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2022-06-22 09:39:18

#ArtistInterview: Two renowned Royal Society of Portrait Painters' member artists, Frances Bell & Andrew Festing, talk about early careers struggles, portrait commissions, challenging sitting sessions, the benefits of painting from life, paintings techniques and much more. • Commission a Portrait: Contact Annabel Elton, Head of Commissions: 0207 968 0963 | enquiriestherp.co.uk • About Frances Bell: Winner of the 2021 William Lock Portrait Prize, Frances was born in Cambridge, England in 1983. Because she has a prime interest in figurative classical style she left England to pursue a classical training in Florence at Charles. H. Cecil Studios in 2001. Her training was for three years but she continued her association with the school by teaching there each year in the summer term from 2005 to 2011. • About Andrew Festing: Festing was born in 1941 he educated at Ampleforth College and RMA Sandhurst. He was commissioned into The Rifle Brigade where he served until 1969. Festing became a member of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters (RP) in 1989 and was President from 2002-2008. Filmed by: Phil Wilkinson Interview by frances_bell_paintings Features Andrew Testing mallgalleries

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2022-06-02 14:05:51

The President & members of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters thank Her Majesty for her patronage and congratulate her on the occasion of her Jubilee. *** To mark The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, the Royal Society of Portrait Painters (RP) showed a curated selection of portraits of our monarch by past and present member artists at Mall Galleries in May 2022, alongside our Annual Exhibition 2022 (now closed). Follow our link in bio to watch our video 'Painting The Queen', showcasing the various portraits of Her Majesty, painted by the members of the RP. Image: Benjamin Sullivan paints The Queen | Rp Exhibition 2022 mallgalleries benjaminsullivanrp

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2022-06-02 09:53:47

Today we mark the beginning of the Platinum Jubilee Bank Holiday Weekend Celebration. This year we featured the Royal Wall at our Annual Exhibition, a selection of 8 portraits of the Queen. This is June Mendoza’s portrait. Born in Melbourne, a child of professional musicians, it was apparent from a very early age that June had already established her tendency for depicting the human form; she painted her first portrait aged just 13. June then studied for two years at St Martin’s School of Art and then spent a few years as an actress on the West End. After marrying, June travelled a great deal with her husband and painted portraiture throughout. She has lived in the Far East and Australia. June has painted individuals from all walks of life and has an impressive list of notable sitters to her name. She says, ‘There is a never ending fascination in the intrinsic differences and similarities of the shapes, body language, and individual visual story of each subject, plus the excitements of compo- sition and all the technical necessities.’ June painted The Queen five times. Her portraits are in public and private collections internationally, including the National Portrait Gallery. June on painting H.M The Queen: ‘Painting The Queen was always going to be preceded by that little bit of extra tension; but Ma’am was patient, cooperative and professional, and, of course, far more experienced as a sitter than most, as she has had to sit for so many of us over her years.’ Image: JUNE MENDOZA OBE RP ROI THE ROYAL GREENJACKETS – WINCHESTER BARRACKS, HER MAJESTY QUEEN ELIZABETH II, 89 x 74 cm (35 x 29 ins), Oil on canvas | #JuneMendoza mallgalleries #RoyalPortrait #Art #PlatinumJubilee #Portrait #Artwork #ArtistsOnInstagram #Drawing #Paint #Artoftheday #ContemporaryArt #ArtGallery #BritishArtist #PortraitArtist #PortraitPainter #ProfessionalPortrait #MallGalleries #RoyalSocietyofPortraitPainters #PortraitDrawing #PortraitComission #PaintingoftheDay #FineArt #PortraitExhibition #LondonGallery #ArtCollector #ArtPrize #PencilSketch #AwardWinningArt #BritishContemporaryArt #OilPainting

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2022-05-31 08:38:24

Robert Grindrod (robertgrindrodart) exhibited his portrait of ‘Eleanor’ at this year’s Annual Exhibition. He told us a bit more about the process behind the finished portrait. (1) The finished portrait! (2) I make a pencil-drawn study of the sitter that encompasses all of the elements I want to include in the final painting. (3) The drawing is roughly transferred onto canvas by smearing oil paint on the back of the paper and scoring through to make an imprint on the green umber ground. (4) I work up a predominantly monochrome underpainting or ‘grisaille’. This can include other ‘dead’ colours. (5) I make amendments and improvements as I go. (6) I leave the finished ‘grisaille’ underpainting to dry. (7) I begin to add thin transparent layers of colour to the painting (glazes). We love hearing about the unique painting processes and techniques you use. If you would like to share some tips with us, please post a sequence of images including the work in progress and the finished portrait. Explain your technique, tag us and we will endeavour to repost it! #Paintings #Art #PaintingProcess #Portrait #Artwork #ArtistsOnInstagram #Drawing #Paint #Artoftheday #ContemporaryArt #ArtGallery #BritishArtist #PortraitArtist #PortraitPainter #ProfessionalPortrait #MallGalleries #RoyalSocietyofPortraitPainters #PortraitDrawing #PortraitComission #WorkinProgress #PaintingoftheDay #FineArt #PortraitExhibition #LondonGallery #ArtCollector #ArtPrize #PencilSketch #AwardWinningArt #BritishContemporaryArt #OilPainting mallgalleries

