NUESTRO PLANETA 🏁🏁🏁 4 fems n queers n rap n bass 🏁🏁🏁

2021-11-26 05:12:14

This sundee from 3pm at avalonthebar Local and outer local (blackwood and beyond) LEGEND and commentator our.carlson has curated another gorgeous arvo in the courtyard/ex record shoppe for us all jake_blood___ has made some really sick sounds too There's going to dancing, laughing, good times, friends, foes (maybe!) but mostly there are going to be undeniable vibes With a poster like this how could u disagree $20 bones for all that.... grab a ticket thru avalonthebar bio and see ya there 😎

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2021-10-27 22:38:29

We are back in the most thankiest bar in all the land tomorrow night! And we're bringing some of our best friends mil_llu & katiepearson.dj 💃💃💃💃 Bookings available but walk ins encouraged so get your steps up and see u in the thank you dome 6pm-1am Poster by mabel.somedj

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2021-08-21 05:49:58

Clubs closed...... new direction for Nuestro Planeta

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2021-08-20 23:17:24

🔒🔒🔒 stunning day out there. Stay safe and look after one another. Got a mix of all our favourite feel good bangers for u on skylab_radio this arvo 3-5 so crank out the UE boom or headphones on for a walk 💋💋💋

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2021-08-03 05:38:06

❁ THURSDAY ❁ astrogirlmelbourne are letting us drive the boat at drmorsebar and we've asked some of our fave vibe curators to join us at the helm 🌐😈💦 lucrecciaquintanilla missgabrielle.dj kalyanimumtaz 6pm - midnight ❁❁❁

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2021-04-17 03:49:57

CALL CONNECT  ✼ 11:15 ✼ callconnect_ on closing duties - ya girls taking you across the finish line from 11:15 until TYB says GTFO. Hot pic by rosepure

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2021-04-17 03:09:31

NFS ✼ 9:45 ✼ Party rockers in the house tonight, gather for NFS. Come and dance with some stars!

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2021-04-16 09:06:16

MULALO  ✼ 9:15 ✼ Ummmm so we are just shook to the core to have itsmulalo playing for us tomorrow night! Easily one of the hottest rappers around…….. You will regret it forever if you miss this!!! It’s Mulalo’s world…. we’re all just her instagram followers. Hot pic by rosepure

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2021-04-16 06:37:51

MOOPIE  ✼ 8:15✼  !!! We couldn’t be more excited to hear what A Colourful Storm label head moopiedaily has in store for this Saturday. One of the most knowledgeable, versatile and exciting selectors around, his set is not one to be missed.

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2021-04-15 09:15:11

NUESTRO PLANETA  ✼ 6:45 ✼ Partners in grime, Lizzynice and BBY.B playing their finest dubs and wubs for your aural pleasure. Pic by gretcetera

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2021-04-15 08:59:03

DJ MUM ✼ 5:45 ✼ You’re in trusted hands with resident bass queen Dj Mum who’s gracing us with her expert selections this Saturday. Carrying you through the sunset slot with a whirlwind of broken beats and the deepest bass ❤

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2021-04-14 10:31:49

DJ GENERAL FEELINGS ✼ 4:45pm ✼ One of our favourites, General Feelings, is keeping things hot this Saturday. A musical storyteller weaving through Latin music and it's sub genres. It's impossible not to dance... meet you on the dancefloor <3

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