Oatly We exist to make it easy for people to eat better and live healthier lives without recklessly taxing the planet’s resources in the process.

2022-05-11 14:03:26

Our non-existent research estimates that you are part of a highly specific audience who might enjoy viewing sweeping aerial cinematography of super-famous Hollywood Boulevard starring an oat drink mural that is asking a question no one asked and never expected anyone to answer, which might not make any sense whatsoever but could be the reason it seems to fit in so nicely in super-famous Hollywood anyway. P.S. This footage shot by our friend Pete from seabin_project, is from the US where oatmilk is oatmilk, however in Europe oatmilk is not oatmilk, it is oat drink. Unfortunately, we couldn’t repaint the wall for the purposes of a global social post, so we decided to add this awkward P.S. to explain everything instead. Let us know if it’s working.

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2022-05-04 15:00:18

Since everyone is making short videos and putting them on the internet these days, here's one reminding you that we make amazing plant-based ice cream without the cream or any dairy whatsoever—perfect for enjoying in hot weather or any hot weather-ish situation you might re-create in your very own bathroom. Of course, this product is also amazing when it’s windy or humid or hailing or foggy or snowing or when the weather is totally unremarkable, but this caption is only focusing on the part about the hot weather-ish situation you can re-create in your bathroom because it wants this internet video to be a success.

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2022-04-28 18:00:13

If you had a time machine, your school cafeteria would probably be the last place you’d want to re-visit. This caption didn’t make that statement because it is super tuned-in to the human psyche or anything. It’s just common knowledge that school cafeterias don’t hold the most awesome memories. Maybe it was the long lines or the teen angst or the skin on the chocolate pudding or the trays with a cow’s milk carton positioned on every last one? Whatever it was, maybe something as simple as having a plant-based milk option would have made things better. (To be clear, this caption is absolutely suggesting that anyone with access to a time machine should risk altering the space-time-continuum by going back and okay, after you get revenge on your middle school enemies and start an international dance craze with a TikTok step you “totally just made up,” it’d be cool if you could also start a trend to replace cow’s milk with plant-based milk in schools, potentially resulting in way less CO2e over time*, a happier current planetary situation, and improved school cafeteria memories for all.) *Source: Poore, J., & Nemecek, T. (2018). Reducing food’s environmental impacts through producers and consumers. Science. In Ritchie (2022).

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2022-04-19 14:00:07

What might be surprising about this beautiful composition of ranunculus, amaryllis and viburnum all blooming from upcycled Oatly cartons is that it actually isn't a classic oil painting at all, but a photograph by the incredible kreettakreetta. What might not be surprising about this caption that’s accompanying this beautiful composition, is that it still somehow ended up trying to sell you oat drink anyway.

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2022-04-14 15:18:11

It’s National Poetry Month! Maybe you’re thinking we’re just another company looking for a National Whatever Month to talk about on social media, but that’s only because this caption is doing a terrible job at announcing what it’s really here to announce which is our totally official partnership with the Academy of American Poets. Yeah, we can hardly believe they agreed to it either, but we are really excited they did. So far, this post is the only thing we’ve done with our partnership and come to think of it, the Academy of American Poets hasn’t approved this message, but since we are all together on this social wonder platform of interaction, here’s a question for you…What do you want to see an oat drink company do with a huge US poetry org? Tell us your idea in poem form and we’ll send you something cool. poetsorg

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2022-04-13 14:00:02

Here's to the flight attendants who smile bravely while un-ironically providing a step-by-step explanation of the intricacies of how to use a seat belt, which is something that might seem weird to mention here under a photo of someone stacking barista edition cartons on a shelf, but that’s only because this caption hasn’t gotten to the part where it un-ironically provides you with a step-by-step explanation of the intricacies of how to use a shelf stable carton: 1. Store our shelf stable cartons unopened for up to a year. 2. When you open one, refrigerate it. Thank you for your attention. Enjoy your flight to Tucson.

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2022-04-08 13:35:39

When companies become bigger, they start sponsoring athletes because apparently no one sells products better. And since we didn’t really have the resources or interest to sponsor a European football star, we looked at the next logical option, Urban Golf, of course—where empty cartons of our barista edition product are actually taking the game to the next level. So please enjoy our first attempt at a classic sports sponsorship ad starring the amazing and super New-York-famous TigerHoodNYC! He is the preeminent urban golfer in America, and the only one who returned our emails.

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2022-03-30 14:00:27

Logo facing camera. Packaging clearly displayed. Attention-grabbing opener with brightly colored moving visuals. Okay, so even though our collaboration with a 150 ton hydraulic press has somehow produced a post that's the closest this oat drink company has ever come to aligning with social media advertising best practices, it's still pretty rad. Thanks hydraulicpresschannel!

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2022-03-24 15:00:44

So much of what we have in life are our memories, like the memories of traveling to Mesick, Michigan to see Oatly Lake and then explaining to everyone why we traveled to Mesick, Michigan to see Oatly Lake. Luckily, we took these photos of the incredible people we met while exploring the lake that shares our name—not only to prove to everyone on social media that Oatly Lake is real and not a misguided marketing scheme cooked up by a Swedish oat drink company, but also to remind us of our special times at Oatly Lake. Oh, and we made a podcast about it too, which you should totally check out on Apple or Spotify or at the link in our bio, if you are interested.

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2022-03-16 16:14:22

So we discovered that a lake in Michigan shares our name, and for reasons that still aren’t totally clear, we decided to visit that lake and turn our trip into the very first, and most likely last, podcast made by a Swedish oat drink company! “Oatly Lake, Season 1: Deep Waters” is the podcast no one’s been waiting for that reveals more about a random lake in Michigan than you’d ever want to know. Now available on Apple and Spotify and at the link in our bio! (Special thanks to Justin Houseler for inviting us into his home…and lake.)

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2022-02-17 16:00:35

Is this post being totally lazy by recycling an outdoor ad and running it here on social media as a reminder to watch a puppet show called THE NEW NORM&AL SHOW on oatly.com/normandal? Or is this post being totally lazy by recycling an outdoor ad in order to let you know about something unexpected and weird that can actually turn you into a puppet yourself? We’ll answer that question no one asked by directing you to the Effects tab on our profile, where you can tap "The Norm-ifier” then lip sync along to the song provided and, through the magic of AR, watch yourself turn into a puppet. It’s the easiest and for sure the laziest way a person can turn into a puppet while also bringing the theme of this caption full circle. Amazing.

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2022-02-16 16:01:04

If you are thinking that the most remarkable thing about this photo is the oddly large slice of bread, then congratulations! You must be one of the lucky people who live where Creamy Oat Spread is an actual product that you see at your neighborhood market on a regular enough basis to make its existence seem unremarkable. But for most people who'll see this photo today, Creamy Oat Spread is something that only exists on plant-based vision boards or in stories told by Swedish exchange students. And to those people we say, it’s our goal to one day fill the shelves of your neighborhood market and make this product seem totally unremarkable to you too! Er, something like that.

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