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2022-05-24 11:52:00

#RPAnnualExhibition: What a special occasion our Annual Exhibition was this year. The inclusion of the Royal Wall was not only fascinating, but highly memorable. We are so pleased we were able to feature it amongst many other spectacular portraits. Most importantly, the exhibition reminded us of the power of portraiture in bringing people together. We hope you enjoy these images from the Closing Party. Don’t forget to tag us in yours! Thank you to all the talented exhibitors, artists, society members, visitors and guests who came to this fantastic show in honour of H.M The Queen. Special thanks to Gyles Brandreth (gylesbrandreth) who opened the exhibition on Wednesday 4 May. The Online Exhibition is now closed but portraits can still be viewed through the link in our bio. Contact Annabel Elton, Head of Commissions (annabeleltonmallgalleries.com) to commission a portrait. richardffoster miriam.escofet.artist frances_bell_paintings richardfitzwilliams michaeltaylor5863 antonywilliams1410 benjaminsullivanrp robbie.wraith Images: Mark Sepple marksepplephoto | mallgalleries #MallGalleries #RoyalSocietyOfPortraitPainters #PortraitPainting #Winner #ArtAward #ContemporaryArt #FigurativeArt #Portraiture #PortraitArtist #ContemporaryPortraits #ArtistsonInstagram #LondonArt #LondonGallery #LondonExhibition #LondonContemporaryArt #ArtOnInstagram #MallLondon #PlatinumJubilee #CallforArtist #Artists #Art #OilPainting #OpenExhibition #ArtistOpportunities #InternationalArtists #FBA #PortraitCommission

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2022-05-19 16:14:13

Congratulations to Jamie Routley, elected new member of the RP. Jamie Routley was born in Newport, South Wales in 1982 and educated entirely in the Welsh language at Ysgol Gyfun Gwynllyw. He completed a BA honours degree in Illustration at Swindon College, before leaving the UK in 2004 to study under the American painter Charles H. Cecil in Florence, Italy (2004 - 2008) Following a short period in Sweden and Wales, Jamie moved to London in 2009, where he still lives with his wife and two young daughters. ​His work has been exhibited in numerous group exhibitions including those of the National Portrait Gallery, The BP Portrait Award, The Royal Society of Portrait Painters, Figurativas (MEAM Barcelona), The Columbia Threadneedle Prize and The Ruth Borchard Self Portrait Prize. Awards include The National Portrait Gallery's BP Young Artist Award and The De Lazlo Foundation Award for excellence from The Royal Society of Portrait Painters. ​ In 2019, The Ruth Borchard Collection, the UK’s only public collection of self portraits, purchased a self portrait for their collection. ​​ Jamie was elected to The Royal Society of Portrait Painters in 2022. Image: Jamie Routley, The Rawleys, Oil 90 x 90 cm (100 x 100 cm framed) https://www.mallgalleries.org.uk/whats-on/exhibitions/royal-society-portrait-painters-annual-exhibition-2022/rawleys

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2022-05-17 18:11:07

COMMISSIONING A PORTRAIT WITH THE ROYAL SOCIETY OF PORTRAIT PAINTERS Our service makes commissioning a portrait enjoyable and easy. We work only with artists who have been selected by their peers for the outstanding quality of their work so that you know that the standards are high. We offer help online, in person by appointment, or alternatively, you can browse the artists on our website. Take the first step on your portrait journey and contact Annabel Elton, on 0207 968 0963, enquiriestherp.co.uk or use the form on our website: https://bit.ly/36dMV2r Image: Caroline Bays PS, 'Reflection with Clouds', 41 x 36 cm (57 x 52 cm framed) | mallgalleries bayscaroline

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2022-05-16 17:11:06

We want to extend a huge thank you to all who supported, contributed and visited our Annual Exhibition this year. We were overwhelmed by the high-quality of work submitted and are already looking forward to next year's open call. We hope the exhibition inspired and reminded you of the power of portraiture. The online catalogue is still available to view online and our Portrait Commission Advisor, Annabel Elton (annabeleltonmallgalleries.com), is available to answer any questions you might have! View the online catalogue here: https://bit.ly/3KfZI27 Image: Jack Freeman (jackfreemanart), 'Tim and Pat with Arms Linked', 80 x 120 cm (85 x 125 cm framed)

