:28:12

Last few months vinylvixensofficial & melbourneminutemedia have been doing a series called Let's Talk About Decks where artists share stories and play tunes, livestreamed and live in real life! Proud of everything we have achieved and excited to see it all up on YouTube in a minute. Huge work has been done by emeraldsadventures diksha.nigam ohscorpio djwaxfox c1_melb myself & others in the back end. Thank you all! DOUBLE UP Finale party next Thurs! πŸŽ‰Link in my bio for tix. Big massive special thanks and love to rebecasacchero and babygirltryna for being hype girls, artists, hosts, door bitches, work support, emotional support, & pretty much everything an electronic music feminist could want in friends. I know you got my back, and that's a big part of how I made it to the finish line ❀️

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2022-05-11 00:42:06

It's the penultimate Let's Talk About Decks this week by vinylvixensofficial thanks to creative_vic at thefitzroybeergarden with some excellent humans/artists slamross1000 youdoghead & hosted by dj.blacktiger 🎢 Don't wanna miss this! #interviews #livestream #party #feminism #djs #producers #fitzroy #thursdaynight

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2022-05-08 11:29:39

What a weekend πŸ₯° #localswerve #nigeriananniversary #work #diadelamadre #innerchild #futurestars

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2022-04-26 09:43:49

I don't speak mandarin but seems legit

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2022-04-24 05:26:29

9pm Melbourne 1pm Ibiza 4am BogotΓ‘ Otra vez de vuelta un episodio muy bueno de ibizainseptember en ibizaclubnews radio hoy, que incluye una mezcla mia, y mas importante, mi entrevista con la genia karogomez_13 y una mezcla suya incluyendo algunos de sus temas originales. No te pierdas! #ibiza2022 #djproductora #colombiana #house #afrohouse #latinhouse #tambores #mujeresenmusica #amigaspoderosas

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2022-04-22 02:41:57

TYSM to the small but orgasmic group of people at revolverupstairs last night 😍πŸ₯° #welcometothejungle #ohmygodohmygod #wecouldstayherefortherestofourlives #cagelove

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2022-04-21 08:29:27

This week's fun incoming at: revolverupstairs francescasbarnorthcote boatbuildersyard hotelesplanadestkilda And a lucky second chance to catch the incredible karogomez_13 on ibizainseptember this Sunday on ibizaclubnews radio 🀩 #housemusic

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2022-04-21 08:24:14

Tonight's the night. Let's goooooo 😎 #revs

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2022-04-20 07:41:23

I'm baaaaaaackkkk bitches 😈😈😈 Your favourite saucy club mami is finally back in the cage keeping the house sleazy til 6am Tomorrow night revolverupstairs πŸ’« #housemusic #melbourneunderground #keepitheated #saucymami #thecage #revs #revolverthursdays #tilstumps #buendia

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2022-04-18 06:08:26

Whirlwind bday & easter week πŸ₯° Too many excellent moments with amazing humans in so few days here's just a few tiny highlights #thanksforthelove #cheers🍻 #feelinggood

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