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2022-06-10 04:24:43

Welcoming Eora based DJ, producer and ridiculously good skateboarder Charles Fester aka command__d to Passing Notes, joining me in the studio for episode 168. Another talent emerging from the golden lockdown era of producers, Command D is an up and comer deserving of a direct line to everyone’s watch list. Drawing creative inspiration from the space between the digital realm and the natural world, Command D’s deft productions showcase a sophisticated balance between driving deep tech, rhythmic complexity and hypnotic atmospherics. His immediately captivating debut EP ‘Clone Dialogue’ recently graced the catalogue of bass-leaning label body_promise. A four track journey which introduces listeners to Command D’s already established sound - expect contemporary takes on the classic sounds of dub techno, tech house, bass and electro. Join us on Passing Notes for an interview and guest mix from Command D from 8pm on PBS106.7fm! 🎆 Command D is in Naarm helping rasminejose celebrate two years of Spaces Within Space - join Command D and a wonderful local line up at miscellania_ Saturday, June 11th from 3pm - All profits to pbsfm!

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2022-05-31 03:27:41

Leaving some non-music related content here to celebrate the fact that I submitted my PhD thesis on the 16th May, 2022. Three years and two months, five publications and four additional chapters - The whole document came to 303 pages which I hope is a good omen! After I ‘pressed submit’ I proceeded to have a panic attack in the rain and crash my car into a parked car at the at the airport before jumping on a plane to Bali one day later. Can’t say I felt the immediate relief I was expecting on submission day, but have been slowly soaking it up over the holiday and some ridiculously slow mornings I’ve been enjoying of late! My immense gratitude to all the participants for their guidance and for trusting me with their stories. ~Excerpt from acknowledgments~ To my friends, thanks you for putting up with me over the years (not just the last three). To mil_llu , for being the best friend and business partner anyone could hope for. Thank you for always picking up the extensive slack I left in our parallel music career. You are a constant source of creativity and inspiration – I am so lucky to share in music with you. To jennijbell for your unwavering love and support and to kelsey_tukiri for you empathy and ear. You always know how to bring me back down to earth. And to partydown99, I’ve often shared the thought that there is only one thing more isolating than writing a PhD, and that’s writing a PhD thesis amidst an ‘unprecedented’ global pandemic. Although at times isolated, I’ve never been alone. Thank you for being my side, for your love, support and unwavering patience through it all. We’ve been through grief, lockdowns, COVID infections, multiple chest infections... and let’s not forget that time I managed to simultaneously break a finger on each hand three weeks out from submission. You’ve been there through it all, to pick me up, brush me off and make me laugh through the tears. At the start of this journey you gave me a bottle of wine adorned with three gold loveheart stickers – one for each year of the PhD and the goals and achievements within them. I can’t believe I can now cross off that final heart and share this symbolic slice of Italy with you.

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2022-05-27 01:36:39

Sad to be missing Passing Notes in the last week of radio festival but still taking the opportunity to shout out how important pbsfm is as a pillar of our music community. I feel consistently privileged to broadcast Passing Notes every week to showcase underground electronic music to our diverse listener base. I’m constantly in awe of the support we get from listeners, especially over the last year which got us over to the wonderful new studios at collingwood_yards. I may not be physically in the hot seat tonight (thank you to PN right hand man cpt_inswaino), however if you’ve got the means to sign up as a member of Passing Notes or your favourite show now is the time to do it! Your dollars go towards keeping independent music alive and kicking in Melbourne as well as some important new studio features such as the new Studio 5 Live studio! Head to the PBS website and become a member so I can give you all the shout outs you deserve! #communityradio

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2022-05-20 01:20:01

Touched down in Bali for some much needed RnR!…but before that, stopping by the infamous potatoheadbali for a three hour sunset set bae2bae with papercutslimited. Supporting ericdunks and Jonny Rock with Joni from 5-8pm. Island life activated.🏝

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2022-05-13 04:02:57

Last of a long string of esteemed guests for a little while, Eora based DJ and producer amuwa_mwah joins me on Passing Notes tonight. Amuwa’s Debut EP ‘Force Majeure’ released on Eora based Midheaven Records in 2021 landed with a bang. Ten years of musical development manifests itself in a refined sound that brings together the best elements of progressive trance, electro and contemporary psy. Inspired by the constant sounds of city life, amuwa produces tracks with purpose. Whether built for the club or a great system in the great outdoors, environment is an undeniable underlying factor in his compositions. A keen attention to detail, amuwa’s use of sprinkling finishing touches, stereo imaging and subtle changes allow for big impact. The clean, driving and hard hitting sounds of Force Majeure and amuwa’s follow up single ‘Amalgamate’ have been a huge personal favourites of mine over the last year so I like many will be watching on for an exciting future ahead for amuwa!

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2022-05-06 02:21:59

DIFFERENT SHADES x LOADING_ERROR Celebrating 5 years of LOADING_ERROR this week, featuring an interview with co-founders and collaborators Vivian Schmieder viviii_iivi and Anis Aziz. LOADING_ERROR is a multidisciplinary creative platform which ties together the threads of electronic music, audiovisual art and performance. With a focus on community minded parties, LOADING_ERROR’s ethos is centred around creating fully immersive environments and experiences for their punters. LOADING_ERROR consistently pushes the boundaries of what it means to curate an event. Having worked with festivals such as Hopkins Creek and Inward Goods, their lighting, audiovisual and kinetic installations are fast becoming a ‘must have’ for event organisers wanting to create multidimensional experiences for their audiences. The crew are expanding upon their longstanding Miscellania lighting installation Saturday the 7th of May, with two highly developed kinetic installations and a line up to boot. Expect sets from local all star trio menage.official [LIVE], Aera [LIVE], Aarti Jadu & Joli [LIVE], nino, LOIF, Kassie & The Rat and a closing set from 5000 Opportunities. To get ready for the weekend, I’m stoked to also be presenting 1 hour guest mix from DJ and producer different.shades - A local talent who has recently relocated to Berlin to share her modern take on minimal psytrance with those on the other side of the world. A double pass will be up for grabs on the show tonight so tune in from 8pm on pbsfm!