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2022-05-14 11:34:58

#LastDay: Today is the last chance to see our 2022 annual exhibition and it’s the perfect day for a stroll around the gallery and through St James Park which is right next door! Come and enjoy the sunny weather 🌞 Image: Melissa Scott-Miller, ‘Nighttime Self Portrait with Artist’s Family’, 30 x 25 cm (unframed) | mallgalleries melissa.scottmiller

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2022-05-13 17:29:02

#LastDay: Tomorrow is the last chance to see this year’s annual exhibition. This is an occasion for the public to enjoy the Society's artist members' most recent works and to discover new talents selected amongst thousands of applications for this show. It is a celebration of the very best in contemporary portraiture nationally and internationally. The RP Patron H.M The Queen has reigned for over half of the time the Royal Society of Portrait Painters has existed. As one of the most painted figures in history, her epoch has been intertwined with portraiture and intimately connected with members of the Royal Society. On this, her Platinum Jubilee, the Royal Society of Portrait Painters, shows a curated selection of portraits of our monarch by past and present member artists, alongside our Annual Exhibition. The works range from the youthful figure with gravitas depicted in Pietro Annigoni's famous second portrait and the informal image captured by June Mendoza to the regal aura in Andrew Festing's work and the sagacious nonagenarian portrayed by Miriam Escofet, which will be shown to the public for the first time in this exhibition. This photograph shows the artists in front of their Royal portraits. Many of these portraits are from Private Collections. Tomorrow will be the last chance to see them! https://www.mallgalleries.org.uk/whats-on/exhibitions/royal-society-portrait-painters-annual-exhibition-2022 Image: Photograph of RP members in front of their portraits of the Queen | Mark Sepple marksepplephoto | mallgalleries #MallGalleries #RoyalSocietyOfPortraitPainters #PortraitPainting #Winner #ArtAward #ContemporaryArt #FigurativeArt #Portraiture #PortraitArtist #ContemporaryPortraits #ArtistsonInstagram #LondonArt #LondonGallery #PlatinumJubilee #LondonContemporaryArt #ArtOnInstagram #MallLondon #Artists #Art #RichardFoster #ArtistOpportunities #InternationalArtists #FBA #Portraitartists

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2022-05-13 11:34:57

The RP Exhibition closes tomorrow! On the occasion of H.M The Queen's platinum Jubilee, the Royal Society of Portrait Painters is presenting 8 portraits of their royal patron. London Live interviewed RP members June Mendoza, Antony Williams and Miriam Escofet about their portraits of the Queen. Video: London Live | Special portraits of The Queen throughout her reign go on display londonlive #JuneMendoza antonywilliams1410 miriam.escofet.artist mallgalleries https://www.londonlive.co.uk/news/special-portraits-of-the-queen-throughout-her-reign-go-on-display/ #MallGalleries #RoyalSocietyOfPortraitPainters #PortraitPainting #ArtAward #ContemporaryArt #FigurativeArt #Portraiture #PortraitArtist #ContemporaryPortraits #jubilee #LondonArt #LondonGallery #LondonExhibition #ArtOnInstagram #MallLondon #Artists #Art #OilPainting #platinumjubilee #InternationalArtists #FederationofBritishArtists #RP #OnlineExhibition #Liveonline #portraitcommission #RoyalFamily #TheQueen

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2022-05-12 18:11:19

#PortraitCommission: ☀️ In his commissioned portrait 'By the Pool', David Cobley perfectly captured the joy of this family on a warm summer day! If you are thinking about commissioning a portrait, we can help you! 🔔 Annabel Elton, Head of Commission at Mall Galleries & Royal Society of Portrait Painters is present at the Galleries every day until Saturday 14 May, to advise your commission, present high-profile portrait painters and answer all the questions you may have. You can also book an appointment with her at annabeleltonmallgalleries.com We work only with artists who have been selected by their peers for the outstanding quality of their work so that you know that the standards are high. Follow royalsocietyportraitpainters for more information or contact Annabel Elton: annabeleltonmallgalleries.com Image: David Cobley RP NEAC, 'By the Pool', 102 x 107 cm davidhcobley #MallGalleries #RoyalSocietyOfPortraitPainters #PortraitPainting #Winner #ArtAward #ContemporaryArt #FigurativeArt #Portraiture #PortraitArtist #ContemporaryPortraits #ArtistsonInstagram #LondonArt #LondonGallery #PlatinumJubilee #LondonContemporaryArt #ArtOnInstagram #MallLondon #Artists #Art #RichardFoster #ArtistOpportunities #InternationalArtists #FBA #Portraitartists

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