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🎵RAT HEART - RAT HEART [Shotta Tapes]🎵We’ve been watching Tom Boogizm and his Shotta Tapes label churn out interesting artifact after the next this past year and some. This is the first record on the aforementioned label and boy talk about putting your foot down. Here is a limited edition, hand stamped/stickered 12” cut dredged up from the River Douglas. RAT HEART.RAT HEART is a blur of soundscapes, machine funk, house and rap all distinctly wrapped up in Tom’s own blanket. The lo-fi nature of this album bubbles along while infectious rhythms, chopped drums, and endless creativity ooze from it’s core. This is an album you put on and let it ride - it will transport you into another world and drop you on someone’s doorstep. If you like what you hear we’ll be gathering more of Shotta Tapes future releases and have them available on North American shores. Also hold tight as another ripper of a release is already incoming featuring and as RATBLOOD on their new label BodyTronixxx. We received a sample of what to expect and we were floored. You don’t want to miss.Link in bio to order online, or roll through and pick one up.Video 1: UntitledVideo 2: UntitledVideo 3: Untitled

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