@mil_llu 2022-06-27 04:57:34
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companion’s first v/a is out today ~ a beautiful collection of effervescent dub-tinged sounds for transcendental listening. mind massages & contagious brain wigglers, slinky breaks & downtempo slurpers - it’s all there in 14 tracks that has come together so cohesively despite the distance between artists :~) money from this release will be split 50/50 between (an incredible new initiative in yarra) and the artists.the cover piece was painted by Fulli Andrinopoulos and comes courtesy of - an org that does amazing work to support and promote creatives living with intellectual disabilities. and I love the artwork so so much mixed by design by me featuring out now — l i n k i n b i o

@mil_llu at 2022-06-27 04:57:34

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