DAWS i make music and play songs at parties AU bookings: [email protected] collab: [email protected] 📍Naarm

2022-01-22 01:24:05

weeee can’t wait for gaytimesfestival 🌸💕 see you soon!

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2022-01-17 07:17:40


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2022-01-15 05:29:15

some lovely words over at verve.zine about my latest release with parrytalks and patrick.di_henning 👀 parry and I chat about things with the release, how we are feeling about the music world rn, what’s inspiring us, and what’s next on the horizon link to the full article in my bio 🛸

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2021-12-30 05:12:34

😍😭😳❤️‍🔥Here goes my 2021 life wrapped - More is more but reading can be hard at the best of times, especially if you are like every other DJ rn plonked on the couch at home with covid brain so skip to the end for the tldr phewwwwf what a year. Id say a summary of 2021 would be the emotional roller coaster between countless cancelled gigs made up for by wonderful tight knit communities that make the long waits between all worth it. I feel so lucky to be surrounded by so much local talent between party organisers, DJs, artists, promoters, bookers, venues, and party organisers - we are truly spoiled here 💗 somehow between lots of lockdowns and nights kept at home, I was able to keep the dust off my usbs and play probably my top 3 favourite gigs of all of time: Wide open spaces, a secret warehouse party, and Luna blessings 🦋 it’s crazy that so much joy and euphoric partying was able to survive and thrive in between I also made my favourite mix of all time for rinsestagram and got WAY better at finding my voice on the radio (thank you for all the patience from lovely presenters, i hope it was worth the heaps of retakes lol hyung.hm piprasmussen kvilyn ), it’s still a work in progress but I’m slowly getting there Lastly - it was a treat to get my music out of the export folder and into the world with 3 original releases and 3 edits. The support from everyone on this was so so lovely and beautiful to feel, hear, and see 💥🫀💥 I have an album in my phone with every single comment, track list, message, any kind of artefact saved for those days where it feels hard to get started or feel inspired. the biggest shout out goes to everyone who listened to my tracks, mixes, and came to my sets. I really am so eternally grateful to be such of a dedicated, talented and passionate community 💕 🌟 Anyway tldr, thanks for another big year, we are doing great sweeties, big things in 2022🌝 Hopefully see some of you for a cute start to 22 freddiecloset

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2021-12-20 23:43:24

byrona baycation dump :)

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2021-12-06 08:19:46

xxxxcited for the rest silly season

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2021-12-01 06:23:53

😫💕thank u for all the nice words and huge fat support on my new track! I really appreciate each and every little piece of it and will remember feeling this love foreverrrrr! I’ll be able to look back if i feel like garbage or uninspired and feel these feelings of sooo much joy and appreciation⭐️ IM SPOILED! Ps I whacked it up on all streaming services for u there too

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2021-11-26 06:15:25

new music out now! so happy to be on the lineup for parrytalks with purientx glenstefani and deejay_posture for a lovely cause🔥 here’s a preview of my track 🌟 it makes me feel ready for the weeeeeeeekend! big love to moskalus for the premiere too 🐛 all up and ready to go on bandcamp now!!!

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2021-11-23 07:04:49

New music this Friday 🎶 🌞 i’m feeling heaps giddy to let you know that my next track “Give Me A Break” is on its way!!! It’s part of a very nice comp from parrytalks and is in excellent company with stellar tracks from purientx deejay_posture & glenstefani This track was started when I was feeling run down and generally flat about life. I started by playing and experimenting with samples and soon enough I was feeling sparked again by what I’d sketched out- it was an enjoyable reminder of the gift of being able to play and create even when everything else felt draining and difficult. The title was a summary of how I felt 🙃 im grateful for my privilege and patience that affords me time and space to create & 100% of revenue from will be donated to smugglers_of_light_foundation A foundation that was created to provide assistance to young indigenous musicians and youth at risk through programs of taking film-makers and musicians to their communities. Pre order available now ❕

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2021-11-12 06:24:04

it’s gonna be a big longggg gay summer ⭐️ 🌞 🌈 🌻 cant wait for next year to play for u summercampfestivalau

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2021-11-04 00:15:39

My favourite jenniferrloveless made a stunning and highly emotive music video (as a cancerian you know I sobbed EXTRA hard 🦀 😭 ) for her beautiful track in 10,000 places. Here’s a lil snippet with us having a cute couples grocery store trip 🍏 🍎 head to her bio for the rest of the video and be prepared to get at least a little lost in your feelings 👀 super proud of her and all the people involved in making it happen ⭐️

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2021-10-29 00:27:37

💥new mix💥 I’m on triple_j for Friday Mix this week! Tune in 2pm (AEDT) for a short but sweet mix of some fresh and fav tracks and an even shorter sweeter chat with piprasmussen 💫 we chat about surviving lockdown, some favourite music rn, and what’s on the horizon soon 🌞 ive definitely thrown in a few panik mixes 😈 📸 michael_tartaglia

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