Prada Thinking fashion since 1913.

2022-05-17 08:59:40

A fresh talent reflecting new horizons and showcasing different perspectives. #Prada collaborates with the artist #CassiusHirst to imagine the #PradaAmericasCup sneaker anew, through a customized capsule collection of four styles, in 22 variables. The #CassxPrada collection is an edition limited to 3,000 pairs globally, sold through a selection of Prada boutiques and via prada.com. Discover more via link in bio. casshirst cass.f1

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2022-05-17 01:00:14

#HughDancy wore a #Prada black single breasted wool and mohair suit, blue stretch poplin shirt and navy satin tie paired with black derby shoes while attending the " Downton Abbey: A New Era" (downtonabbey_official) premiere. #PradaPeople #DowntonAbbey

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2022-05-16 20:00:16

sadiesink_ wore a custom #Prada white kid mohair double breasted tuxedo with satin lapels while attending the #StrangerThings (strangerthingstv) Season 4 premiere. #PradaPeople #SadieSink

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2022-05-16 16:18:36

mahmood wore a #PradaFW22 black panama wool and mohair suit paired with black boots while performing on stage during the 66° Eurovision Song Contest (eurovision). #PradaPeople #Mahmood #Eurovision #Eurovision2022

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2022-05-16 12:01:17

On gq, rosalia.vt wears a #PradaSS22 full look, featuring a double-breasted coat and spazzolato slingbacks, photographed by jack_bridgland_studio. #PradaEditorials

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2022-05-15 17:45:00

On zoomagazine, samohtsangster wears #PradaSS22 photographed by roger_rich_photographer. Stylist justinplz #PradaEditorials

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2022-05-14 16:31:40

On iconmagazine, louispartridge_ wears #PradaSS22 photographed by charliegraystudio. Styling by chrisbrownstylist #PradaEditorials

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2022-05-13 21:00:12

For #PradaSymbole campaign, #CarrieMaeWeems presents hunterschafer holding the Symbole bag, which is drawn from #Prada’s heritage and reinvented for today. Discover more via link in bio. Creative director ferdinandoverderi

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2022-05-13 16:00:12

#PradaSymbole bag is inspired by #Prada’s iconic Triangle. Precise, direct, meaningful, it is a shape that resonates without words. Here hunterschafer is portrayed by #CarrieMaeWeems who connects her imagery to concepts of identity, representation, projection. Discover the full campaign via link in bio. Creative director ferdinandoverderi

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2022-05-12 21:00:12

A triptych in its conception, the #PradaSymbole campaign is created by three of art’s modern masters whose work has rarely, if ever, been printed in the form of a fashion campaign. Discover more about the campaign starring hunterschafer captured here by artist #CatherineOpie via link in bio. Creative director ferdinandoverderi

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2022-05-12 16:00:18

In the #PradaSymbole campaign each series of images connects to a cannon of artistic expression. American artist #CatherineOpie channels the history of art and photography in her intensely classical portraits. Discover the campaign featuring hunterschafer via link in bio. Creative director ferdinandoverderi #Prada

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2022-05-11 20:00:13

Three artists, three sides of #Prada, three points of view. For the new #PradaSymbole campaign, hunterschafer stars in an image by legendary image-maker #ThomasRuff. Discover more via link in bio. Creative director ferdinandoverderi

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