sarkha 🚩 Berlin ▪️ resident @erotic_sentimentalism ▪️ bookings: [email protected]

2022-06-07 18:05:37

Two years ago I created a sort of edit out of a remix of Crystal Castles - Violent Dreams by Sidewalks and Skeletons. I listened to the original over and over the first year I moved to Germany. It brings me memories of an early twenties young myself and the energy I had to dive into the future. I uploaded it as a free download in both Soundcloud and Bandcamp (for the .wav file) // Credits Mastering -> pollen.sounds

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2022-06-06 19:46:19

Thank you for dancing this Saturday. It was a pleasure having the chance to play in an intimate party. The vibe was beautiful ❤

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2022-04-10 11:33:12

2022, I'm ready 🖤💜🖤💜🖤💜🖤💜 I'd like to announce with a big heart and smile that from now on erotic_sentimentalism will manage my worldwide bookings Photography by alicedisaster nanacocut

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2022-03-04 19:49:25

Out now the podcast of sarkhabe 01 Ad Cue - Temporary Title 005 [Gyn&Platonic] 02 Znzl - Initiate Travel Sequence [WRONGNOTES] 03 E.L.I.A.S. - Headless Hunter (Ectoplasm Remix) [STICKY GROUND] 04 Achat - Absence of Light [ 01010100 ] 05 DEVANEE - The Cruelest Summer [PURE HATE] 06 Achiever - Call of the Void 07 NøUS - Replicant [DECOM RECORDS] 08 Ghost Effects - Back to the Future (Original Mix) [ERADY’s Records] 09 TomTec. - Something Is Inside Me! (OriginalMix) 10 Alessandro Nero - Cerebral Warfare (LAVEN Remix) [The Brvtalist] 11 Sarkha - Amygdala 12 D.N.P - Sinister [PURE HATE] 13 Blutrot - Dissociation on the Dancefloor [CUMULONIMBUS] 14 MEQA - External Force (Original Mix) [trau-ma] 15 Gøwther - Murder Must Foul [Abstraction] 16 Y-NØT - Ashes to Dust  17 HATELOVE - Né à Toulouse [Green Fetish Records] 18 OHIN - Losing My Mind [WONDERLUST RECORDS] 19 Axel Picodot - No Future [Black/Plague] 20 Hybral - Fuck the Norm [Chronicles Records] 21 Osccurate - Obscure Dystopia [Hardest Soft] 22 Axev - Next Station [PURE HATE] 23 Vera Grace - Her pain 24 Resistohr - Enemies of the End [PHONK! Records] 25 Mython - Virginia [Techno Wereld] 26 Sub Imperium - DMN [Askorn Records] 27 Madora - Back to Where We Started [Tetraedre Records] 28 Juan Nuciforo - Hard Dissociative Disorders [Experl Your Demons] 29 Human Decline - There is No Tomorrow [PURE HATE] Sarkha is an artist based in Berlin with a soft spot for industrial textures, bleak atmospheres, distorted drums and pounding low-ends. Her first approach to audio creation comes from the film & media post production field. A precedent for her music to blend both cinematic aesthetics and electronic grooves.  Emerging since 2019, she has released on labels such as Blockchain Records, Not Dolls, Crusade, The Techno’s Children or Pollen. Sounds and joined Erotic Sentimentalism agency and label as resident. #technoindustrial #techno

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2022-01-03 18:54:23

Happy New Year everyone. I just uploaded my last finished project "Amygdala" as freebie on my bandcamp. I mixed it down around 43 times. As spoiler I let you know that the fight for the right placement of all frequencies leaded me to a huge headache and frustration. BUT I'm really grateful I had the opportunity to see what wasn't working at my favourite studio (pollen.sounds ). So here a special thanks! I learnt a lot. Specially why do audio engineers study and train their ears for such a long time XD If you wanna know more about their affordable mixing and mastering services have a look at pollensounds.be If you want to listen to my track Amygdala, I pasted the link in my bio Hope you don't get a headache! <3

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2021-12-24 15:22:12

2021 is almost over and I want to thank all who supported my music project, even if I haven't been much active the 2nd half of this year due personal reasons that required my energy. A big hug to erotic_sentimentalism & pollen.sounds 💖 for making many of my dreams possible. Thanks also to labels that listened to my demos, provided feedback or decided to release my music. Thanks to podcast series, collectives and other music projects for their podcasts requests and interest in collaborations. Thanks to all the people I met because of the music. I haven't partied that much this year but the few times I did I had a wonderful time. I can't forget to mention how happy I am to see younger (and older) generations being fairer, more inclusive and more equitable in terms of promoting, booking and supporting artists. Not sure if "big things coming" (XD) next year but my ableton is definitely heating my laptop few hours per day and some releases haven't seen the light yet 🎉🌈❤ happy & safe holidays everyone! . . 📸 sliders: moments of sound research & cute raves this year

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2021-11-07 11:06:21

I want to thank with all my heart for the so far given support and feedback on “Last Days of Gaia” released on Pollen. Sounds. I must confess I wasn’t sure about the public reaction since it is far from being music for dance floors. When this project was started I wanted to be free of the pressure of fitting it into something “saleable”. I wanted to explore ways of creating tension and distension without the need of beats. I’m truly fascinated about this side of electronics and I have not enough words of thanks for having this chance. Last Days of Gaia is not a happy story. But I feel it needed to be told. And after all gloomy character of the musical piece I take the most positive part of this 💚💚💚 Interpretation by Max Cue Cover by Becky Jaraiz

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2021-10-29 09:30:14

🎉🎉 Release day with "Last Days of Gaia" on pollen.sounds label. It includes the beautiful interpretation of max_cue Huge thanks to pollen.sounds for the opportunity to come back where I started music & sound production and taking the most experimental side out of me 💚💚💚 >>With "Last Days Of Gaia", she proves her talent once more in the art of sound design, creating a lugubrious soundscape with an elegiac march of moribund sounds, which will grab you instantly at first note. We get lost in a desert of hope, which represents Gaia, in Greek mythology, the personification of the Earth, the ancestral mother of all life. Bundled with an electronica interpretation by Max Cue, who opens up the melodic spectrum of this ambient masterpiece and adds an extra hopeful atmosphere to complete the story.<< Cover & Illustration by beckyjaraiz

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2021-08-17 06:29:27

Hello everyone! I recently had an excuse to play a bit HARDER than usual. I hope everyone's mental health was boosted because of the end of lockdown. See you soon 🖤 Thank you pelin.vds & hardertrax for the invitation 🌹 . Caption 2 | paralich00 - Kneel before me + Ohin - Losing my Mind Caption 3 | lauraluxdorn - Kindergarten + _.insect - It Smells like Hell Caption 4 | unreleased by me coming soon on erotic_sentimentalism records Caption 5 | x23_music - Inner Circle + tolr666 - Son of Satan Caption 6 | sentimentalrave - Never Asking Favours

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2021-06-25 20:21:57

Am I today the happiest person in the world? I can announce with a smile and a full heart beating my incorporation to erotic_sentimentalism agency. For bookings in America you will have to contact erotic.sentimentalismoutlook.com For Europe you still have to deal with me XD . Thank you Erotic Sentimentalism for making this happen & thank you to my lovely photographers nanacocut & alicedisaster for capturing the best (and sometimes the worst XD) of me 🤍❤️ . erotic.sentimentalismoutlook.com Agent: plasticsoul_x

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2021-05-22 14:02:54

That day after 7 months of hard lockdown

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2021-05-15 18:11:12

Some unpleasant noises today (no idea why I hold my throat while playing)

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