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2022-04-22 01:49:36

e_davd is the project of multidisciplinary artist Emmanuel David Monteiro. A deep thinker, E Davd brings a theoretical and conceptual lens to his work - if you listen deeply and with intent, you can begin to understand some of the complex ideas that underscore his music. Process driven and creative, E Davd is not bound by genre, rather working with different patterns, rhythms and approaches to sound to explore his connection to, and barriers to ancestry and heritage. Starting out age nine on the congas, playing Cape Verdean and afro music in his dad’s band, E Davd now uses electronic music to explore his own ideas about black music. Now, he uses techno as a mechanism to explore complex themes such as the nexus of nature and technology, Indigenous technologies and afrofuturism. His radio show and soon to be record label ‘Visions of Utopia’ on nomad.radio also encapsulate these themes, looking toward a utopian society that is not only equal and free from racial violence, but one in which blackness is privileged. Tonight on Passing Notes, E Davd uses his guest mix to present a deep excavation into the internet, himself and afrofuturism - expect a sound collage of original works - finished and ‘unfinished’, samples and snippets from afrofuturism documentary ‘The Last Angel of History’. I had a wonderful time talking with E Davd about afrofuturism, ancestry, blackness, black music and more - tune in tonight to hear this wonderful interview and sound collage from 8pm on Passing Notes.

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2022-04-14 04:20:35

Live recording with mil_llu from tabularasa__2020 just hit the cloud! Just in time to soundtrack your drive to Inner Varnika this weekend. Turn it up to 11 so you can too. ✴️🌀💥 Big thanks to totally_willd and the plasmahousestudios crew for having us and hosting and heydiddledidddle for the snaps. Link in bio =]

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2022-04-08 08:46:56

One of my favourite things about weekly radio is sharing tidbits and anecdotes about how I come across music and what this means for the artists. ‘Digging’ (for want of a better word) means you end up hearing stories from artists and making connections you never thought possible. Last week in a desperate attempt to find a track unavailable on Discogs, I ended up reaching out to legendary UK tech house producer evileddierichards to ask if he would have a digital copy of the track, solely based on knowledge he put it in is 2004 Fabric mixed CD. Once again, much to my surprise and within hours, he’d replied, not only with the track but sharing this amazing story and photo with me, and I though I needed to share it with you! “In case you're interested in the back story of my fabric cd.. After all the tracks were cleared for use I only had a week or so to get the recording finished for mastering but I was away on tour in the Balkans at the time & staying at a friends apartment in Skopje. We had to loan turntables & a mixer but he didn't have a table big enough to put the gear on so I had to record the mix sitting on the floor. The photo was taken on 4 April 2004 & the CDs were manufactured & released on 17th May”

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2022-04-08 00:22:29

Feeling very, very humbled to be putting out this wonderful compilation with mil_llu today ~ CMPN003 - V/A - Collection One Our first V/A is here ~ a collection of weightless atmospherics and dub-tinged transcendental breaks from some of our favourite producers both near & far. 50% of profits from this release will be going to support blakpearlstudiofitzroy - a grassroots, community-led creative drop in studio for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people in the City of Yarra. The remaining 50% will be going directly to artists. The cover art was painted by Fulli Andrinopoulos and comes courtesy of artsprojectaust . Arts Project are a not for profit organisation here in Melbourne that works to support and promote artists living with intellectual disabilities. We are so in love with Fulli’s piece and are so grateful to have it accompany this release. Big love to ptwiggs for her mastering, and to all the artists for their contributions. Available now on Bandcamp ~ link in the spot! 💆

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2022-03-31 23:27:34

Celebrating a double header release day, Hex-Editor joins me tonight on Passing Notes. With less than a handful of releases under his belt, it’s hard to wrap your head around just how refined Hex Editor’s sound is. Debuting with the captivating ‘Tuesday’ on local label psy_section, Hex Editor has crafted his own luxurious brand of transcendental progressive house and trance. Hex Editor’s tracks encapsulate a sense of the light at the end of the tunnel - they glow with luscious immersive pads, near-funky basslines, carefully placed gated vocals and drip with all the finishing touches that elevate a good song to being great. Depth is expertly contrast to vibrant, soaring melodies which create an overall euphoric and joyus energy. Today, Hex Editor celebrates the release of his EP ‘Blush’ on London's goddezztemple label, a beautifully packaged CD release featuring remixes from s_u_m_o_r_a_i , sakura03drops, methejohn and omformer as well as a track coming out on Barcelona’s nebulae.rcrds. Hex Editor joins me tonight, as the first post-pandemic restrictions, in-person Passing Notes guest to join me at the new pbsfm studios.

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2022-03-22 04:06:54

Absolutely JAZZED to be closing out the next techworld.melb AKA Melbourne’s hottest day party! It takes a lot to get this old gal across the line as a punter these days, but Techworld has been doing just that. So so chuffed to have been asked and to play alongside this stalwart lineup🤝 kiasvs 🤝 megmldrm 🤝theonly_ones 🤝chaz 🤝 aidan_dimitrios. ~miscellania_ 7am - 1am April 10th. 🤠

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