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NUTS! 🌰 🌰A few years ago we got a call from a farmer called Ian in Herefordshire. He wanted to know whether it’d be possible to grow crops for us. That’s not so unusual, we get half a dozen calls and emails a week. What was so exciting about Ian’s call was that he was thinking of setting up a silvopastoral agroforestry* system with hazelnuts. He wanted to know, before he committed to planting nut trees on 15 acres of pasture, whether there would be a market for the nuts… We told him we’d buy whatever he couldn’t sell locally and pay (pretty much) whatever price he needed to make the system work.Ian has planted 2300 hazelnut trees on that 15 acres. They’re in wide rows that will allow for grazing between. He’s gone for a few varieties - which should help even out good and bad years and help manage for pests and diseases. It also means he’ll have a range of sizes, flavours and end uses. Around the field and between the trees he’s planted wildflowers - beautiful, but also a haven for beneficial insects and other wildlife. This Autumn made a first small harvest (it’s a long game). And last week we got a beautiful little box of samples; walnutty, creamy Lombardi nuts, huge Hall’s Giants, and classic hazelnutty nuts Webb’s Prize and Kent Cob. (There’s a joke at the Bean Store that we say everything tastes ‘nutty’ - finally we may have crop that justifies the description 😂)So exciting to be tasting them having watched over the last few years. It’s a beautiful story - do give them a follow and support their journey.Next year we hope to be selling a few too!!——*Those that know us will know that we’re massive advocates for , inspired and informed by years working with . It’s a systems approach that brings resilience, higher overall yields, lower requirements for inputs, draws down carbon and provides a host of economic opportunities. Mostly we work with arable systems (generally annual crops between trees) rather than silvopastoral systems (grazing between trees). It’s fascinating to see system develop!

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