Gillian Bohan 🇳🇱 x 🇲🇨 🏡 Utca based 🎧 i like to DJ 📩 Bookings: [email protected] 💫 Mixtapes & edits:

2022-06-25 12:06:26

TYSM PEACHES, BALI 🧡🍑 NRG ON ANOTHER LEVEL. First reel of my Indonesia shows ✨

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2022-06-20 06:20:01

my milkshake 💁🏽‍♀️ giving y’all some pre-reel snippets 🎶: solticemusic

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2022-06-18 12:15:11

Indo photodump pt. I 🌴🫶🏽

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2022-06-02 16:16:00

JUNE SCHEDULE 🌸 Soooo happy and gassed to announce that after being in Barcelona last weekend, imma make my debut coming two weeks in INDONESIA ❤️. Catch me in Bali, Jakarta & Semarang during my mini Indonesia tour! s/o & big love to the 🔌 dub_will 🫶🏽. Also super grateful to be back again at notes.community and spinnin’ for watermeloenfeestje 🥰. BUT first kickin’ off tomorrow at nyxamsterdam.

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2022-05-18 12:04:17

New guestmix out for no one less than kofiipauze ☕️. Mend to give y’all some nice summer vibes. A lot of ama, afro, housy beats, some unreleased music from me, djtjune & yandamusic 👀 and a lot of other heat. Give it a listen & lmk whatcha think 🌸. Link in bio. TY kevinkofii for the invite 🧡.

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2022-05-15 13:10:06

Recap from yesterday at open_source_radio 🌼. Took this change a play a lil different from what I would play at other gigs, as u can see in the 🎥. Always love playing for the gyals of _thefemdem_ cuz I know I can play all the UK, bass, grime, baile, whatever I want or feel like playing atm. TY for having me 🧡, can’t wait till 26th when I play together w/ them again at greenvibrationsfestival.

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2022-05-14 10:26:01

May is treating me well ✨ already started off last week at tivolivredenburg, next up at the lovely ladies from _thefemdem_ 🧡. Catch me at your fav city 🏙 Also so gassed up imma make my debut in freakin’ BARCA this monthhhh ps. June is gonna be even more crazy, can’t wait to share those bookings w y’all 🥰

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2022-05-12 14:22:34

Always late to the party but trying this reel tingy out too 🤪. Small recap from last Thursday at tivolivredenburg for the Bevrijdingsfestival afterparty 🌸 🎤: djtjune 🎥: elllsemiek __duimalot__

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2022-05-04 12:28:10

Check out my brand new guestmix for saturdayselects with some of my current & all time favs 💎 Link in bio. Tysm saturdayselects for having me on your show, s/o thebeardedcameragod 🧡

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2022-04-06 10:37:20

Me & my #1 hype(wo)man in full effect Also, check out where you can find me coming weeks. ~ 🧡

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2022-03-24 14:08:07

YES FAM ❤️ First festival announcement incoming. catch me at vunzigedeuntjes festival this summer! 🌸🌸🌸

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2022-03-22 19:29:39

I had to take a few days to recover. Hamburg, u maddd. Tysm lesamis__ for the hospitality, this night & experience 🧡 recaps from the night right here 🌸

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