Sandra Lee A multi-Emmy and Gracie award winner and internationally acclaimed expert in all things kitchen and home. https://www.today.com/allday

2021-11-26 19:45:31

Black Friday means something completely different to me after everything I ate yesterday, #Thanksgivingisfoodporn. Let’s work it out! Yay!

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2021-11-24 22:27:50

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone-Enjoy it’s Cocktail Time!! Two Shots of Gratefulness!! Sending Love xo

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2021-11-06 19:22:35

Dinner tonight with my sweet Boyz in the Hood! Loving my Westchester crew - cannot wait. Have a great Night! Sending love from NY! Xoxo

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2021-11-05 17:57:50

So Last night I got to go to THE BALL in Couture Vintage Bob Mackie, Gold peekaboo jimmy choo stilettos, Oscar de la Renta clutch, Rare Christian Dior Ruby & Art Glass Necklace. Prettiest dress in the world-thank you so so much BOB MACKIE! Love u so xoxo

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2021-11-05 05:36:46

Amazing night- so beautiful - love the NU Met- perfect venue- so fun and elegant and wonderful! Thank you Ghada for everything you do xoxo

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2021-11-03 21:50:08

Super fun day, so excited to be back in Manhattan, thanks for lunch girls. FYI everyone Christmas is already up in New York! Xoxo

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2021-11-03 06:11:06

Yes yes yes —It’s time for more of this!!! What ur exercise of choice? Cocktail time is not it!

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2021-11-01 22:45:49

Halloween is always so fun, but now it’s time to get ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Much to be excited about. Happy holiday season everyone. XOSL

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2021-10-30 23:52:19

One more Day! Happy Halloween - #Have Fun tonight but be safe!!! Xoxo

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2021-10-29 21:40:34

Happy Halloween everyone, enjoy your weekend please be safe. Love Sandra Lee AKA Aunt Sandy Claws!! Xoxo

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2021-10-14 21:51:05

Happy Halloween! YAY! Today On Newsstand Pick it up -sending you love Thank you so much Women’s World team womansworldmag

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2021-10-11 04:20:48

Such a lovely weekend with my family-love PHX Arizona- hone now BIG WEEK! Love you all! Have a great week, safe and happy!! XoSL

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