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2022-06-17 07:12:29

y.angos and I present our brain child, ‘Mutual Space’; a devotion to experiment, to down regulate and share space – Wednesday 6th of July at miscellania_   Featuring performances from:   Ruth (DJ) luc3yz_ (Live – debut!!!!) blakkuyu (Live) magg._z (Dance) delfi.exe (Visuals) _goodjuju______ (DJ)   Poster design by y.angos   Please note this is a seated event that offers a space for intentional listening. BYO blankets and comfy things to make yourself feel snug and at home.   Tix available via the fb event (in bioooo)

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2022-06-16 02:32:42

clementine.____ is one of the most inspiring people in my life, and it is such a pleasure to be supporting the launch of her new EP alongside scumbergcal and so many friends <333 For so many years of growth, change, hilarity and challenges, Clem has always shown up as family. She is vibrant, supportive, hilarious and somehow continues to surprise me with not only what she is creating, but her constant openness to share and develop community (…and her ability to be doing 500000 things at once and still be killing it!?). Love you, Clem. Come down before she jets ✈️ - it’ll be a special one Art provided by _mass_97 and re-interpreted by fergdaav

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2022-05-19 11:43:43

Tune in tomorrow from 12-2pm on skylab_radio With love: Ru Image: stay.ashy

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2022-05-15 22:24:29

I mean… 🥺

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2022-05-06 05:16:24

It’s cold! But you know what’s hot!? loading_erro.r ‘s 5th Bday at miscellania_ 🤪 scumbergcal and I will be joining some of our nearest and dearest tomorrow eve at 6.30pm with some new not-so-ambient (!!) material - we would LOVE to see your faces <33

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2022-04-08 02:59:36

So excited to share with you all ‘Six Sides’, a track scumbergcal and I contributed to the new companionmelb VA release. This whole collection is SUCH a treat and features some major inspo from some of our nearest and dearest clementine.____ tek_dec kitakitzler ❣️ 50% of profits raised from the compilation will be going towards blakpearlstudiofitzroy. Artwork by Fulli Andrinopoulos and comes courtesy of Arts Project Australia. This is a not-for-profit organisation here in Melbourne that works to support and promote artists living with intellectual disabilities. Mastering: ptwiggs ❤️‍🔥 Full release available via Bandcamp (link in bio x)

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2022-03-31 12:03:03

Cal + I are playing this Saturday arvo 2-3pm at strawberryfields_festival, curated by for_home_use_only ❣️ Alongside dream team sophiemcalisterr chomleychomley louis__mccoy

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2022-03-05 05:52:40

A cute eve a while back :') Nala Sinephro - Space 1

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2022-02-02 00:18:06

It’s been a minute! cal___um & I are back with some new sounds ~ supporting acopia_ ‘s incred new release, alongside dream team, a.nu.raag, pjenneee & mil_llu ❣️ 20th of feb cams_convent

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2022-01-17 21:00:15

11 years knowing this honey, love being b2b with you jacqueson__

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2021-12-05 03:25:21

So proud to present this collaboration tonight along side some of my favourite artists <333 7pm-10pm at mpavilion Together with the incredible gracierf and crownruler, melbournemusicweek featuring lllllllllllalllllllllll yl.hooi carlazimbler and gracierf Poster imagery and design by rudi_will FREE entry x

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2021-11-26 06:29:29

Ooop! flow_au_ is tomorrow - increased capacity - more tickets released - link via my bio 🥵

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