@elisa_mza 2022-08-15 09:34:34
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Mayyy Juuuune ☀️(Ok, a bit late).1205 Joy Club, Lille.2105 La Batterie, Guyancourt.2505 La Gare, Le Gore, Paname (all night long special b2b with my DJ browww ).1006 Ubu, Rennes.1806 Le hasard ludique, Paris.2506 Pisica, Paris.2606 Wet for me, ParisAlso, new tracks and big surprises are coming up in June. Can’t wait to share it with uuu ❤️No live on those two months. I’m working on a new one and got a residence for it 😁Thanks to all party planers to invite me on their parties & 📸

@elisa_mza at 2022-08-15 09:34:34

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